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Allen West on Marine video: ‘Unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell’

by George Bennett | January 13th, 2012


U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, says the Marines shown in an internet video apparently urinating on Taliban corpses should be punished, but “all these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill.”

West offered his reaction in an e-mail to The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine and website.

West is a 22-year Army combat veteran whose military career ended after a 2003 incident in which he fired a gun near the head of an Iraqi detainee to scare him into divulging details of a suspected ambush. West, initially charged with assault, ended up being relieved of his command, paying a $5,000 fine and retiring as a lieutenant colonel with a full pension.

West’s e-mail details incidents in which U.S. troops or military contractors were killed and had their bodies desecrated. His e-mail concludes:

“The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter.

“As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.”

154 Responses to “Allen West on Marine video: ‘Unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell’”

  1. D. Booker Says:

    Very well said Mr. West!!!!! USAF/Ret and I too believe they should be punished, BUT we have become a nation that bends over every time our enemies cry foul. They can commit horrible atrocities against us and we bend over some more, ENOUGH!!!!! We need leaders with steel backbones, not wimpy, mooshy apologies. Grow a pair!!!!!!

  2. P on Mee Says:

    So, it’s okay to kill them, just not to urinate on them!

  3. can do retired Says:

    LCol West. You are the type leader that I enjoyed surving under. I think more people in Washington need to gather some testical fortatude and stand up to the world rather than bend over and be prison raped.

  4. If can't beat them, join them? Says:

    The day we start to act like our enemies, is the day we become just like our enemies.

  5. Boca Ratso Says:

    …I wouldn’t if West was on fire.

  6. nemo Says:

    #2…exactaly. Worse things than this have been done since the first cave men killed each other. You you rather it was the other way round?

  7. ricardus Says:

    Col Alan West is absolutely correct. Any American would agree with his remarks. Non-Americans will disagree. Anyone can be a citizen, but you have to learn to be a real American!

  8. This blog post missed the boat Says:

    As West points out the atrocities committed against Americans and the overall lack of any public outrage from any corner of the world, the blog post also does his message injustice by not spelling out the atrocities against Americans and instead tries to paInt him as almost supportive of the marines behavior.

    1) Shughart and Gordon stripped naked and dragged through the streets of Mogadishu
    2) American Soldiers beheaded and intestines gutted in Iraq
    3) American contractors executed, stripped, burned and hung upside from a bridge in Fallujah.

    All three far more atrocious than what has been done here and yet wholly omitted by your blog post. Shameful.

    @if can’t beat them, West never advocated or condoned their behavior and he is advocating they be punished. You’re taking his comment out of context to imply he’s condoning their actions.

  9. Truth Says:

    I think this conversation should be by those who in fact have been shot at by the enemy and witnessed their brutality. Its easy for those of us who thankfully never experienced that to impose our standards of conduct. We don’t know the whole story also. Look up on Google some of things the Taliban has done to innocents, if you can stomach it. Any human will feel a surge of revulsion and anger and will want them all dead. Its possible the Marines knew of atrocities committed by those Taliban. Of course they should be punished and they will be. Just keep in in mind what those brave men and women are facing for us. Also realize they are human and time from the beginning has shown that prolonged exposure to brutality desensitizes. Those men are moral casualties. Lastly, thanks to those who are facing this daily for us, the price is high in many ways.

  10. ted Says:

    all you libs, did you serve our country in a combat role? Probably not, thought you were to smart to serve our country right? Cowards.

  11. steve nye Says:

    Allen West is the living definition of fool. Forget that we become like the worst enemy we are fighting. Our marines just made the latest recruiting film for the Taliban and made Intell’s
    job 10 times harder. Thank God, I did not vote for the moron.

  12. farmer Says:


    All Americans have the right to disagree. Someone who states that someone is Un-American because they don’t agree with the loose canon mouth of West is the one who is Un-American. Real Americans know what a true American represents.

  13. Frederick A. Hughes Says:

    I’m with you on this one Rep. West. I know what it is like to be in combat and the sickness of war. Marines are taught (at least I was) that these are not real people, so don’t worry about killing them. I killed repeatedly in Vietnam. Either kill or be killed. The enemy is just that. They should be treated without respect, dead or alive. Period.

  14. farmer Says:


    Grow up! There are more ways to serve our country than fight a war to enrich US Companies.

  15. MeAgain Says:

    If I had been there with them I would have took a dump on them too!!These scumbags have been commiting unspeakable acts for years!Leave them for the buzzards!!

  16. Truth Says:

    @13 Thank you for serving, your sacifice and enduring the sickness of war as you put it. You guys especially never got the thanks you deserved.

