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Newtmentum: Q poll says Gingrich has erased Romney’s Florida lead

by George Bennett | January 25th, 2012

The 12-point lead that Mitt Romney enjoyed two weeks ago in Florida has disintegrated, says a new Quinnipiac University poll that finds the Republican primary a virtual tie between Romney and surging South Carolina winner Newt Gingrich.

The poll — conducted Thursday through Monday — shows Romney getting 36 percent support from likely GOP primary voters and Gingrich getting 34 percent. The poll has a 4 percent margin of error. Rick Santorum gets 13 percent and Ron Paul 10 percent. Among voters surveyed after Saturday’s South Carolina primary, Gingrich leads Romney 40 percent to 34 percent.

Gingrich’s Florida surge comes even as Republicans believe, by a 49-to-35 percent margin, that Romney would be better able to defeat President Obama in the general election.

The poll also finds that 38 percent of likely primary voters say there’s still a chance they’ll change their minds. Two weeks ago, that figure was 54 percent.

Gingrich leads among men (37-33), evangelicals (43-30) and tea party supporters (43-28). Romney leads among women (38-31) and is viewed as better able to handle the economy than Gingrich by a 47-to-30 percent margin.

Asked which candidate shares their values, Santorum comes out on top at 30 percent, followed by Romney at 29 percent and Gingrich at 20 percent.


27 Responses to “Newtmentum: Q poll says Gingrich has erased Romney’s Florida lead”

  1. Chris Jones Says:

    If people in Florida want to vote for someone who’s unelectable…vote for Gingrich. He will not be able to beat Obama in November. He had to resign in disgrace, and has way too much baggage. I say Romney for President. George Stephanopolus said that Obama would much rather face Gingrich than Romney on his program last Sunday morning. He said it wasn’t even close.

  2. Keep spending Says:

    Does it really matter who wins in November? Obama has destroyed our future by piling up more debt than we can ever repay. It’s just a matter of time before the US follows Greece into insolvency.

  3. Tea Party Compromise Says:

    Wow! Hard to believe so many of the tea partiers are jumping on the Newt bandwagon? How many times does Newt have to be proven to be a liar for you guys to stop buying what he is selling? Newt is a PROGRESSIVE! He says he will repeal Obamacare but admitted that his views and ideas were used as the model for Romneycare. For 20 years Newt has been pushing the individual mandate! Remember special election in NY 23? Newt endorsed the RINO who then left the race and endorsed the Democrat. Newt single handidly cost that election! Newt attacks capitalism and the Tea Party wants to forgive that so quickly? There is no doubt Newt is not as conservative as Romney and Romney is not as conservative as Santorum. Newt claims to be a “Goldwater” conservative when in actuality he was a Rockefeller moderate and worked on Rockefeller’s campaign. Another lie from Newt.

    There is Rhetoric and there is Reality. Romney is accused of being pro-choice, even Romney himself proclaimed he was pro-choice when running for Governor in a liberal State. But, his record proves otherwise. He has consistently been Pro-life. So now he claims he is Pro-life and you won’t believe that? Again, look at his record. Look at all their records and stop listening to what they are saying. They are only telling you what you want to hear.

    In my opinion, Newt has so much baggage UPS and FedEx combined couldn’t deliver em! Santorum is too rigid for the country as a whole so that leaves Romney whether you like it or not.

  4. Rick Says:

    Newt is the only viable candidate that can defeat Mr. Obama!

    With Newt, what you see is what you get…Yes, he has a past, but it’s fully out in the open! Who among us doesn’t have a regret from the past?

    Mitt Romney is out-of-touch with most Americans! How can a man who has no job and has so much money that he receives $21.7 million a year in investment income relate to the American people during this time of worldwide economic crisis? He can’t!

    Don’t let Mr. Romney’s BILLIONS buy the Presidency!

