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Gingrich: I’m no infidelity hypocrite

by Jane Musgrave | January 25th, 2012


MIAMI -  GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich came out swinging this morning when accused of being a hypocrite for blasting then President Bill Clinton for having an affair at the same time the former House Speaker was cheating on his own wife.

During a wide-ranging interview with Spanish-language television Univision, the twice-divorced Gingrich said he wasn’t criticizing Clinton’s sexual dalliance with White House intern Monica  Lewinsky. He said he was criticising Clinton’s response to it.

Clinton lied under oath, Gringrich said.

“I have never lied under oath. I have never committed perjury. I have never committed a felony,” he said. Clinton’s lapse was more serious because the former president is a lawyer and should have known better. Gingrich is a historian.

Further, he said, he has no regrets about lacing into CNN newscaster John King for beginning a debate last week in South Carolina by asking about his ex-wife’s claims that he asked her to embrace an “open marriage” when he was having an affair with his now wife, Callista.

With all the problems facing the country, the question about his personal life was simply inappropriate, he said. His ex-wife’s claims were false, he said.

As to his attack on the media in response to the question, he noted: The audience loved it.

81 Responses to “Gingrich: I’m no infidelity hypocrite”

  1. RomneyGal Says:

    Bottom line, morality and judgement is lacking in Gingrich and the Obama Administration and their liberal media machine are hoping Americans are too dumb to notice their smoke screen to promote Gingrich. Everyone knows he will never beat Obama. Romney is an honest, family man with good conservative family values. Think Florida, think.

  2. Dave Owens Says:

    I laugh at Newts response that he has asked for forgivness and confessed his extra martial affairs, hell people he is 68 and I don’t Viagara would help him so it is a safe bet he has quit screwing around. His wife must use extra strength hairspray as in the wind the other day everyones hair blew except hers, maybe it was a cemented on wig like her facial expression.

  3. Tom Boyce Says:

    Splitting hairs is Gingrich’s stock in trade. He did it when he denied being a lobbyist, he’s doing it now. People say he’s repented but you want to know how you can tell if someone has truly repented? They show remorse for their actions, not indignation

  4. Matt Taylor Says:

    Ok, he never lied “Under Oath”. But he lies practically every time he opens his mouth.

  5. Jack Says:

    Gingrich claims he sought forgiveness, but his ex-wife claims he has never ever apologized to her. Doesn’t sound like a penitent man to me. It’s also telling that his wife said he had told her that the money would come after he left office. His influence peddling and lobbying were a part of his plan to make himself rich off of his inside connections. He is everything that is bad about politics in America. He might be a good debater, but that’s his only redeeming quality. He’d get destroyed in the general election with all his baggage. Unelectable.

  6. John Vance Says:

    So, Dave Owens, you LAUGH at a man who has asked forgiveness because he is 68 years old?

    Tell me, what IS the age limit for trying to lead a better life? It’s a rhetorical question because I am sure you are a Obama loving liberal who holds any religious belief in high disregard and anyone who has seen the way a total fool.

    It is plain by your senseless and juvenile criticism of his wife’s hair, of all things, that you have nothing of substance to discuss and whatever you do have to say comes straight from the low brow talking heads at MSNBC.

  7. Repent-Mitt-witts Says:

    Mitt-wits need to understand that Romney brings a quill, to a knife fight. Obama will go the Chicago way and not play by the rules. Newt, warts and all, is the only one that can stand toe to toe with the Chicago mobsters. Do you want someone to lose to them nicely, with hair combed neatly, or do you want someone who will take the fight to them? Repent Mitt-wits!

  8. namor Says:

    i’m not an infidelity hypocrite i swear .i am not going to compete with obama lie for lie and curse for curse i swear .i am going to close guantanamo in my first year in office and stop waterboarding those who disagree with me i swear .i will refuse gifts from special interests and i owe no favors to gambling magnates .i will invade cuba so they can get casino gambling back like in the 50′

  9. lyn snyder Says:

    Isn’t it about time we have an honorable, successful and wise man in the Whitehouse? Surely that man is Mitt Romney! We need him..