    @11, really? you think people who torture and kill in the most despicable way somehow are going to use this to inflame even more insanity and hater?

    @14 My god, enrich US corps? Which ones? You are living in a fantasy world and have ignored 9/11 completely. The Taliban were complicit and deserve to be eliminated from the human race.

  17. Just D Facts Says:

    Regardless of how you feel about the Marines being punished or not it is Mr. West who needs to sit down and SHUT HIS MOUTH. Who is he to attach peoples First Amendment rights.And he is suppose to be sworn to uphold the Constitution? What a joke. What people think may be wrong, it may be stupid, you may think its disgusting, but they still have the right to voice their opinion no matter how wrong or stupid it may be. I find it far more offensive that a member of our Congress charged with protecting and defending the rights of all Americans would tell people they need to shut their mouths they have no business having an opinion.

  18. ed Says:

    I agree with the congressman,
    Piss on them I can only imagine what they do to our war dead.

  19. Just D Facts Says:

    I said West needs to shut his mouth for emphasis. Obviously he has a right to his opinion also but not to attack our 1st Amend. rights.

  20. Eleven Bravo Says:

    It’s truly unfortunate that we don’t have more leaders like Co. West.
    Those who’ve never served in combat have no clue what they’re talking about, and should just STFU.

  21. ol marine Says:

    Mr. West you have been known to run at the mouth about Honor, Discipline and the Code of the Military. My fellow Marines made a critical mistake by not upholding those tenets. Tenets that are the life blood of our military and more importantly the Marine Corp. Without these things we are nothing . These Marines failed to live up to the expectations of the Corp and their Country. Maybe in the slipshot battalion you ran you condoned such behavior , which would explain your ultimate departure. The Corp expects more. Honor is EVERYTHING. I respect my Marine brothers for their sacrifice, their bravery and their service. But this should not of happened . Semper Fi

  22. Sgt Jeffery Humphrey Says:

    This coming from a man who was relieved of command for what I see as Conduct unbecoming. Fined $5,000 and given the golden parachute because of a good ‘ol boy system in the Army. Now he is peddling his credentials, minus the discharge and relieved of command, to a political party and people (Sean Hannity being one that comes to mind)who have no concept of honor and I find to be seditious on many occasions. Anyone who gives West Kodos needs to do some soul searching and maybe you will realize you have no honor either!

    Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey (Honorably Discharged)
    U.S. Army Infantry 1998-2005
    Samarra Iraq 2004-2005
    Purple Heart Recipient

  23. Mike Says:

    West, you need your ass kicked, and I volunteer for the job. Asshole!

  24. disgusted Says:

    ALLEN WEST IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF DISGUST, HE IS A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY, THOSE JEWISH VOTERS THINK HE IS A FRIEND OF ISRAEL. Whay has he done so great ???Talk talk,talk. Lois Frankel is jewish. Don,t you think she would care for Israel?

  25. Sgt Jeffery Humphrey Says:

    And to conflate the fact that, yes we have had atrocities committed to us and our fighting forces, with some kind of justification that we should be allowed to do this on occasion is STUPID! We, military service members, are Standard Barriers and Ambassadors of our Nation where ever we may go. We are supposed to uphold the greatness of our Civilization, not stoop to the level of their Barbary. Guess we should condone taking ears and other trophies again in the vane of some of your lines of reasoning on here. These Marines are not supposed to be even photographing dead Enemy Combatants, let alone breaking the Laws of Land Warfare.

  26. Sgt Jeffery Humphrey Says:

    Personally, I hope they face Courts Martial and jail time, because these Blue Falcons have put more Americans in danger then Bradley Manning could ever have thought of.

  27. Truth Says:

    @ Sgt Jeffery. Please tell us in his comments where he condoned this. Then why don’t you research his actions of firing a gun near the head of an enemy that talked afterwards. You think its possible the intel he got saved American lives?

  28. dave Says:

    West 2012

  29. I wionder Says:

    How did this unworthy character get to run for Congress.??? He shouldn,t even run for dogcatcher.Gets a lot of publicity. I think he will dig his one grave.. bYE,BYE ALLEN

  30. dave Says:

    Debbie Wasserman-Schwantz needs a good golden shower next.

  31. Not convinced Says:

    @Sgt Humphrey

    at what point did West condone their behavior? He has told detractors and the high & mighty arm chair pundits to calm down. At no point in his argument whatsoever has he argued that the marines should not be punished. I challenge you to show where he condones their actions or encourages. Calm your horses.

    I guess you also think the 95 congressman who signed a letter to the Sec of Army at the time of his separation from the Army supporting West are also idiots.

