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Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich, calls him a patriot who is not afraid of bold ideas

by Andrew Abramson | January 28th, 2012

WEST PALM BEACH — One-time Newt Gingrich rival Herman Cain officially endorsed Gingrich Saturday night at the Lincoln Day Dinner at the Kravis Center, calling Gingrich a patriot and saying he’s not afraid of bold ideas.

“I know that Speaker Gingrich is a patriot, Speaker Gingrich is not afraid of bold ideas,” Cain said. “I also know Speaker Gingrich is running for president and going through this sausage grinder, and I know what this sausage grinder is all about. I know that he’s going through this sausage grinder because he cares about the future of the United States of America.

“I am inspired, you are inspired, Speaker Gingrich is inspired because it’s not about us. It’s about the grandkids.”

Gingrich referred to ‘Team of Rivals,’ the book about Lincoln’s presidency. Gingrich has now secured the endorsement of Cain and former GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry.

“I knew his central passion was jobs, economic growth and tax reform,” Gingrich said of Cain.

Gingrich said he hopes Cain will co-chair a commission on jobs and economic growth. He said Cain has actually managed a company and will “be a great asset.”

After the speech, Cain told The Palm Beach Post that he plans to be both active and vocal in Gingrich’s campaign.

“Newt embraces 9-9-9, we talked about it,” Cain said. “He doesn’t have to be out there carrying the flag, that’s my job. The fact is that I’m going to be a key player on his economic growth and job advisory panel.”

Despite polls showing Romney leapfrogging Gingrich in Florida, Cain said he thinks Gingrich “has that spark back.”

“I think that where people think he lost his spark was temporary, and you can’t let that one moment represent all of the other wonderful things he’s said, all of the wonderful things he’s done,” Cain said. “If people listen to his ideas and not listen to his distractions, they’ll see that spark.”

Cain said he decided to endorse Gingrich weeks ago, but felt this was the right time to made it public.

“Some endorsements have little impact, some endorsements have a big impact, and we will see on Tuesday,” Cain said. “But my philosophy has always been the voters will decide. I just want my supports to know how I felt at this moment in time.”


20 Responses to “Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich, calls him a patriot who is not afraid of bold ideas”

  1. Tamara Says:


  2. oneforthegipper Says:

    GINGRICH/CAIN TICKET!!! Let’s get it done!

  3. Saturn Five Says:

    Everyone Is Ready To Boost The Newtonian Rocket For Liftoff on January 31!

  4. tejas Says:

    Newt Gingrich – January 28, 2012

    “I pledge to you… in the tradition of our founding documents, if you help me next Tuesday and if with your help I become the nominee, and if as nominee we decisively defeat the left at every level, at President, at House, at Senate and local goverments, that I will give you for as long as I am allowed to serve, my life, my fortune and my sacred honor. Together we are going to give our grandchildren the country they deserve, not the country that is currently decaying. Thank you, good luck and God bless you.”

  5. CHARACTER???? Says:



  6. labman57 Says:

    So Palin and Cain, two major political posers, have endorsed the Newt. Excellent.

    The longer Gingrich stays in the race, the more dirt he and Romney will dig up about each other, convincing even more moderates and independents that neither is worthy of becoming POTUS.

  7. REAL TRUTH Says:

    Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave at the idea that Newt is presenting himself as the same as Reagan.
    Reagans first rule was never say anything bad about another Republican.
    Wonder what he would think of these two clowns?

  8. P13 Says:

    Hmm…just about every respectable Republican past and present is endorsing Romney, and Palin, Perry and Cain are endorsing Gingrich…

    Shouldn’t be a tough choice here, Florida!

  9. Messikinborder Says:

    Seriously folks, you need a little wake-up call. Go to the link below and please read the full story before you ever vote!! It’s time now for you to know who Mitt Romney really is. You didn’t seem to know much about Obama now did you? Please don’t let Mitt Romney fool you as well.

    VOTE NEWT !!

  10. Revenant Shadow Says:

    The only thing more revolting than a Gingrich/Cain alliance is the article writer’s aversion to proper spellchecking. “To MADE it public? “Supports to know”? Inexcusable.

  11. John L Jordan Says:

    Make your decision based on REAL information, not political hearsay. If you would like to read a real-time, real-deal, first-person, in-the-trenches account of what it was like working with Gingrich during the Reagan years, here ya go; it’s by Jeffrey Lord who was political advisor to Reagan during his Presidency:

  12. star struck Says:

    Herman, Newt just promised you the moon buddy. “Like a big pizza pie.” I am convinced that Newt and Mitt will be big disappointments for those of us who want Constitutional limited government and the repeal of Obamacare. Enjoy the wild ride buddy. The cynics will say you’re looking out for yourself – time will tell. BTW great job giving the Tea Party response to SOTU.

    (Hi everyone. I have a strange feeling this partnership will fall flat on many of our fellow citizens, particularly of the female persuasion. I also wonder how long the love will last – there is only room for one CEO at the White House. I like alot of their policies, but their egos are just too big, especially next to each other.)