  10. snapperman Says:

    This from Elliott Abrams, asst. secretary of state under Reagan:
    “But not Newt Gingrich. He voted with the caucus, but his words should be remembered, for at the height of the bitter struggle with the Democratic leadership Gingrich chose to attack . . . Reagan.” National Review Online

  11. Torrent Says:

    This guy enlisted his daughters from his first wife to accuse his second wife of lying about his third wife.

    Romney wiped the floor with Newt in the last debate. We saw what happens when a Gingrich debate isn’t conducted like a game show. He will lose in an historic landslide if nominated.

  12. Rick Says:

    This isn’t hard people. If having a President that has a perfect past is your top priority, then don’t vote for Gingrich. If you want someone that has a strong grasp of just about every political issue on the docket right now, then he is a viable option. They guy is sharp and he comes up with real ideas. I don’t know that I’m going to vote for him when it comes down to it, but his sainthood is not likely to keep me from it one way or the other.
    If I thought he was going to turn the White House into a whore house, that would be one thing. I just don’t see that happening. I want someone with solutions because we are in desperate need of some Change.

  13. Calypso Says:

    America will not elect a fat troll who disgraced the Speakership and GOP to the presidency. Newt should get out of the way and go shopping. Helmet Head wants more Tiffany’s.

  14. Nutz Nvise Says:

    I would never condone infidelity. It is an ultimate betrayal of trust. Having said that, our national situation is so incredibly dire that I will strongly support whomever the GOP nominates. And, don’t overlook the current usurper of the office of President is not exactly an ethical prize winner.

  15. ChicagoLOVESMittRomney Says:

    Mitt Romney is the only one who can beat Obama and the ONLY one who can save this nation…Gingrich is a has been, typical Washington LIAR who has NO economic expertise whatsoever, yet keeps saying HE balanced the budget with REAGAN…shame on him for alligning his swarmy self with CLASSY Reagan! Best Prezes have been GOVERNORS, NOT congressmen! Go Romney and btw…ROMNEY will take ON OBAMA and his “CHICAGO style BS” this from a conservative Republican from ILLINOIS!

  16. Hunter Says:

    Newt looked weak and impotent in the latest debate match. Without an emotional audience his babbling hangs in the air in uncomfortable silence and it’s obvious how a couple of standing O’s over a distraction have propped up this flake.

    His supporters make the mistake of thinking their emotions will translate into votes. Bank on another Obama term if the Republican party is stupid enough to nominate this clown.

  17. newt go away Says:

    at a defining moment, the republican party will be remembered for the likes of Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Engle, Newt Gingrich …..
    Floridian get a clue and don’t follow the looney evangelical hillbillies of SC.
    Change needs to happen and Newt isn’t it.

  18. AJ from LA Says:

    “America will not elect a fat troll who disgraced the Speakership and GOP to the presidency.”
    But they will re-elect a “fat lawyer” who disgraced the White House and the office of the Presidency. And they will admire a “drunk” Prime Minister who led the UK through WWII.

  19. Dave Veilleux Says:

    All I know is you need to be real, meaning if you are going to bash one person in the other party you need to look at your own people in your party with eyes wide open and honest. Let’s face it both parties (at this time) do not care about us the middle class (example if the health care voted in for us was so good they would of replace their own health care, and if it was not worth replacing then it is not good enough for us and that is class warfare, meaning they are better than us). Those that live off the government have little incentive to get off and those that are wealthier than the middle class find ways around as many rules and regulations as they can. Please go to the primaries and vote all incumbents out. Turn it over at every election. Give the power back to the PEOPLE. Only then will they get the message, folks this is our fault for not paying enough attention.

  20. PH Says:

    Newt is a pig!

  21. Reaganite Says:

    This country needs JOBS and it needs a competent president to protect free enterprise while creating JOBS.

    Romney is light years ahead of Gingrich in competence and knowledge of how to get the economy back on track.

    Gingrich is a loose cannon. An oddball, preening academic who loves the sound of his own voice who called the Reagan foreign policy against the USSR a “failure.” Check out the article today in National Review.