  32. Scott Says:

    Mr. West, you won my vote. Thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth.

  33. Lance Cpl. Erik Myers Says:

    I think Mr. West is almost as arrogant as he is ignorant. I nor any one of my fellow Marines thinks the way you do. Just because you served and someone else did not , does not make it okay for you to squelch their opinion. That would be UN-American! Regardless of where or when you served , you continue to show that you have no HONOR and no INTEGRITY. Spare us your hypocrisy.

    Lance Cpl. Erik Myers
    United State Marine Corp(H.D)
    Fallujah Iraq 2004-06

  34. tony Says:

    Col West is on the mark. Enemy’s of the Middle East have been dragging dead American Soldiers in the streets since Jimmy Carter’s Iran debacle in 1979. The golden shower these combatants received is too good for them. They are the enemy.

  35. jeff Says:

    God Bless Mr. West!!!

    No one ever sees what the Enemy does, even to their own people that they kill yet what they have done to captured US military folks…

  36. JR Says:

    Mr. West is a patriot!
    The people that are calling for these Marine’s heads are the same ones that are for the killing of innocent unborn babies. There is no logic in a lib!

  37. Mary Says:

    Allen West is an ungodly savage, and therefore he supports ungodly,unchristian, savage behavior.

  38. Mary Says:

    We are not a nation of heathens. We are a free people, proud of our country. That does not mean we piss and defecate on the inhabitants of a land that we invaded, and those inhabitants that we have killed. Are we NOT BETTER than that??

  39. Frank McNeil Says:

    West and his supporters just make it worse – this is the new Abu Graib and Americans in uniform will die because of what these stupid young men did.

    His idea that a letter of reprimand is sufficient when the offenders have endangered everyone serving in Afghanistan is crazy.

    The inquiry better look at how well this particular unit was officered. Did commanders tolerate indiscipline with resoect to how American war fighters treats the enemy? Maybe not but there’s a tendancy, evident in Abu Graib and the WIKILEAKs affair, to go after the grunts and forget about the officers.

    Oh yeah. I served.

  40. Dan Says:

    Ted, I am a liberal who served during the last four years of the Vietnam War. I was not in combat but did not shirk from it. Many conservatives are chicken hawks who ducked their duty and don’t encourage their own children to serve but are gung-ho to send other people’s children to die. I also support Mr. West’s comments. Taken in context they seem balanced. Many conservatives are cowards and many libs are brave. I have saved four lives as a civilian, sometimes at the risk of my own. Stop falling for the divide and conquer tactics of both parties and see that working people need to stick together against a government pushing money and power to rich. If we want only just wars we should demand that every congress person that votes to go to war serve the first year on the front lines. That would end most wars before they start. Dan Barnett

  41. JBHoren Says:

    This whole issue is absurd. We train combat soldiers to kill, and a large part of being able to kill requires us to see our opponents as so bad and unworthy and less-than-we-are… so sub-human, that there’s almost no internal conflict when we do so. Does that horrify you? Good; so what you should do is make sure that our C-in-C never again sends our young men and women off to war! But until that time, a soldier does what s/he has to do, in order to live with him/herself… and to the extent that s/he is unable to dehumanize the enemy, the more that war will will return home with them, at the end of their tours-of-duty. Penalizing them, in any way, for such behavior is a clear breach of the “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” covenant that a soldier has with the military. If there is Justice in this world, some fellow soldiers will frag those disloyal “comrades”, NCOs, and Officers who turned on them.

  42. tacticalguy Says:

    I’m proud to be a US Army veteran who has “seen the elephant” and knows what “danger close” means. I’m a registered Democrat who votes independent of party lines. I didn’t vote for Lt Col. West. I don’t agree with everything he says or even half for that matter. In this case, though, the man is 1000% correct. Punish the Marines according to the UCMJ and move on. All of the people (without any first-hand knowledge of the conditions over there) that are armchair quarterbacking this process need to close their mouths and back up. Let the US Navy clean this up and drive on.

  43. cj Says:

    GOD!!! I like him more and more ( and I am very serious). Treating these problem people with baby gloves is why we are in the current situation

  44. Andrew Says:

    I agree-I am 40% disabled Retired US Army and 43 years old and I agree with Mr. West. Either support our troops or shut your mouths. Has Hillary or Obama ever been to combat? Liberals shut your face!

