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Haridopolos fast-tracks privatization bills

by Dara Kam | January 19th, 2012

Senate President Mike Haridopolos has fast-tracked two privatization bills, referring them to a single committee before they head to the floor for a full vote.

Haridopolos sent the bills to the Rules Committee that yesterday agreed to allow the measures to get a full vetting.

One of the measures (SB 2038) resurrects a prison privatization plan shot down by a Tallahassee judge last year because of the manner in which lawmakers ordered the outsourcing of the 18-county region of southern Florida’s corrections operations.

The other proposal (SB 2036) deals with Tallahassee Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford’s ruling in the prison privatization case. Under that bill, lawmakers would be able to privatize any state functions by including the outsourcing in the budget state and without having public input until after the deals are done.

Although the privatization effort was not heard in any committees last year, the budget committee debated the proposal after it appeared one of the spending bills, Thrasher pointed out. He said he’s scheduled his next meeting, when the bills will be heard, to run for nearly four hours.

“It will get a full hearing,” Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, said. “We will take those bills up first and we will take whatever time is necessary.”

Lawmakers have not, however, before taken time to debate the measure giving them the ability to include privatization directly in the budget.

“Because we hadn’t had the court decision. Now we’ve got the court decision,” Thrasher said.

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8 Responses to “Haridopolos fast-tracks privatization bills”

  1. Downtown Danny Says:

    Republicans stealing public assets for their pals so our tax dollars can go into their pockets.
    When this jerk leaves office he’ll get a cushy job in the now “private” prison system.
    Taxpayers will end up paying more for less.

  2. Fair Play Says:

    This is outrageous. Alexander and Haridopolos are dirty politicians and this proves it. A bill of this magnitude should be heard in the Criminal Justice policy and budget committees, but they know it will get defeated so they are circumventing the process. This is all a sham. Is this the kind of governing we want in Florida? They should be hauled off on a rail.

  3. Jacksonville Joe Says:

    Nothing in this article explains why D.O.C. Medical employees have already been told that they ARE going to be replaced by a private company sometime in April. I guess THAT got through the “system” Already! Gov. Scott sure is sending ALOT of money into the PRIVATE healthcare industry. No wonder he bought the election!!!!

  4. joseyj Says:

    Privatizing prisons is a TERRIBLE idea because the prisons must be FILLED to make a profit.

    These Republicans have become so radical with their ALEC legislation!
    Never voting Republican again!

    Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, global corporations and state politicians vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws that govern your rights. These so-called “model bills” reach into almost every area of American life and often directly benefit huge corporations. Through ALEC, corporations have “a VOICE and a VOTE” on specific changes to the law that are then proposed in your state.

  5. Sarah B Says:

    I wonder how safe The United States if America would feel if our National Armed Forces who protect us while we live in the land of the free… Is sold to a private company and thar the private company doesn’t have to certify the military men and women to carry weapons!!!! Well this is exactly what is happening in Florida…. How do the People if Florida feel once they realize that the private company DOES NOT have any penalties or fines when they fail the Yearly Security Audits… And that after 6 months can turn around and request more money from the state tax PAYERS to run these facilities!!! IT IS NOT COST EFFECTIVE IT DOES NOT SAVE US MONEY AND IT SURE DOES NOT PROTECT US BETTER!!! THE STATE SECURITY SYSTEM IS HELD ON A HIGHER STANDARD!!! Te State HAS TO PASS AUDITS!!!! THE STATE HAS TO CORRECT ISSUES IMMEDIATELY WHILE PRIVATE COMPANIES DON’T!!!! HOW SAFE DO YOU FEEL KNOWING THAT A LEVEL 6 FACILITY HAS SECURITY MALFUNCTIONS IN THEIR PERIMETER FENCE KEEPING LIFERS FROM ESCAPING AND THAT THE PRIVATE COMPANY DOESNT HAVE TO REPORT IT OR FIX IT!!!!!! WITH THE STATE THEY OUT AN ARMED STATUONARY POST AND REPAIR IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  6. Art Says:

    Florida had a choice and it put a Criminal in office. Now all the rest of the little crooks are running the State into the ground. How many times have Floridians voted down an admendment and some Politician either put it back on a Ballot or try to change it behind closed doors? The redistricting is the latest. Cut the Education Budget and throw the Funds into Prisons, great move! One more thing. This is for the idiots that voted away their Majority rights a couple of elections back. Remember when Scott came into office and cut 142 million from ths Ed. Budget? A short later, he “found” 18 Million in “Pork” and gave it to the Ed. Budget. We are now down to 124 million in cuts. Scott now is ready to become the “Hero” by asking for an increase of 1 Billion over the next 10 years. I believe that comes to 100 million a year added back to the Ed. Budget. Because Floridians have no Memory, Scott looks like he is concerned about Florida Education. THE BUDGET IS STILL DOWN BY 24 MILLION DOLLARS. HEY, WE CAN USE THE 24 MILLION TO LOCK UP THE IDIOTS THE SCHOOL SYSYTEM WILL BE PUSHING OUT THE DOORS. PRISONS, TO BIG TO FAIL. SOUND FAMILIAR?

  7. Jeff P Says:

    I oppose the privatization of our state prisons.

  8. Ronald Jefferson Says:

    When Rick Scott’s “Columbia HCA” privatized a hospital in our town (bought it from the nuns, “Little Sisters of the Poor”, they ran it so terribly that the nuns threw HCA out & took the hospital back. I don’t trust “Governor” Scott to do things positively for the citizens here in FL. This latest idea is among the worst for citizens of FL

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