  22. Repent-Mitt-witts Says:

    Are the country club Republicans again going to force us to run a wishy washy nice guy with a glass jaw against the obamaination? In Florida I voted early for Newt. Don’t blame me if Mitt gets our clocks cleaned. He is no saint, but he can fight.

  23. Smily077 Says:

    If Romney is the only one of the two that can beat O’bama, please vote for him. The bottom line is to get O’bama out of there before he puts us another 100 trillion dollars and then some in debt. :-(

  24. David Says:

    What is so hard to understand.
    Clinton committed perjury, lied under oath.
    The issue is not sex, but the lie.
    That’s it, simple, stop being stupid.

  25. Fritz Says:

    Fine, give him a talk show. He’d be great. Make someone like Ron Paul, who has integrity and real solutions, the president.

  26. ablecynic Says:

    Gingrich is on the rise in the polls because he is willing to take on the liberal establishment, in particular the Mainstream Media, and the conservatives love it. Romney and Santorum are too afraid to do what it takes to win. And Paul has shot his wad and his campaign is slowly starting to fade. Gingrich isn’t afraid of the liberals, which is what makes him more likely to win that Romney. The media are locked up by the Obama team so someone has to go on the offensive and start hurting some liberal feelings.

  27. Eric B Says:

    Romney is boring, uninspiring and unwilling to do anything buy play it safe. He was literally hiding during the debt ceiling debate; not a word from Mitt.

  28. nukem Says:

    Newt is correct. Clinton fell into the age old trap of “It’s not the event. It is the cover up.” Clinton’s impeachment and disbarment was based on perjury and obstruction of justice, NOT on adultery. Had Clinton simply said “yeah I was doing an intern. So what?” then the matter would have been settled at the ballot box and not in court.

  29. Mike Says:

    Gingrich is toxic beyond description! And the G.O.P. hierarchy knows this better than anyone. His campaign is a circus act that will not sell enough tickets outside of the deep south to even hold onto the House, let alone take the Senate or win the Presidency. The nightmare scenario continues with their fear that a Gingrich heading the ticket would cost governorships and state legislatures throughout the northeast, midwest and west.

    Furthermore, the Speaker’s coded and incendiary rhetorical style, when displayed in a contest with Obama, could easily put his party in the unflattering position of appearing to defend some old regional prejudices and attitudes. They sure don’t need that! In summary, the ruling Republican establishment knows it must prevent Gingrich’s nomination before it destroys their party’s status as a major political entity for a generation to come!

    Therefore, I say………..GO-O-O-O-O-O, NEWT!!!

  30. blahblahblah Says:

    Sorry ya’ll conservatives. You can’t compromise with the moderates so you lose to NObama twice. He will destroy Gingrich no problems. Only way Mitt wins is if the economy gets worse in the next 10 months (not sure this is possible). Obama is a bank bought crook, just like Gingrich. Support a candidate with some class and morals, not these Washington idiots over and over again.

  31. blahblahblah Says:

    Just to be clear, Romney is a bank bought crook too, like Perry.

  32. FourMore? Says:

    These emotional rubes who have lost all ability to reason will prop up the seedy Gingrich all the way to the nomination and lose 49 states. Newt will bask in their misplaced adulation until then, make lots of money for pay off Callista’s latest Tiffany bill, and the Democrat party will be laughing all the way to the White House. Again.

  33. Not Newt Says:

    Newt is an embarrassment to the GOP. Romney is an honorable man. We don’t have religious tests for public office in this country. Does the candidate have executive experience? Obamma didn’t and look at the mess he’s made. Romney does have executive experience, leadership experience, faithful family man experience, business experience, but above all Romney has honor. Especially when compared to Newt.

  34. cchasecfi Says:

    If Newt gets the nomination, we get screwed again.

    I love to hear Newt articulate conservative principles. The 1st time I heard a Rebublican talk like that was a few years ago when McCain introduced Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.
    Her acceptance speech was amazing. I kept yelling at the TV. YES!, YES!, WOW, why can’t more Republicans talk like that? Gov. Palin actually believes this. She Lives the conservative principles.