  45. Infantryman on the fron line Says:

    I served in 3 differant wars (Desert Storm, Somolia and Iraq) as an infantryman and recently served with The Marines in The Sangin River Valley, Heldman’s Provance as a civilian contractor; one of the deadliest places in Afghanistan. I tell you this as a retired infantryman, when your fellow soldier has fallen next to you, you want revenge and to make a mark for his/her death. I have witnessed soldier from platoons fall and not a round fired because the person that detoinated the IED could be found. As a Platoon Sergeant I lead by example. War is dirty, violent and sometime your emotions gets the best of you after a fellow member of your outfit falls. My BEST FRIEND, 8 of my soldier, my roommate from BNOC and my GUNNER were killed in Iraq and every day I wanted revenge for their deaths. I didn’t want them to die in vain but I enforced the Rules of Engagement (ROE).

    I’m not saying that, what these Marines did was right but I wonder, what happen to drive them to this? I know that whatever happened prior to this had these guys on edge and they went over board after the mission concluded.

    These guys needs counseling, not a bunch of people judging their actions in the heat of a battle.

    As for those that haven’t served on the front lines (kicking in doors, clearing buildings, crossing danger ares with sniper fire, indirect fire, direct fire and getting hit by IEDs) taking the fight to the enemy, please stay in your lane.

  46. Jos Ferguson Army wife U K Says:

    To those who have whinged about what Mr West had to say… Read it again, he was not condoning their actions just pointing out that the punishment must fit the crime. God only knows how many innocent Afghan villagers ( women, old men and children these two individual dead Taliban killed,threatened and torchered simply because they dont want them to take over again and take their freedom and rights away from them again. These radicals live in the dark ages and have no respect for mortal life. The more that are taken out of this world . the better then maybe peaceful law abiding muslims can live a happy life without these terrorist dessicating their holy Koran with their henious actions.

  47. U come shut it Says:

    Andrew you are a punk!
    40% disabled from the neck up.

  48. Jos Ferguson Army wife U K Says:

    What a very unsavoury fellow you are U come shut it. Discrimination against the disabled I think. Also too cowerdly to submit your own name Go find a brain for goodness sake and swap it with your disabled one!!!.

  49. tacticalguy Says:

    Thank you for your dedicated service, Infantryman.

  50. Well said Says:

    Thank you for standing up and saying it out loud……you got my vote

  51. Mark J. Says:

    Now lets just suppose it was Allen West’s mother, father, brother, or even his next door neighbors grave, let alone a body that was urinated on. He would be screaming that the people responsible be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you’re going to consistently stress the fact that you only want what’s right “FOR THE WORLD” Congressman West, your thoughts should be that every American soldier, you and I included, need to be held fully accountable for actions that do not follow the guidelines set forth by the Geneva Convention when it comes down to the rules of war. STOP YOUR MADNESS!!

  52. Sammy Says:

    Many people posting here have never lived a day in the atmosphere our troops live in for a year or more over there. They can not even begin to understand what the norm is over there. They don’t understand how this could be a small infraction because they live in security and freedom. They should be punished. Where were all the bleeding heart a$$holes when they hung our troops a bridge for display and many other things they have done. Get a clue and support your troops A$$HOLES! They are supporting you, your life style and our politics even if you don’t agree or they don’t agree. There life is on the line. The guys being pissed on are not nice guys dumb a$$.

  53. All that said Says:

    I was wondering when someone would stand up for our soldiers. Three cheers and well said.

    Everyone of the rest of the self serving hypocrites that think they are above any of this should be immediately drafted and sent to Afghanistan. They should have to watch the Taliban behead their fellow soldiers

    You do not send be to kill other people and then criticize them for doing their job.

  54. american man Says:

    @Mark J – Your comment has to be the dumbest. Do you think for a minute Col West’s mother, brother, father or next door neighbor IS TALIBAN. Or maybe after he kills them he shouldn’t pee on them right? Obviously you have not been in any situation other than having someone cut in line in front of you for a brain. I was in Viet Nam, (no, I’m not John Kerry), where soldiers and Marines’s, not to mention SEALS, used to collect ears. This is after putting out a cigarette inside the vc’s skull with the brain still exposed from a shot to the brain housing group. Sitting bull and his group, (actually it was the WOMEN) who did the butchering), chopped George Armstrong Custer and his men into little pieces, but I guess coming from the other side is different-like dragging our soldiers through the streets of Somalia. But then again they were oppressed people who probably were abused in their childhood – War is ugly -here’s the proof if you aren’t going to participate then you don’t have room to complain.

  55. Cranky Yankee Says:

    So we’re over there to demonstrate that our way of life is better than their’s and this is how the representatives of our country act? And West agrees, along with a number of supporters, that this is okay? If we’re going to go around the world preaching to other countries that our way of life is better, that we are more moral, that they should be more like us then, dammit, we better start acting like it. This isn’t about having or not having “testical (sic) fortitude” it’s about doing what’s RIGHT and behaving in a moral and just manor. To use the excuse that “they did it too,” etc., is juvenile. These marines, and their supporters, are fools if they think that this behavior is acceptable on any level.