  5. Tea Party Compromise Says:

    Yeah Rick, what you see is what you get! Not what you hear, so stop listening and look! Newt was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. What that means is he took 1.6 million of our hard earned taxpayer dollars! Then he tries to tell us two lies about it. First that he was paid to be a historian (laughable) and second that he only got paid $35,000 (also laughable). It was his company that received the 1.6 million abd anybody in business knows that just because he only put $35,000 on the payroll for himself does not mean he didn’t get the rest of it too! Of course his company had some expenses but now 1.5 million plus!

  6. Ronald Reagan Says:

    Hey Tea Party Compromise, you are so angry, and so bitter. Why? Because you know Newt is gonna win your state. What does that say about you? Grin and bear it, my friend. You are obviously not smart enough to understand. So sad.

  7. Jake Says:

    Gingrich is typical Washington insider.

    Ran amock as Speaker and forced to resign over ethics issues.

    Stayed on government gravy train as lobbyist for Freddie Mac.

    Left not one, but TWO sick wives for mistresses before “finding” religion.

    Gave speeches in favor of Cap & Trade and even sat with Nancy Pelosi to support the issue.

    If he was ever given presidential power, his huge ego would bring out this true maniac. But be sure that Obama and his political machine would hammer all these points and bring more skeletons out of the closet before that happens. A vote for Gingrich is a vote for Obama’s second term.

  8. wow Says:

    for those that find Romney’s money unacceptable, have you ever seen a poor politician? Also, did you vote for Rick Scott? Newt lied and cheated on two wives, what would stop him from doing the same to those he doesn’t even know..

  9. Scott Ryan Says:

    Mitt is only fooling his disciples, the 25% GOP moderates.

    The rest of us are tired of the platitudes and question dodging. The November election is going to be a street fight and banal remarks won’t get it done. We cannot send in a paper champion with a glass jaw. Newt is ready for prime-time.

    Mitt Romney: a “Glass Jaw” Candidate

  10. Wake up! Says:

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice…no three…no four – SHAME ON ME! People always complain about Congress and corrupt politicians – Meet Newt Gingrich their poster boy. Come on folks! Not this corpulent retread! If he can’t keep a vow in his marriage it’s in his DNA to lie.

  11. Chris Says:

    If “Nuke” Gingrich gets the republican nomination, my vote in the end will be for Obama. (And I think Obama knows it.) The reason: The damage “Nuke” will cause nationally and internationally will be much more difficult to recover from than what Obama will likely cause. The vote becomes who will cause the least damage. Ironically “Nuke” keeps calling himself a historian…if he is one he fits the classic example of those who constantly repeat history rather than those who learn from it. “Nuke”cannot be trusted…His responses represent true politics and weaselness. Romney is the only one that can beat Obama and he has what it will take to turn the economy around. “Nuke” even needs to be baught to stay in the race because he is short on the $ necessary and will go to Washington owing favors. Tax and salary complaints are rediculious…EVERYONE in America over the next couple of months is going to be trying to figure out how to reduce their taxes, no one should be penalizing for Romney for doing the same thing in an absolutely honest way. And EVERYONE in America wants to be able to make more money, bitterness about someone who has learned how to do so causes more damage in America than those who actually make the money. We are better to learn from Romney how to do it right than to criticise him for doing it.

  12. Tea Party Compromise Says:

    LOL! Ronald Reagan? Here, watch your Ronald Reagan and what he had to say about Newt:

  13. Tea Party Compromise Says:

    Ooops! Wrong link…

  14. Scott Ryan Says:

    “Wake up” (Post 10)?? It’s in ALL out DNA. It’s called sin. But I’m sure you are the exception, right?

    The difference with Newt is that he didn’t try to justify his sins or lie about them as 99.99% of politicians did in similar situations. He acknowledged them for what they were and resigned.

    That was many years ago. Mitt on the other hand has been on both sides of every fundamental issue of the GOP. I have never seen a politician argue so fervantly for and then against so many issues.

    It is impossible to know which time Romney was being earnest. If one would say he was being sincere on BOTH sides, then he Mitt is far too impetuous to be trusted with the fiduciary responsibilty that comes with being President.

    Romney rests his campaign on platitudes because his political career is far too embarassing.