    Newt does not. Newt is an actor. He is smart enough to know what his conservative base wants and how to articulate it so that we think he actually believes it. His record shows he doesn’t.
    Like his 2nd wife said, He believes he can do anything he wants in private as long as he says the right stuff in public. Newt is like a brilliant child with ADD. I don’t trust him.

    Like Rush says, Elmer Fudd could beat Obama by a landslide. Any of the Rebublican candidates can beat this guy…except Newt.

    Newt’s problem is Newt’s character. It still counts. So you don’t care what he did 13 years ago doesn’t mean the Obama bunch doesn’t care. They love it. It makes Newt vulnerable.

    Newt has already admitted to 2 counts of adultry. They will wait until Newt gets the nomination and then unleash the Chicago attack machine. This machine took out Herman Cain, a man with a 40+ year faithful
    marraige. Just wait till the bimbo parade shows up. Woman after woman, former Newt aids, staffers, and admins will come out of the woodwork claiming salacious sexual affairs.
    They may all be phony claims, but the MSM will not give Newt a break. They will bombard him with constant questions about the affairs. Newt will attack back, but it will get old, (Yes I comitted adultry
    but not with her). He will be knocked totally off of his message. He won’t be articulating conservative principles. He will look like a womanizing hypocritical conservative.

    We get 4 more years of Obama.

  35. Y. Kiyay Says:

    Gingrich’s greatest misfortune was to be a prominent national conservative Republican leader during the days of Bill Clinton, that lying, philandering sketch ball of a prog. Everyone in the public sphere with him was spattered with his moral inappropriateness and sleeze. It was Clinton who took Newt in his slimy grasp and grappled with him the only way he knew how, by sliming him with his own moral ambiguity and air of untrustworthiness. Clinton proved the effectiveness of accusing one’s opponents of one’s own or similar sins and shortcomings.

    Those who know Gingrich well, know that he is no Clinton. From close up, the line between then is bright and broad. If from a distance it takes drawing a fine, nuanced line to figure out the truth, people ought not be too lazy to do so. We would be wrong to write Newt off as of the same stuff. He is not an Establishment puppet. Nor is he a new school Tea Party conservative. Newt is a conservative figure in American political history in his own right.

    I applaud him for adding this chapter to his career, whether it be a mere nomination bid, presidential bid or hopefully more. It is good to see him back in the public eye, if for no other reason than that it makes Clinton, Pelosi and the GOP RINO establishment nervous. Obama has no clue yet what it would mean to face Gingrich in the general. The Speaker would make him look like the TOTUS-reading automaton that he is.

  36. Leigh Says:

    Interesting that the very catalyst for his conversion to Catholicism (wife #3) happily committed adultery with him while he was still married to wife #2. Nothing hypocritcal in the Gingrich household. As a historian, he depends on those with limited knowledge of recent history to believe his eloquent spin. He’s a caricature of a little general marching his lemming republican following right off that cliff. He is going to take the party down with him.

  37. Frank Says:

    Newt: “Trust me, I only lie when I’m not under oath.”

  38. Jake Says:

    Gingrich is a typical insider. He had affairs (and married) two aides, so obviously he relates to Clinton since neitehr can keep it in their pants at work.

    Resigned in disgrace as House Speaker after ethics issues.

    Stayed on the government gravy train as lobbyist for Freddie Mac.

    Left not one, but TWO sick wives (cancer, multiple sclerosis) for younger mistresses before “finding” religion.

    Supported Cap & Trade even sitting on couch with Pelosi to voice his support.

    This egomaniac, if elected, would be a true maniac. But be sure that Obama and his political machine will hammer Gingrich on all of these issues. A vote for Newt is a vote for Obama’s second term.

  39. Iambic PentaMaster Says:

    Most of you would not ever guess,
    That Clinton was soiling a dress,
    It’s not that he wore it,
    In fact, he’d backdoor it,
    Just call it federal ‘express’.

  40. John Buffet Says:

    We love you Newt!