  56. poppa Says:

    i never cease to be amazed by the pontification spewed by those of our lucky citizens who don’t have a clue what a soldier-at-arms experiences when serving in a combat role during war so that those of our citizenry who choose to judge a soldier harshly may do so from the comfort of their living rooms will not have to endure what the soldier must, nor ever have to endure the inhumanity of combat himself nor ever worry about the horror of such atrocity touching him or engulfing his family or loved ones enjoying the benefits of living free in this country of ours. BUT, one would hope that while the pontificator exercises his right to criticize and judge the combat soldier harshly, he would take perhaps a second or two to recognize that but for the combat soldiers who have served this country, the comforts and freedom he enjoys in our land would have been a myth long ago as would be his right to voice openly any opinion he may have which ran counter to what our government tells him he must have.

    Now boys and girls, that’s not all that difficult to understand is it?

    Each and every freedom you enjoy in our land has been paid for Mr. Pontificator by the blood of those thousands of brave soldiers-at-arms which has been spilled fighting your wars for you. Yes sir, you do enjoy the right to voice your opinion, but you did not earn that right sir. The combat soldier earned it for you.

    Col. West earned the right to tell you to shut up about the actions of our men and women serving in combat when you will never have to know the horrors of war the combat soldier has experienced. So did I sir, in the beautiful tropical jungles and rice paddies of Viet Nam. You don’t have to pay us back, sir. Enjoy the freedoms we bought for you and yours………and shut up.

  57. GHUA Says:

    What was done was wrong and cannot be excused but should be understood. Hell is what people make of the world around them. Mr West trivializes that which people don’t understand and lowers himself as a result. God bless America and everyone ‘everywhere’ that fights for the ‘right’ of ‘all people’ to be free.

  58. Mark J. Says:

    @American Man Says. My point has nothing to do with The Taliban, it has only to do with the desecration of the dead. Nothing more, or nothing less. After reading your post and realizing what I’m dealing with, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe you need to request a bed in Bldg 14. Wake up dude. Acts such as those only fuel the fire. Idiots like yourself and Allen West need to take a moment to re-think what you consider RIGHT AND WRONG!!

  59. american man Says:

    Bak at ya Mark – J – your comment shows what most people like you think – you’re scared of these people and you want to appease them. Winston Churchill said the definition of appeasement is feeding the crocodile hoping to be eaten last. People lilke Col West, myself and a lot of other people who have been commenting this morning ARE NOT SCARED and we will hold your hand and lead the way – now just move over boy and let a man through.

  60. Mark J. Says:

    I’m not scared American Man… I’m no more than an American soldier like yourself that put my life on the line to protect the citizens of this great country. I’m also a person that wants to go to bed at night KNOWING that I’ve done the right thing today. Which just happens to not include urinating on dead bodies. May God help you and those that think that type stuff is cool. Have a great day!!

  61. PLee Ealy, Jr. Says:

    What Col West Said is nothing but the truth. A lot of the people making comments against what the congressman said simply don’t understand human nature.
    Comments made by JB Horen are right on point. Our troops returning from the Vietnam war is a good example of the psychological toil fighting exacts upon a person. We don’t know what took place before the video was taken. War is not pretty. It’s brutal. By the way, who is responsible for that video being leaked? If this video had been taken and leaked during WWII, the response would have been a whole lot different. Let us pray for and support those placing their lives in harms way so that we can be free. Support our troops.

  62. jac Says:

    Mr West career parallels Governor Scott career breaking the rules and trying to convince many you were right. If Alan was right he would still be in the service but they let him go. The Armed Forces had the great sense to get rid of a bad apple. But HIS voters seem to think he is a hero. About the marines it was a Group that urinated not one person having a bad moment.. It still a human body. Who would have ever thought that was ok. Wasn’t taking their life enough?

  63. flagirl Says:

    “I have sat back and assessed the incident with the video of our Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. I do not recall any self-righteous indignation when our Delta snipers Shugart and Gordon had their bodies dragged through Mogadishu. Neither do I recall media outrage and condemnation of our Blackwater security contractors being killed, their bodies burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.

    “All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?”

  64. D.Nichols Says:

    “I have sat back and assessed the incident with the video of our Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. I do not recall any self-righteous indignation when our Delta snipers Shugart and Gordon had their bodies dragged through Mogadishu. Neither do I recall media outrage and condemnation of our Blackwater security contractors being killed, their bodies burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.

    “All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?

    “The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter.

    “As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.”

    Allen West, as always, has my support.

