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Misery tour: Romney visits shut-down printing business, blames Obama for economic woes

by George Bennett | January 26th, 2012

U.S. Rep. Connie Mack, R-Cape Coral, introduces Mitt Romney. Business owner Jon Cummins and wife Maria are at left. Ann Romney and U.S. Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif., are at right.

JACKSONVILLE — Mitt Romney visited a recently shut-down printing business this morning, part of a Misery Tour of Florida in which he’s also visited a closed gypsum board factory and a foreclosed home to highlight his contention that President Obama has failed to fix the sour economy.

About 200 people crowded into the parking lot of Paramount Performance Marketing, where an “Obama Isn’t Working” sign was set up. Owner Jon Cummins blamed the demise of his business on a combination of foreign competition, the rise of electronic communications and burdensome federal regulations. Cummins said about 50 people worked at his business four years ago and 24 were left when he closed the business last month.

“I don’t know anybody that has a crystal ball that knows how long this uncertainty is going to last, so we just quit the fight,” Cummins told the crowd.

“Jon asked how long is this going to go on,” Romney said. “The answer is, it’s going to go on until January of 2013 when we take over.”

U.S. Rep. Connie Mack, R-Cape Coral, and his wife, U.S. Rep. Mary Bono Mack, R-Calif., accompanied Romney, as did Romney’s wife.

Romney didn’t mention any of his Republican rivals, but clearly referred to main rival Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, when he said: “I’ve never lived in Washington, D.C., I’m not part of the culture of Washington, D.C. I’ve spent my life out of Washington, D.C. I’ve lived my life on Main Street and on other streets across this country. I want to use the experience I’ve had working in the real economy to go to Washington, D.C., and fix it.


11 Responses to “Misery tour: Romney visits shut-down printing business, blames Obama for economic woes”

  1. RENEGADE(original) Says:

    Romney: this is so awful and its all Obamas fault!


    Romney: Hello, Bain? Mitt Romney here. Listen there are these closed businesses down here in Fla. we can probably leverage the owners to sell cheap and make a killing off of. Yeah, its a great opportunity. Don’t forget my profit sharing and finders fee!

  2. Downtown Danny Says:

    So he travels with adulterer Connie Mack, who left his wife & 2 kids the week he went to congress and started sleeping with Sonny Bono’s widow- who is an idiot.
    Maybe Willard should do a press conference in front of the businesses he shut down and tell us what he did to help those workers.
    We are heading for a Clinton like period of prosperity & recovery from the Bush years of greed, war & stupidity.
    Putting a jerk like Willard or Newt in charge will stop that in its tracks.

  3. justin Says:

    Printing businesses have been going downhill for years. Even before obama, cheaper and faster technology as well as consolidation in the industry that allows huge printers to make more money than ever on volume rather than striaght mark-up gutted the entire industry. You can’t make money on print anymore. That’s why the business failed. Businesses do fail and its not always a bad thing.

  4. BobbyT Says:

    Paramount Performance Marketing offered:

    Looks like the free market won. There are 5 FEDEX Kinkos locations within 10 miles of their address.

    Just a guess but there’s gotta be some FEDEX stock in Romney’s portfolio.


    “”"part of a Misery Tour”"”

    SPARE US!!!!


    Obama 2012

  6. mamadillo Says:

    In an article for the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union, the business owner’s wife wrote: “After struggling and fighting for the last four years, they decided in December to shut down the commercial printing operation.”

    They struggled for four years? So the business was in trouble from at least December 2007? And that would make it Obama’s fault how, exactly?

  7. Carol Says:

    Romney talks out of both sides of his mouth. Do not be fooled Florida voters. Do NOT vote for this man. Nelson, former senator and now an advisor to Romney, said in an interview on ABC that they have no plans to repeal Obamacare. If he isn’t going to do that, he’s not going to change anything else. As far as Newt’s remark about a colony on the moon etc., what’s wrong with that? Can only a Kennedy (Jack) go to the moon (it was in his administration that the moon landing occurred). It’s OK for America to think big thoughts. We’re a big nation, and we deserve better than a wealthy flip-flopper like Romney who stated repeatedly when running for gov. of Mass. that he was pro-abortion (even those horrid late term abortions).

  8. Erik Says:

    Follow the money. Obama and Mitt are backed by the same wall street firms. They know if you vote for either one is a vote for them, so nothing will change for them, and all the bad dept will be dumped on the people with Rick and Newt. They claim they did´╗┐ everything until you check the facts and they did nothing. Newt lied so much he got the pants on fire award from CNN

  9. justin Says:

    Actually obamas money comes from big corporations, but not from wall street. Romneys money comes directly from wall st.

  10. Vote Repub Says:

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  11. Vote Repub Says:

    Swiss Bank accounts Thats real AMERICAN like , Im glad the guy done well but when you take your Money out of the Country thats made it for you well thats just Dispicable What else will you do against your COUNTRY?

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