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Gingrich slaps back at those who call his criticism of Obama racist

by Jane Musgrave | January 29th, 2012

THE VILLAGES – While campaigning this week in Florida, one of GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s favorite lines is that he’ll be the “paycheck president,” while President Obama has been the “food stamp president.”

The line, that always gets laughs, cheers or at least applause, has come under fire from pundits who believe it smacks of racism.

Speaking to a sign-waving, cheering crowd of roughly 3,000 in this sprawling retirement community south of Ocala, he went after his favorite target – the media – for creating an issue where none exists.

“The news guys just seem fascinated with this,” he said. “They say if you use the word food stamps it must have some deep, underlying racial connotation.”

A chant of “No! No!” rippled through the crowd.

“No,” the former House Speaker agreed. “It’s a fact this is the most effective food stamp president in American history. His policies of killing jobs have pushed more Americans onto food stamps than any president in American history.

His explanation is unlikely to quell criticism about his choice of phrase.

In a column this week for CNN, author Walter Mosley was among those who took Gingrich to task for knowingly using a emotionally-charged buzzword to deride the nation’s first African-American president.

He wrote: “Newt Gingrich … knows full well that calling someone a “food stamp president” brings up the working person’s fear, looming reality, and in some cases the actual experience, of unemployment – while making a shout-out to racism and affixing a stigma to poverty. All the while hiding behind the symbol of a flag.”


17 Responses to “Gingrich slaps back at those who call his criticism of Obama racist”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Bill Maher said something like, “I don’t hate Joe Biden because he’s black, I hate him because he’s wrong.” I think that sums it up best. Things may sound racist, but if they’re true, how can they be racist? Should we ignore facts because they might offend an ethnic group? Isn’t it most racist to try to pretend race doesn’t matter? Does Gingrich throw jabs at Romney because he is white? Because he’s tall? Or because he’s Mormon? Of course not.

  2. REAL TRUTH Says:


    Only problem with your theory is the “truth” part.
    Obama has not killed any jobs he has created millions of jobs. The unemployment problem was already there when he took office. Hence so was the food stamp problem.That belongs to the Bush admin. not Obama.
    When he entered office moe than 4 million jobs had been lost in the previous year and we were losing jobs at a rate of over 500,000 a month.
    You can’t blame him for that sorry.
    Of course the unemployment would be a lot better if the Republicans in congress would have passed his ‘Jobs bill” but they wanted unemployment to stay high for the election.
    Of course Newts racist, where are his black mistresses????

  3. enough is enough Says:

    Of course, it’s alllll Bushs’ fault. Every problem that comes up is Bushs’ fault. Actually, President Bush has a secret identity lately. He has been seen dressing up to look like obama and flying all over the world on vacations, playing golf, and SPENDING OUR TAXES. Instead of jumping to conclusion, do a little research beyond the talking heads.

  4. Johnny Hothead Says:

    @Ryan…You can be totally right (black people are black) without being racist. But, when you’re talking about a (self-admittedly) black man and calling him the “food stamp president” you have to concur racists will think you agree with them…

  5. skeptic Says:

    What would Gingrich say someone used the Txxxx word to describe Calistas actions prior to their marriage.

  6. muffey Says:

    The greatest crimes in history have been perpetrated by such religious and political and racial fanatics, from the persecutions of the Inquisition on down to Communist purges and Nazi genocide.

  7. James M. Hill Says:

    I wouldn’t call Newt necessarily a racist but he is a Big Bully!!! Does he ever not twist the truth to fit his own agenda? The ironic part about the food stamp comment is that the majority of those receiving it are Caucasions. Facts? Why worry about facts….

  8. muffey Says:

    The typical food stamp recipient is white, female, 171/2 with 2 kids – Sociology 101.

  9. James M. Hill Says:

    Thanks for the info Professor. ;<)

  10. Teapublican Says:

    Muffey appears to have failed Sociology 101!

    Sorry Newt but there is an implication in what you said whether it was conciously intended or not.

    Why didn’t you use the more logical comparison and say he was the unemployment check President and you will be the paycheck President?

  11. lucascapps Says:

    Indeed, workers lacking high school diplomas saw their unemployment rate jump 6.6 percentage points in June vs. a 2.3 point increase for college grads who has their degree from one of the High Speed Universities

  12. Go Newt Says:

    ‘REAL TRUTH’, lies he has bought:
    Lie #1: Obama has created millions of jobs. There are many more unemployed and under-employed people today than when he took office.
    #2: The food stamp problem, GW was bad but there are more people on food stamps to day than 1/12/2013.
    #3: Can’t blame the Republicans for his Jobs Bill either. Most Democrats wouldn’t vote for it either.
    Say What? Newt is racist? A Black Mistresses? What kind of racist remark is that?
    Most of the racist I see are the fools who work in and the supporters of – what’s in the White House.

  13. Arthur Pendragon Says:

    Why does the race card always get played? People are smart enough to know the truth. If you can’t think intelligently you go for the easy way out.
    Obama got elected because of white guilt, will not get re-elected because of his dismal record, plain and simple. He has done more harm to America than any other President and, if left unchecked, he will turn us into the country of socialists.
    I know white people who only vote democrat because of entitlements. They want to live off something or someone for free.
    Obama is turning us against each other. He MUST be stopped! Let’s start with the schools and the liberal teacher’s unions, who only look out for themselves (tenure) and do not care about the kids. They poison the kids with their leftist ideas.
    I have to work hard not to get fired. I get paid by my merits, teachers should too.

  14. kelly Says:

    Let Newt spew his trash talk all he wants. Remember, he’s running as a republican for all the country to see. By the time they drag Romney across the finish line, he will have moved so far to the right he’ll have to deny he was governor of Massachusetts. Go Newt!

  15. Big Dem Says:

    Its always the most prejudice people who come out crying “Race Card”.
    They want to discourage anyone bringing up the subject no matter how true it may be because they know once its in the open their position is indefensible.

  16. Real Truth Says:


    1.Obama has created millions of jobs. When he took office we were losing jobs at a rate of 500,000 – 750,000 a month. This was not caused by Obama but GW Bush. By the time Obama was able to get congress to act and implement his program 4 million more jobs had been lost. Not one of them was caused by Obama. Your hero Reagan took longer to stop his job loses with a less severe recession.

    2.Sure, the Obama Admin. has had to provide food stamps for all the people that BUSH PUT OUT OF WORK.

    3. His jobs bill had almost unanimous Democrat support.2 Dems. dissented, still leaving more than a 50% majority needed to pass so it is entirely the GOP’s fault and no one else.

    Anything else I can set you straight on?

  17. steve black Says:

    STOP BLAIMING Obama! He hasn’t done anything.

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