  65. PLee Ealy, Jr. Says:

    Under idea circumstances where your adversary is clearly identified and behaves in a respectful manner towards his captured foes (pow), I seriously doubt that these young men would have resorted to this spontaneous negative behavior. And yes, it was spontaneous. That simply acted without thinking. Are we going to demonize all of their good acts for one emotional response. Then what are we to do with the spouse who, in a momentary rage, lashes out against an uncaring and abusive spouse? She (most victims are females) would not have reacted in such a manner if she didn’t feel threatened and in a lot of cases, cornered. Before we point the finger, let’s look at the big picture.

  66. Dee Says:

    West you left the military with a black cloud hanging over your head for things unbecomming of a militay officer.

  67. jebamoni4 Says:

    West is a war criminal. He pees on the side-walk of the streeets he is coming from. He does not even care whether on a corpse or not. I have seen noble veterans/soldiers taking their hats off, when the funeral is passing by, out of respect. They even do not know even whose body is. Those guys are true veterans and brought up in an honorable way. We while driving avoid runnning over road kills even for the dead animals. Once a thug always a thug and he cannot be reformed!!! Watch him, he may steal from the graves!!!

  68. Truth Says:

    I just want to thank all those here, no matter what side of this you are on, for serving us. For health reasons ( I tried to volunteer for the Air Force ), I never had to face the daily horrors and heartbreaks of combat. You faced unimaginable things we simply can not understand. All we can do is honor you and support you when you come home. So from a truly grateful American, Thank you!!

  69. tuffsheet Says:

    I have only 1 statement to make to those of you who disagree with Col. West….P*** on U 2.

  70. louie Says:

    I like West…but he’s a bit divisive.
    Then again, so is DWS.
    Although, I don’t believe that even she believes some of the things she says.
    Can we get replacements for the both of them ?
    The real atrocity here, is ten plus years of War with no end game.

  71. Dmann Says:

    The taliban are the worst of the worst. When we leave there , the odds of Karzais’ head staying connected to his body are slim to none. That’s a good thing. The way the taliban treat the population, especially women….it’s Ghengis Khan 101.

  72. sam Says:

    West should shut HIS mouth. He hasn’t earned anything – he tortured people and dishonored our military and our country, so you shut up Mr. West. People have to right to speak when some punks go off and pull this stunt. The leadership chain must be investigated as to why and how things came to this that such a horrific act could occur. These people must be punished to the fullest extent to repair the damage done to our national credibility and status as an example to the world of a nation that acts with honor and dignity.

  73. kelly Says:

    to all you gung ho’s. we have a volunteer military. none of you were conscripted to duty. all of you are supposedly professional. behave like professionals. do not put your comrades in harms way. next time, pee on the politicians who sent you to fight a dumb war.

  74. Truth Says:

    @ Kelley You do know the war in Afghanistan is a major reason AQ has been decimated.

  75. Bart Says:

    It really didn’t bother the dead guys. The disservice was done to the undertakers that had to deal with piss-stained corpses.

    Think of the undertakers fools.

  76. dude who makes sense Says:

    West is so far out of touch with reality! He should take his own advice and shut up.

  77. Art Says:

    What else could this mofo Uncle Tom Oreo could say. Thank God he is sure as gone.

  78. I Says:

    I am with Mr. West on this one. He didn’t say anything wrong. You Allen West haters will always find a reason to blast him. You liberals will never find anything good about the man. I know, loser Debbie Wasserman Schultz is your hero!

  79. wyn Says:

    Their actions were reprehensible. All of you who agree with West are ridiculous. If the shoe were on the other foot, you’d be screaming for those Taliban to be executed or worse. War is hell, but nobody forced these Marines into that war. They went voluntarily. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. If you can justify this, then you’ll justify more and more in the name of war. REMEMBER HITLER AND THE NAZIS!

  80. Cap'n Crunch Says:

    The Wild Wild West’s idea of, ‘Winning the Hearts and Minds’

  81. Carol Says:

    I love the strength (yes, ‘strength’ is not a dirty word) that Col. West projects. We have always supported him, and we always will.

  82. not funny Says:

    How funny — all those warmongers who explain their “animalistic” behaviour with the excuse of having bees shot at by the Taliban… how ridiculous can this be???

    The US had no business in the first place to invade and be militarily present in sovereign countries like , Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Panama etc. — being an international superpower bully with a fundamentalist christian-chauvinist “mission” has its price – now and for the next generations… Americans effectively have become International pariahs…..

    It is now becoming increasingly clear, why the US never ratified the 2 protocols of 1977 of the Geneva convention and why it never recognized the International Court in the Hague….

