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Less than 35% of registered GOP voters in county turnout for primary

by Andrew Abramson | January 31st, 2012

While a high Republican voter turnout was credited for the GOP’s dominance in the 2010 midterms, only 34.7 of registered Republican voters in Palm Beach County turned out for the 2012 primary.

In 2008, 44 percent of GOP voters went to the polls in an race that helped John McCain win the nomination.

In a low turnout, Mitt Romney easily won in Palm Beach County with about 54 percent of the vote. Newt Gingrich had about 28 percent, Rick Santorum 10 percent and Ron Paul around 7 percent.

Time will tell what the low turnout means, and whether GOP voters are unenthusiastic about the candidates or were simply willing to let others decide the nominee before backing that person in the general election.


4 Responses to “Less than 35% of registered GOP voters in county turnout for primary”

  1. RENEGADE Says:

    Well I can see the underwhelming enthusiasm of the public brought on , no doubt, by their comical choice in canidates. 33% and that was both ends of the spectrum. Wait until the election when only one side of the GOP is represented.
    They could save themselves a lot of embarrasment and just concede the election now but that would require some common sense….guess that won’t happen.

  2. Remember Says:

    Amendment 1 was also on the ballot back in 2008 – that probably drove additional turnout

  3. Fantasy world Says:

    Yes Renegade, this is for you. Keep dreaming! The only thing that is over is Obama’s term as Dictator in Chief. It isn’t the GOP that is going to flush him, it is the independents. But hey, keep up your fantasy thoughts and blogging, at least until November. Then you can start bashing the new leader of the FREE WORLD! Yes FREE, a concept you are probably very familiar with. Unfortunately you are probably like most die hard supporters of Obama, under the misconception that Freedom is FREE, start there and maybe some light will shine on the dark world you live in.

  4. Fantasy world Says:


    BooHoo whaaaaa. wwhaaaa wwwhhhhhaaaa.
    I can’t stand it. There is a black man in the whithouse! Whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sob sob sob And he’s going to get another term because there are more intelligent Americans than village idiots like me!!
    SOB SOB BOOOO Hooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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