  41. wordthief Says:

    So lying about an affair is worse than committing one secretly..?
    (cartoon voice, squinty and sqweeky)
    I’m sorry pastor Gingrich, but I’ve got a little problem with your theology!
    wink wink

  42. BobRoss Says:

    @RomneyGal – “Romney is an honest, family man with good conservative family values. Think Florida, think”

    Wow, right Romney is the good ol’ ‘argue for the pro-choice stance, multi millionare conservative’ who obviously connects with the average voter.

    What Gingrich did in his personal life was wrong, but Clinton was not impeached for having an affair. Clinton broke the law and blatantly lied to the American people. Do you not see that as an impeachable offense? Should one’s personal failings affect how you treat the law?

  43. Counting Says:

    Newt has had even more religions than wives.

  44. gordy Says:

    THE most popular guy on talk radio has been married three times. 20.000.000 people appreciate the job he does.
    John Kennedy and Bill Clinton had multiple, possibly hundreds, of women but only married one of them. Predators! Newt had three women, and married all of them. Carter was a great family man but before Obampot, was the worst president ever. If you need surgery, do you get the best guy for the job, the one who has done the most surgeries successfully, or do you choose based on his marital fidelity 20 years ago?

  45. Fairness Says:

    To be fair, Newt only abandoned his families when they failed to stay healthy enough.

  46. Fairness Says:

    “If you need surgery…”

    If I need surgery I don’t want the surgeon who will leave instruments in my gut unless an audience can applaud during the procedure. Newt is nuts.

  47. R.G. Frano, A-EMT-4-P, (Retired) Says:

    Re: “…Further, he said, he has no regrets about lacing into CNN newscaster John King for beginning a debate last week in South Carolina by asking about his ex-wife’s claims that he asked her to embrace an “open marriage” when he was having an affair with his now wife, Callista…”

    Anyone who preaches hetro-only marriege should be above the moiral snickering that comes along with Mr. Gingrich’s marital infidelity habits!

    Unlike Mr. Gingrich, (aka, ‘Baron D’Tiffany’, L.O.L!), I’m no longer Catholic, having rejected the anti-social theologies of ‘N.A.M.B.L.A., Tiber River’, as a small part of recovery from being ‘used’, (as a ‘boy-toy’), by adults…

    I’m also on my first ‘engagement likely to end in marriage’, having lived with the same delightful person since 1983…

    The Catholic Church certainly has a well documented rag-on about divorcees!
    Just ask Henry8th!

    That said…
    I DON’T see/hear Gingrich’s local bishop demanding he, (N. Leroy Gingrich) go to confession, repent & receive annulments for his previous marriages, while abstaining from both married, ‘missionary-position’ sex, (which MUST be open to procreation per church doctrine, L.M.A.O.!), AND the Eucharist!

    …As the bishop did, re Mr. Cuomo, (the NYS governor), who is also in a
    ‘live -together’ like me!
    Do we all hear that ‘whistling’ sound?

    It’s the wind, blowing through the
    ‘buttocks-free-environments’ where they continue, (at least for the time being), to hold sparsely-attended masses…

  48. tom meacham Says:

    Romney is an executive with experience and success. Newt Gingrich is a flake of questionable stability.

  49. gordy Says:

    Fairness -”Newt is nuts!” Is that the best you can do! Now if you were talking about his second wife you might be right.

  50. gordy Says:

    R G Frano – you are confused and sick!

  51. Lou R Says:

    I’ve seen this movie before. Newt was the face of the GOP and his acolytes were motivated by anger and emotion, the most vocal and visible political group in the country.

    The result? Clinton wins a second term by a landslide – POST IMPEACHMENT. Newt appeals to a hardcore 20% of fanatics but offends the vast majority of Americans.

  52. gordy Says:

    Does anyone know if the local Mormon churches are the foundation of Mitt’s support. And what does the Mormon Church do with the millions coming in to their coffers other than send money to their proselytizer/missionaries. Do they have a Christian Children’s Fund, a Samaritan’s Purse, a Slave rescuing mission in the Sudan – No! Hospitals? Schools? Food kitchens? Homeless shelters?