  83. KC Says:

    “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

  84. herb Says:

    Thanksguts for peeing on those who want to kill us. I wish I was there to do so. Obama and his liberal buddies would rather buy them a beer.

  85. howie Says:

    I wish I could pee on the liberal racists who hate Alan West

  86. Oh say can you pee... Says:

    You’d have to fight me to keep my dx$n zipper up. Squirt away and come home safe.

  87. Scott Says:

    I raise my red solo cup to everyone who fought for us including me!! Those marines didn’t do anything wrong just had to piss

  88. Pick em up Trucks Says:

    yahoos at best.

  89. not funny Says:

    you are the perfect example of intolerant hillybillys and uneducated trailer trash — trying to export “Jeffersonian Democracy” to “lesser non-chrisitan” countries by invasion in order to secure raw materials and energy resources

    did it ever occur to you that these bad guys defend themselves in their own home countries against US aggression and occupation? Probably not – because thinking does not appear to be your strong side anyway….

  90. Frank Provasek Says:

    West is really qualified to comment on behavior in war zones. West interrogated an Iraqi policeman and discharged his 9 mm pistol just above the policeman’s head. West was charged with assault and violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The military decided not to court-martial him, which would have meant years in prison and a dishonorable discharge. Instead, he was given an administrative Article 32 hearing and fined $5,000 for misconduct and assault, and allowed to quietly retire with full pension and benefits.

  91. frances snoot Says:

    In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what he thought best. (Judges 17)

  92. GROW UP!!! Says:

    @KC You don’t have the BALLS! to be an AMERICAN!

  93. howie Says:

    to not funny …I am a Jew who fought in Vietnam ..proud of my service, ahole.

  94. Tea Lady Says:

    Sorry, folks .. Mr. West is wrong (again).

    It is one thing to do something NECESSARY, which might anger one’s enemies. But it is another matter to purposely do something completely UNNECESSARY, with the sole intent to dehumanize people, desecrate corpses, and purposely rile one’s enemies.

    This incident was NEEDLESS. Intended to provoke. Very un-Christianlike.

    Mr. West is wrong. It’s bad enough that Mr. West capitulated on his values by voting for Mr. Boehner DEBT-SWELLING plan.

    See you at the polls, Mr. West! We won’t be supporting you!

    .. And Citizen’s Insurance must be dismantled!

  95. not funny Says:

    your penchant for peeing on liberals and the use of fecal profanities are another proof what service can do to “normal” people….

  96. poisonberry Says:

    I have no problem with pissing on the bastards. You lilly white pompous citizens have short memories of real atrocities. Go Marines

  97. howie Says:

    ifU ever see you or one of your liberal coward buddies spit on one of our soldiers coming home from fighting for our couintry, “not funny” will have a whole new meaning for ya.

  98. Jos Ferguson Army wife U K Says:

    How many times !!, Mr west did not not condone the said marines actions after the battle where the two extremists were trying to kill them. He merely said, yes it was offensive but it is war, they did not behead them with a blunt blade causing an agonising death or or pull their entrails out while still alive etc some of which are too gruesome to mention. This should be dealt with as he say’s in HOUSE. Remember the Taliban, Al Quaida and the rest have an agenda, ” the mother of all wars ” They do not respect us as christians, we are Infidels and will die a hell fire death if we don’t follow their warped version of the Koran. If you think that these extremist have an ounce of forgiveness for the likes of us then I have to tell you, you are not livung in the real world. Twin towers,London tube and buses and Bali to name but a few. These abominations are harder to repeat because of the brave young service men and woman. I say and all that’s holy thankyou for keeping me and mine safe.

  99. harry Says:

    Taliban lovers and liberal cowards have no brains so cutting off their head like what was done to that reporter means nothing to them.

  100. Sgt Maxwell, Jared Says:

    OORAH! This guy should run for President! It would be the first time I vote!

  101. Mary Says:

    Allen West for President!!!!!

  102. SwampGator Says:

    Kill them all and let God and Allah sort it out. Read Chris Kyle’s book “American Sniper” and Marcus Lattrel’s book “Lone Survivor” anybody serving in the US Military is an American hero regardless if they pi$$ed on the enemy or not. The enemy can rot in he11 as far as I’m concerned. I’ve got two sons serving overseas right now and I myself have served. So all you liberals that haven’t served “KI$$ MY A$$”!!

  103. pbballers Says:

    war is war think of all the youngmen and women dieing for made up political reasons(weapons of mass destruction)let the politicians children take point.

  104. not funny Says:

    after playing the “racist” card in your first blog, you have now used up ahole, piss and spit — remains to see what other “inspired” terms remain in your arsenal of helpless communication…. you must be a frustrated bitter old man with a very particular perspective….

