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FOX’s Cavuto: ‘Sorry state’ for Florida primary losers

by Dara Kam | January 31st, 2012

Florida GOP leaders desire to elevate the Sunshine State’s prominence in selecting the presidential nominee has paid off, according to some political insiders including FOX Business Network personality Neil Cavuto.

“Bottom line, they fail at pitching it in the Sunshine State, it will be a sorry state for their campaigns in the end,”
Cavuto told postonpolitics.

Florida Republicans made a “good compromise” by sacrificing half their 100 convention delegates in today’s winner-takes-all election, Cavuto said.

More than states like New Hampshire and South Carolina that have already held contests, Florida represents a microcosm of the nation, Cavuto said in an e-mail.

“Despite all the criticism party wonks are getting for moving up the primary, I think they made a good compromise. If we’ve learned anything over the years it’s how crucial a state it remains and how diverse its populace is. How successful candidates are at wooing Hispanics, and young people, to say nothing of seniors, and young families increasingly drawn to your beautiful beaches and resorts and vacation destinations – it’s all a crucial litmus tests for candidates pitching a national message. Bottom line, they fail at pitching it in the Sunshine State, it will be a sorry state for their campaigns in the end,” he said.

Cavuto will be hosting a post-primary show tonight featuring Florida politicos Attorney General Pam Bondi – a Mitt Romney supporter- and U.S. Reps. John Mica and Connie Mack.

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10 Responses to “FOX’s Cavuto: ‘Sorry state’ for Florida primary losers”

  1. CB Lee Says:

    So at the polls today – I think there is a big problem. As I looked at the form I noticed all original candidates listed. I questioned this and was told ‘we had them printed weeks ago”. There was no notice anywhere that only 4 candidates are actually running.

    I was told also that “well people can write in a candidate”. So anyone voting can still vote for anyone including those not running. I said – well it should be posted and those names crossed out and then if people still want to write them in they can.

    The problem with this is that they are misleading people and it can lead to totally distorting the real results if people voted for Cain or Perry etc when for example a person votes for Cain or Perry who both have endorsed Newt Gingrich now. Shouldn’t those votes count for Newt?

    This is a major flaw since I was told that those who vote for withdrawn candidates simply won’t be counted in the election. It also means that these wasted votes could flip the election between the 2 front runners dramatically.

  2. OSCAR Says:

    Cavuto is one of the best!!!

  3. Johnny Says:

    All the election did was show that 80% of conservatives still will not vote for Romney, and no matter how much they want Obama out, the GOP is not going to show up to the polls to elected another liberal like Obama in Romney. If the GOP can’t get people to the polls, then Obama wins.

  4. REALITY Says:

    FOX the fantasy channel. A favorite among lemmings and sheeple! And bigots!

  5. OSCAR Says:

    Someone’s REALITY is a distorted Al Sharpton racist wimp outlook..Probably an MSNBC bobblehead. Thank God there are only a few of them even though they make a lot of noise.

  6. RealAngst Says:

    Fox Noise is a failure, PMSNBC is as bad and those who only get their information from those sources are deluded and brain addled losers.

  7. Reality Says:

    FOX the fantasy channel. A favorite among lemmings and sheeple! And bigots!


    FOX the fantasy channel. A favorite among lemmings and sheeple! And bigots!

  8. OSCAR Says:

    whatever happened to Keith he relegated to inane postings under the phony name of REALITY?

  9. RealAngst Says:

    Oscar, he is on Current TV and while he is biased, he is at least ACCURATE which is far more than I can say for Faux.

  10. Susan Says:

    Two comments. First: RealAngst: are you serious about “accurate”? The main stream media created a firestorm by cutting short a statement made by Romney – that he said he did not care about the poor. That is not what Romney said and it makes the report totally inaccurate. I have not heard any corrections or retractions. That is just one example of inaccurate reporting by main media. And no, I am not a Romney supporter. Second: the take over of powers by the sitting President of the United States. How and why is this man allowed to continue his abuse of our Constitution. He has plainly overstepped the power provided him by this wonderful document. Am I alone in fearing that if Obama is re-elected, there will not be another presidential election? Clearly, that is his goal. The term “Czar” is used for a reason. He knows the Constitution and he knows how to use it to his advantage. To his advantage, not ours. His blatent disregard for the founding principles of this country should shake citizens to their core. Is everyone ready to bow and beg to the monarch? Talk about fundamental change in our country.

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