  53. Fail Says:

    R. Emmett Tyrell, leading conservative:

    He blew the impeachment and in fact his role as Speaker. He backed out in disgrace. He now says Republicans in the House were exhausted with his great projects. Nonsense, I knew many of them, and they were exhausted with his atrocious leadership. He is not a leader. He is a huckster. Today Mitt Romney has 72 Congressional endorsements. Newt has 11. Possibly the 11 have yet to meet him

  54. Old Time Religion Says:

    Most Mormons I’ve known are nice people. Every Baptist turned Lutheran turned Catholic politician is a wayward degenerate opportunist.

  55. Big Dem Says:

    Romney Honorable????
    Yeah, so honorable that wall street bankers refused to accept bids from Bain on companys they were selling due to Bains two faced and dishonest practices.
    Romney sat on the Board of a Bain owned medical center when it was fined the largest medicare fine in state history for FRAUD!

  56. Big Dem Says:

    Romney= Rick Scott with Hair!

  57. gordy Says:

    Lou R – you have a short memory and a mistaken view of the GOP “and their acolytes.” Angry – no! Emotional – no! Concerned – yes. Your 20% “fanatics” theory is not backed by the polls (see Clinton did NOT win by a landslide. Perot took 10-15% of the GOP vote on his second party run – useful idiots got Clinton over the top ‘cos they did not want to vote for Dole/Bush 1. That and Chinese money!

  58. Popeye Kahn Says:

    It’s a popular misconception that Clinton lied under oath. Technically, he didn’t. It revolves around the legal definition of “sexual relations”. See:

  59. gordy Says:

    The Book of Mormon, stolen by Joseph Smith, was actually written by Solomon Spaulding! Mormon men believe that they will become gods, and will call women up to rule heaven as eternal wives!See “Kingdom of the Cults ” by Dr. Walter Martin

  60. rcareaga Says:

    Watching this year’s GOP primary race (and particularly the overwrought partisans lacerating one another in forums like this) is more fun than scorpions in a bottle! Keep it up, keeds!

  61. gordy Says:

    That makes Mormonism Polytheistic and polygamist.

  62. John Buffet Says:

    Unlike Clinton, At Least He Had ‘Politeness’ to Ask Permission.

  63. Big Jack Says:

    We on the right have a true conundrum. One candidate is decent all day long, but somewhat boring. No fire in the belly, and we need that. Another has a command of any issue, has the required fire, but has…a history. Another is decent personally, has a good command of things, but is seen as a junior player and not ready for prime time. The last one would be fine–if it was 1930, maybe. Anyone else we could call?

  64. Budky 857693 Says:

    Newt’s response to his own infidelity was to get rid of not One, but Two of his Wives, after they became ill with cancer and multiple sclerosis, respectively.

    Clinton’s response to his own infediltiy, after the public humiliation, was to “Stay” with his one and only wife, and as of now, they are still married.

    Mitt Romney’s response (having been a “Faithful” Husband for 42 years), to an ailing wife when diagnosed with M.S. was to love her and sustain her, in sickness and in health.

    Not trade her in on a newer model.

    This phony excuse Newt is putting forth now, has as much credibility as the “Historian Services” he supposedly provided to Freddie and Fannie.

    If a Man can’t keep his vows to his own Wife, he’s not a Man and simply is not worthy to sit in the Oval office.

    One thing is for certain, when Newt is confronted with his own circumstances, he hunkers down and attempts to divert attention by changing the subject.

    Every 3rd grader knows this tactic.
    Newt is a walking “Shell-Game”.

  65. jim beam Says:

    Newt has fire in the belly for newt and whatever staffer he’s banging. Long history of corruption and disgrace. If the Republicans are insane enough to nominate him Obama will win in a landslide in a year the GOP had an excellent chance to get rid of him.

  66. Josie Says:


  67. Mike Says:

    How can anyone go for this goof! There must be a new level of STUPIDITY. Any of the other three candidates would represent me better than Gingrich, even Ron Paul. I find it hard to believe that there are enough STUPID people in this country to even come close to making Newt the nominee. I want a president with CLASS!

