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Palm Beach County Democrats back bills to bar guns from public buildings

by Dara Kam | January 11th, 2012

Trying to fix what they call a glitch in a state gun law that went into effect in October, two Delray Beach Democrats are pushing a measure that would make it illegal to bring firearms into child care centers and public buildings.

Sen. Maria Sachs and Rep. Lori Berman filed bills that would change a new law approved by the legislature and signed by Gov. Rick Scott that went into effect in October. The new law, which includes civil penalties and removal from office for local officials who ignore it, forced state agencies, municipalities and counties such as Palm Beach to scrap hundreds of measures dealing with guns.

After the law went into effect, state police were also forced to reverse their policy and allow firearms to be brought into the Capitol although weapons are still barred from legislative committee meetings. The same law applies to local government meetings – guns are permitted in the building but not where officials are publicly gathered.

Rep. Lori Berman, D-Delray Beach

“The same rule should apply to the building where the meeting is taking place,” Berman said.

Under the new law, people are allowed to bring guns into child care centers but are still barred from bringing them into public schools or college and university campuses.

Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach

“If you’re not allowed to carry a gun into a school where children are five years old, I’m sure the law should extend to those who are four, or three or two,” Sachs, a former prosecutor, said. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

The Palm Beach County Commission, which unanimously voted to support the bills (SB 1340, HB 1087), last month filed a lawsuit against Scott and others over the law, arguing that it is unconstitutional and that the sanctions “are simply a form of political bullying that serves no governmental purpose” and have a “chilling effect.”

Commissioner Shelley Vana, a former state representative, stood beside Berman and Sachs at a press conference announcing the proposals this morning.

She said their effort will make Floridians, especially children, safer and called it “another major step in rectifying a tremendous wrong and helping local governments keep their citizens safe.”

The measures are unlikely to gain traction in the GOP-dominated legislature, especially in an election year. The National Rifle Association pushed the new law last year.

But Sachs said the issue is one of public safety, not partisanship.

“I know Palm Beach is a pretty progressive county…but I know that every other county will follow us,” she said.

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14 Responses to “Palm Beach County Democrats back bills to bar guns from public buildings”

  1. Mrs D Says:

    What morons! Ya think someone, I don’t know, possibly with a law degree from a real law school, might have read that piece of legislation prior and caught all this crap prior to passing it?

    Oops. Forgot we are in Florida. Never mind.

  2. Bob Says:

    These people dont get it… Just because you pass a law making something illegal doesnt make you any safer… CRIMINALS DONT OBEY LAWS… THATS WHY THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!!

  3. Go Rick Says:

    Shows how stupid Democrats are. So if you are a crazed gunman it’s ok for you to bring a firearm into one of these public buildings and kill many people. But if you are a gunowner who is properly trained, certified, licensed and permitted it is against the Dumocrat’s law and you can’t open fire on the crazed gunman trying to kill many people. People would be nicer if everyone was armed.

  4. GunMan Says:

    BOO. You democrats can bite it. Guns don’t kill people!!!! People kill people. Persons with a CWP are not going to be criminal. They should allow open carry for the law abiding citizens. Guns also save lives!! These two women would not be complaining if i were to rescue them in an altercation where they were being robbed at gun point. Happens everyday!!!!

  5. GunMan Says:

    GO RICK!! Could not have put it any better buddy!

  6. RealAngst Says:

    The funniest thing is that you folks think that people who have CCW permits are trained. They are certified to carry, are they qualified? Hardly.

  7. Saint Michael Says:

    Normal people understand the natural existence of the right to bear arms, the plain language guaranteeing us that right and the clearly documented history that led to its enshrinement in the Bill of Rights. But those who distrust individual freedom in place of an all-powerful government are horrified by the idea that one person could possess enough power to lawfully resist, with force, unacceptable intrusions into his or her life.

  8. Lambs to the slaughter Says:

    @GunMan, ‘Persons with a CWP are not going to be criminal.’

    Yeah right.

    No CWP holder has EVER popped a fuse and shot someone who was no threat to them or anyone else.

    No CWP holder has EVER threatened someone with a gun during a verbal argument.

    But it is a good thing for the NRA that we have a 3rd world education system so that the sheeple will blindly believe the drivel that more guns make for a safer country.

    If people actually could think for themselves they would find out that countries with low handgun ownership levels also have low firearm homicide rates.

  9. Mitt-Newt Says:

    People of ALL ages need to be REQUIRED to carry LOADED guns EVERYWHERE and at ALL times.

  10. Libs have no brains Says:


  11. dsag Says:

    (http://url7。me/c6i4 )

  12. Eleven Bravo Says:

    How’s this work for all you Libs?

    Let’s limit the First Amendment everywhere we limit the Second Amendment.

    Yea, I didn’t think so! LOL

  13. Michael Cohen Says:

    I want the right to bring a gun on an airplane. I object to the seurity checks, the x=ray machines and body searchers.
    The Second Amendment gives me the right to protect myself anywyere and at any time. I want to be armed when I go on a airplane in order to protect myself from hijackers and mental cases. It is the constitution to do so.

  14. RealAngst Says:

    Michael has it right. Lets do that. While we are at it, lets allow Americans who took the time to become certified to carry these weapons openly carry them. Want a visual deterrent, that would do it. As long as you dont have a criminal record, then lets arm everyone.

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