    “I’m a business man; therefore I would revolutionize the socialist system we now have”. Really? Then why was it that when he accumulated this vast quantity of business acumen at Bain Capital – why was it that when he took his talents to government he promulgated the hair brained scheme of socialized medicine and mandates later emulated by the Saboteur at 1600?

    The eroneous narrative upon which the Romney campaign rests is no more than a ficticious fantasy.

  15. Dave Says:

    As a Registered Republican, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR Gingrich. If it comes down to that, I will cross the party line and vote for Obama.

  16. John Jaru Says:

    I am not asking anyone to support any particular candidate. But this election is too important to repeat statements about any of the candidates without first researching them and ascertaining if in fact they are the truth. Gingrich was cleared of all ethics charges, by the IRS. The only charge that stood was because of a mistake his atty made. Gingrich paid for the costs of the investigation, he obtained a personal loan to pay the $300,000. It was not a penalty. He was not asked to resign,he had won an election and he had lost the confidence of his collegues. Rather than weaken the party he resigned. As for being a lobbiest, that is not the case. He was a consultant. He reviewed the workings of Freddie Mac and issued his report where he opined that Freddie, in its present form, was not sustainable. Further, he informed Congress not to give Freddie any more money (subsidies).An advocate, which is what a lobbiest is,would not be telling congress that they should stop giving the company money.His contract with Freddie is posted on his web site for all to view.
    His first wife had a begnin tumor and was not ill at the time of the divorce, which she requested. He was separated from his second wife for 6 years. It was during this separation that he started dating his present wife. He reconciled with his second wife but it did not work out and ended in divorce. He never gave speeches in support of cap and trade. He did sit with Pelosi on the so called “global warming” 2 years before the so called scientific studies were debunked. As for “supporting Goldwater” that is not what he said. His statement was that he “attended a Goldwater organization meeting.” That was in 1964 he was 20 years old. I have attended political organization meetings many civil minded citizens do that, it doesn’t mean we support the candidate.
    As for Romney, he was pro-choice and in 2004 he proclaimed he was pro-life. But within months he was stating to various groups that he was pro choice. His record shows that he appointed pro choice judges. Also, he was born to wealth and has always lived in the world of the wealthy. I am not faulting him for that, but he cannot identify or relate to a world that he knows nothing about. He said he had earned a “few dollars” for speaking engagements. The amount was $374,000 and for a man of his wealth that is a few dollars. It would take 8.8 years to earn that much at the national average yearly wage. Think about it.

  17. dave Says:

    This should send a serious message to the establishment Republicans and the establishment hacks over at Fox News that we aren’t going to let them shove another moderate like John McCain down our throats. Everyone knows Romney is just another John McCain that won’t have a prayer against Odumba in November. We definitely don’t need another Bush that let the democrats pummel him with their rhetoric and did nothing to defend himself from their constant lies. You know Gingrich won’t take that BS. That’s why I believe Newt will definitely bring the change that’s needed in the Republican Party and our entire government as a whole. He will also be a bull horn on getting out the conservative message and stop the left from being able continually win the arguement with rhetoric and liberal media. I like Santorum but I feel Newt is the better fighter. We need to NEWT-er Odumba and the left in 2012!!!

  18. John Jaru Says:

    I forgot to mention Gingrich left politics and has been gone for some years. He entered the private sector where he started Gingrich enterprises, which contains various small businesses but he started with just one, and made it work.

  19. The Dude Says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Newt!

  20. ELC Says:

    O Bama boy is pure poison for this Country and unfortunately, as an Independent there is very little choice amongst the Republicans. The way I see it is that unless the Conservatives join with Romney(I’m not a fan of his)then we might as well hand over the election to his Highness. This fighting amongst the Republicans is getting the Republicans nowhere and they don’t seem to get it-Gingrich can’t win and Romney has a better chance against ODoofus. I also feel that the Law should be changed down here that Independents should be able to vote in the primaries-
    its just not fair.

  21. Tea Lady Says:

    We The People will NOT rubber-stamp a presumptive candidate, one hand-picked by establishment elites! Those days are over!