  68. Carnival Says:

    I don’t know if Gingrich is bad enough to make me vote Democrat but I do know he’s bad enough to make me sit out the election or go third party for Paul.

  69. Bob Huntsman Says:

    Newt is now saying if I understand him (and correct me if I am wrong) that when he was supporting family values, the family value he was supporting was “do not commit perjury” not “be faithful to your spouse”. Clever, but come on! Now we the electorate are the dumb ones if we assumed that “family values” includes marital fidelity.

    Can you spell “flip-flop”?

    I am tired of being played for a fool by all of these candidates.

  70. John Jaru Says:

    @Dave Owens “His wife must use extra strength hairspray as in the wind the other day everyones hair blew except hers” LOL,that is something she has in common with Romney.

  71. me, myself, and i Says:

    The more dirt that is told on Newt, the more popular he becomes. So. Carolina likes him, and so does Florida. Surely, surely, no living person is that naive. Look at his history and please look for someone, anyone, to replace him as a possible nominee.

  72. Spence Says:

    “No infidelity hypocrite”. Just a fat liar, that’s all.

  73. John Jaru Says:

    I agree that family values are important. Exactly what would disqualify a candidate from being a family values kind of guy? Would being related to ones wife through more than one relative be reflective of family values? Romney comes from a polygamous family and is related to his wife through more than one relative. He does not live a polygamous life. And he cannot be blamed for his grandparents life style. But he knew his wife was related to him when he married her. LDS keeps extensive geneology records, that would be the first place a mormon from a polygamous background would look to see if he was marrying a relative. That is where we looked and we discovered Romney and Huntsman are cousins. He is the candidate that dropped out,when everyone thought Romney had the nomination in the bag. Romneys’ father was born in Mexico. He was brought to the US when he was 5 years old. Romney has many relatives in Mexico. I cannot say how closely related they are, but I can safely say that they come from one branch of the family because families that practice polygamy don’t have many branches. Would that have a affect on how Romney deals with Mexico? His Mexican relatives are involved in big business with this country. Would he give them special deals? After all they are family. How would anyone even know if any special deals took place?

  74. ph Says:

    John Jaru,

    You sound like Fat boy. Your facts are dead wrong. Mitt and his wife were not related before marriage. Ann’s family was not Mormon. Mitt’s family was. Nice smear job.

    It sounds to me like you hate Mormons.

    Should what the Catholic Church did during the inquisition apply to Fat Boy?

  75. Sybil Says:

    Newt never lied about his infidelity. Clinton did. If you’re goal is the perfect human being – you’re bound to get the perfect liar.

    There’s not another candidate in this race who has quantifiable experience rebuilding a failed economy or helping to legislate what turned out to be 25 years of economic growth.

  76. ph Says:


    Newt did not design the Regan economic programs. He was a Congressman that voted for the program. I was a delegate to the Washington State Convention that nominated Regan in 1980. Was my support of Regan the cause in fact of the economic program that created all of the economic growth during the Regan, Bush and Clinton years? If so, then I am the creator of millions of jobs in America. I should be President…

  77. ha ha Says:


  78. ND Web Says:

    I liked No. 63 “Big Jack’s comments the best. I have voted a straight Republican ticket for 53 years. If the Grand Old Party doesn’t come up with a better candidate I might vote.

  79. Margaret Says:

    Romney says things and denies he said them when asked by the media. I believe he would say anything to get elected. Also, he is sooooooo rich, he cannot relate to middle class people and the poor. I’d like to pay only 14% taxes.

  80. Carol Papalia Says:

    Ph was a delegate for Reagan, but can’t spell his name?
    ND Web WILL vote even if he stays home – He’ll vote for Obama!
    Margaret thinks rich people don’t care about the middle class and poor people.
    Take your head out of the sand and study US history. Those rich people are the ones who made life better for us poor and middle class people.
    Romney gave millions to charity, as well as his church, last year. Biden gave what? About $35?

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