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Gingrich gets religion about bashing Obamacare, Romneycare

by Jane Musgrave | January 30th, 2012

JACKSONVILLE – The best moment of Newt Gingrich’s day on Sunday came when he went to Mass at night and learned Catholic bishops share his outrage over President Obama’s health care package, he said today.

As happened in Catholic churches across the nation, the priest at the church Gingrich and his wife attended read a letter, protesting a proposal that would require most employer-sponsored health plans to offer women contraceptive services, including sterilization.

“The Obama is engaged in a war against religion,” he told a small group that gathered in a hotel conference room to send him off on his last full-day of campaigning in the state. The proposed requirement, he said, “is in direct violation of freedom of religion and an example of the increasingly dictatorial attitude of this administration.”

He has repeatedly said that if elected president he would repeal Obama’s health care program hours after his inauguration. Today, he took that promise a step further: “Every American I want you to know,on my first day as president I will issue an executive order, repealing every aspect of infringement upon religious freedom in America upon that moment.”

He also used the bishops’ letter to remind supporters that the health care program Romney instituted as governor of Massachusetts was the model for Obama’s plan. He claimed Romney imposed the same dictates on religious groups there.

A nominal Southern Baptist until he met his third wife, Callista, he has said that his newfound religion has unleashed a spiritual awakening within him.


6 Responses to “Gingrich gets religion about bashing Obamacare, Romneycare”


    GOP = The LET THEM DIE Party

  2. Louie Louie Says:

    Someone help me understand this…..

    Newt is now talking about religion?

    My goodness:

    How about the commandment That states


    these people who use religion like this gets me angry.

    He is a religious guy when his campaign needs help. Other times is a big time sinner.

    Any religious person, with morales and integrity should not support and adulter.

    I think adulterers get stoned (no not 420—> with rocks) to death

    Who would Jesus support???

  3. Scott Ryan Says:

    I just saw Romney commercial here in FL where he is accusing Newt of “name dropping” Ronald Reagan x number of times…

    That is just ONE MORE example of the hypocrisy of this guy. In the 2008 GOP primary he did the EXACT same thing and far worse. Every other WORD OUT OF HIS MOUTH WAS RONALD REAGAN! This – primary I noticed that Romney hasn’t mentioned Reagan ONCE – because LAST PRIMARY – Romney got CAUGHT being the phony he is – last Primary Romney was CALLED OUT on it by the late Tim Russert.

    Go to Youtube and see :

    Romney was name dropping Reagan every sentence UNTIL exposed by Russert that he DENOUNCED Reagan while campaigning against Kennedy!

    NEWT worked with Reagan & is ENDORSED by Michael … Reagan!
    There is One word I have to describe this imposter Mitt Romney:

    If he wins, that is simply THE END of the GOP. Millions of us have had enough of our party being hi-jacked and will NEVER vote for him in the general.

    All the confirmation one needs that this guy is just another weak, left-wing candidate being shoved down our throats is to -look- at who is selling Romney!

    Bob Dole, John McCain, Charlie Crist, Karl Rove & TOM BROKAW!

    He’s PROBABLY Mark Foley’s guy too I’m sure because he’s similar.

  4. The Real Perspective Says:

    President Obama will be easily re elected in 2012

  5. Real Truth Says:

    Somebody needs to give ol Newtie a copy of the Constitution. The President cannot repeal a federal law with an executive order. He is running for President not dictator.

    It seems to me that to exclude birth control just because the Catholic church is opposed would be the violation of seperation of church and state. The Gov’t should not be considering any religion in it policy decisions. That is true seperation. Including birth control in the health care is not an attack on religion, it is up to the individual to conduct him/her self according to their own beliefs.

  6. Obiwan Says:

    @ louie Louie

    Thats easy, Jesus would support Obama as Jesus was considered a radical Liberal in his day. Obama is just a moderate.

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