    We Tea Partiers want to hear the positions of each candidate. And We will choose the one whom WE THINK best benefits America, not the one whom the establishment elites have chosen for us!

    That said, the polls reflect an obvious reality. Mr. Romney is the establishment candidate, one out of touch with our values and ideals. No thank you.

    .. And Citizen’s Insurance will go.

  22. Mark Dempsey Says:

    Stop for a moment and say “President Newt Gingrich” if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, I don’t know what will. Obama, he’s not been the most effective President in history, but has tried to get things back on track. With no help from anyone on the Right.

    Now it’s time for the elected officials to become ‘big boys and girls’ and learn to play nice with each other. What happens if Obama gets re-elected? Another four years of constant struggle, policy blocking and turmoil, just because the Republicans don’t like him and lost. What are you Republicans going to do, take your toys and go home and cry? Meanwhile, the country continues on its current path and further declines. All because of ideology and stubbornness to grow up and compromise? Also another four years of reading the idiotic and pathetic comments from the trolls on both sides.

    You folks who are banking on Newt or Mitt to win, better be prepared for another four years of Obama. I would love to vote out Obama myself, to bad no other viable candidate is running. I’ll go with Ron Paul if he decides to go Indie or even Bloomberg if he jumps in. I can’t see my self voting for Newt Gingrich, he has no ethics or integrity. Regardless of the previous poster desperately trying to make Newt something he isn’t.

    Here’s a scenario Republicans, keep playing the childish games and you may find yourselves back to pre2010 House and Senate levels, now your really screwed. There’s enough Independents who are just as pissed with both sides, they may just want to deal with the Democrats and say ‘F’ the Republicans. We are the middle class getting the shaft more than ever.

  23. Scott Ryan Says:

    “…O Bama boy is pure poison for this Country and unfortunately, as an Independent there is very little choice amongst the Republicans. The way I see it is that unless the Conservatives join with Romney(I’m not a fan of his)then we might as well hand over the election to his Highness…”
    - ELC

    I think “Publius” said it best:

    “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”- Alexander Hamilton

    If Romney won the nomination, I would vote for an unknown 3rd party conservative. That would be my first time in my 23 years of voting that I didn’t vote Republican.

    Thank God most of the other conservative candidates dropped out so Romney cannot hi-jack the election as McCain did.

    Otherwise, the GOP would be the next Whig Party.

  24. rOn cOn cOMa Says:

    Newt dismantled the congressional institution of committee chairmanships going to the delegates that served the longest. He replaced that system whereby committee chairmanships go to the delegates that raise the most money for the party. This system was so successful at getting bribes from corporations that the Democrats started selling chairmanships too. Now the only way to get a committee chairmanship is to sell yourself to the big banks because they are the only ones who have money. Since no bill gets voted on unless the chairman brings it to the committee then there is no bill in congress that doesn’t give more power to corporations and less power to individuals. If you wonder why your democracy has been changed to a plutocracy one of the individuals you can thank is Newt. There is no major candidate that you can vote for who doesn’t support the big corporations. Romney supports them, Obama supports them and Newt supports them.

  25. Scott Ryan Says:

    Rhetoric sounds compelling on both sides. Let’s cut through the chicanery.

    Anyone who views this video can see that Romney is the quintessential type of imposter who has bamboozled Republicans for decades leading to the imminent destruction we now face.

    If you can watch this and still remain in a Romney enchanted state, then you do not believe your eyes and ears. The glaring evidence confirms that the difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is merely in the shade of melanin.

  26. RENEGADE Says:

    Newt reminds me so much of Ronald Reagan. Reagan saved us from the destruction left by Jimmy Carter and the democrats. Today, we are in the same position with Obama and a democrat Senate.

    Newt has the same gift Reagan had in being able to communicate with the people. His messages are heard, and his leadership ability can be seen. He has the people on his side. He will be elected President, and be the next Reagan. This leadership is needed more than ever now. I am going to vote for Newt in the Florida primary, and the general election.

  27. Mrs. Believer Says:



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