  13. Dave Longdale Says:

    Don’t expect democracy to prevail after the coup. The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

  14. Newt_the_Toot Says:

    Hilarious…Cain and Gingrich have a lot in common…they are both philanderers who just can’t seem to honor that marriage vow.

    I’m sure philanderer Clinton approves too.

  15. KatieS Says:

    The tea party and right wing conservatives are making fools of themselves by endorsing Gingrich. Newt isn’t a conservative…he’s a big government guy who has absolutely no idea how to create jobs or improve the economy.

    I dare any Newt supporter to tell me how a history teacher could have ever created a job in his life.

    This election is about jobs and fixing the deficits…Newt just isn’t up to the task.

  16. CoolInAz Says:

    Newt Gingrich resigned from the House ON THE VERY DAY he was elected to his 11th term. Is that they way a dedicated politician should treat the people who just put him in office? Newt was angry that the republicans wanted him to step down as speaker. In the 1998 elections, republicans had the worst midterm performance in 64 years for a party that didn’t hold the presidency.

    Let’s face it…Newt doesn’t always make sound decisions; he is impuslive. He can’t get along with people in his own party (just ask those who served with him) and he doesn’t do well under pressure or criticism. Plus, he wants to be the big cheese so much, he’s willing to take the republican party, the tea party, and the good of the country down with him. Stop listening to him conservatives…he is dangerous.

  17. MR2012 Says:

    Why I like Mitt Romney:

    1- He is a supporter of states rights. That is exactly the issue with Romneycare. What is right for the state of Massachusetts may not be right for Alabama. When people have a far right conservative view of everything, their view won’t mesh with every other state in the country. That is what the founding fathers envisioned…let the states have things the way they want them and don’t mandate from the federal government.

    2- He has business and leadership accomplishments that no other candidate can touch. Romney’s JD/MBA from Harvard and experience with BCG, Bain, and the Olympics is light years above that of any other candidate in the Republican or Democrat parties. This is why Obama (via Axelrod) is fixated on Romney. BTW, he can apply his knowledge to fixing the government. Can you imagine…lean and mean government entities. What happened to industry in the 1980′s (i.e., get lean or die) applies to the US and foreign governments today.

    3-Despite attacks by Gingrich on Romney’s character, there is little to criticize because Romney is a very moral man. He is a capitalist and made money, yes, but he has shown that he makes sound decisions in his personal and business life (unlike Gingrich).

    4 – Romney’s family lived the American dream, and his success is based on getting an education and working hard to achieve greatness. He got his money the “old fashioned way…he earned it.” Greatness won’t ever be achieved through class warfare. I want a president who is ivy league, smart, and won’t steal furniture from the WH like Hillary and Bill. He can champion capitalism over socialism in a way that no one else can.

    5 – He’s been married to the same wife all these years (and I’m sure he didn’t cheat on her) and he loved her years before they were married and while he was out of the country completing a mission for his church….she waited for him while he was gone. It is a compelling story, unlike Newt’s cheating on two wives. If conservatives stand for moral values, how in the heck do they explain Newt? It wasn’t just cheating on wives…there were ethical issues (not all were dismissed) in the House of Representatives. Newt was sanctioned $300,000 by a 395-28 House vote. It was the first time a speaker was disciplined for ethical wrongdoing.

    6 – He is faithful to God and his church. There is a great amount of misinformation about Mormons floating around on the internet. It isn’t our place to judge, so don’t be a Pharisee. Many of our founding fathers were associated with a religion called Deism which believed in God but not Christianity as we know it today.

    Be aware that the AFL-CIO is spending 800k in Florida on attack ads against Romney. He is the ultimate enemy of labor unions and crony capitalism. Don’t believe what you read on conservative blogs…the DNC/unions/ are POSING DAILY as conservative voters to confound the issues and drive away votes for Romney. Finally, the last thing I’ll suggest is this:

    If you owned a failing company that was about to go under, would you hire

    -a doctor (Ron Paul)
    -a history teacher (Newt Gingrich)
    -a politician (Rick Santorum)
    -a business executive who knows how to turn things around with hundreds of references where he saved companies and jobs (Mitt Romney)

    Don’t believe the hype. Unite behind someone who can win.

  18. suthrnboy Says:

    If you nominate Newt, can you please just give up your asinine claim aof being the family values party? Please, for the love of God, could you do that for the American people. We will see right through you.

  19. Messikinborder Says:

    WOW, .. on this site we see plenty of Joseph Smith and Mitt Romney’s loyal Mormonhood supporters. Guess they think that spreading the word will guarantee themselves of an everlasting mission to enter the kingdom of heaven, via their head-honcho, Mitt Romney, that is. Keep on spattin’ out the brainwashin’ stuff .. we love it!! But when and if you ever get a change of heart and you decided to now think on your own, then try comprehending the real facts in this video:

  20. Messikinborder Says:

    Try this: ..

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