  105. RealAngst Says:

    I cant stand West, I wouldnt cross the street to piss on his head if he was on fire. However, he is correct that the Marines behavior was wrong. They shouldnt have videotaped it. I say piss on the entire country to put it out AFTER we know our enemies are gone. Until then, act like soldiers, do the right thing because its the right thing and above all else, kill them before they have a chance to kill you. Everyone in the Taliban DESERVES to die and I am all about seeing that they get their virgins. Help em along the way and if you cant be professional about it, then dont videotape it.

  106. jebamoni4 Says:


  107. Drew Williams Says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is here. Mr. West offered his opinion of punishment to which I agreed (he was well within his rights to do so having been a former commander and seeing the travesties of war first hand), but some of you want more than what he suggested?? What would you see be done about this, the Marines burned at the stake? I served as well and regardless of what those of you who haven’t and see on the news think, the environment that you are placed into as a service memeber in a time of war is not one of gumdrop smiles and rainbow farts where the rivers flow with chololate and the children dance and play. It changes people, it makes them different. Ever heard of PTSD? There’s no telling how these Marines were effected by this environment but that of course does not release them from their obligation to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the idea of a US military member. A stiff, justifyable punishment without ruining their careers seems to be the right decision here, which is what the REP suggested. They mictorated on dead bodies, that is detestable but I think the Taliban are “one up” on us in the offensive war atrocities category. Anyone who refuses to agree with that should be banned from social interaction because you’re poisoning the simple folk who choose to listen to your opinion.

  108. Edgar Says:

    @Just D Facts: Mr. West should not shut his mouth. He is right in speaking up for this nation’s protectors when no one in Congress or the Senate seems to not be. We should not be passing judgement on our own soldiers in front of the world.

    What Mr. West did was express what most Americans feel. We sometimes forget what the Constitution states about our nation’s leaders: THEY derive their powers from us. WE, THE PEOPLE, give it to them to represent us and our interest. So far from all the websites that I have seen with this story and the comments…more people agree with him than disagree, therefore, he is doing his job. Besides, I think it is time that someone joined congress with a real pair. This nation has bent over backwards far too many times and the enemy has taken full advantage of this.

  109. Joe Says:

    Anyone who thinks the video will be used to recruit more taliban or will make them “hate us worse” is an idiot. They can’t hate us any worse than they do now. The only crime here is that the marines were dumb enough to video tape the act.

  110. Aundray Says:

    Everyone stop for a moment and read #45, Infantryman’s comments.

    “These guys needs counseling, not a bunch of people judging their actions in the heat of a battle.

    As for those that haven’t served on the front lines (kicking in doors, clearing buildings, crossing danger ares with sniper fire, indirect fire, direct fire and getting hit by IEDs) taking the fight to the enemy, please stay in your lane.”

    It could not be said any better than that, in my opinion. Please remember, these are the people over there fighting on foreign soil so that the war isn’t fought on US soil.

    All Americans needs to do this, “Keep their eyes and ears open to reassure that they don’t allow another 911 attack on US soil.”

    These service members are burned out people and we need to support them more! Like Infanrtyman said, none of us KNOWS what happened prior to destrying those TALIBAN fighters. So please let them be judged by the military and given counseling prior to their release from service.

  111. DavidW Says:

    It boggles the mind to think that someone who got kicked out of the Army thinks he is an expert on military discipline. Allen West needs to STFU.

  112. kelly Says:

    swampgator; so by your logic william calley is a hero too. pretty sick.

  113. Mike McNeff Says:

    Those Marines are in Afghanistan fighting for their lives and I’m here sitting in a warm home in a comfortable chair contemplating breakfast. I’ll not judge them and those who do better have been in combat, fighting for their lives in some far away place.

    Wars are not nice and those who fight them don’t have to be nice. We would do well as a nation to stop trying to fight nice wars and get down to business and fight like we did in WWII. That’s why that worldwide war only lasted 4 years and this one country war has gone on for 10.

    In other words, when ya gotta go…ya gotta go.

  114. Jos Ferguson Army wife U K Says:

    This is for Not Funny, the majority of the Afghan people do not want to again be ruled by the tyrannical Taliban. They want to move forward into the 21st century living their lives happily following their own religion peacefully as quoted in the koran. If the Taliban are aloud to engulf them again,little girls will not be educated,poor peasants will be kept ignorant and the country will be plunged back into the middle ages plus if our lads and lassies keep the terrorists busy out there, then they are kept far from our shores. Look at the big picture please!

  115. Jos Ferguson Army wife U K Says:

    David W Allen West was made to go quietly because he fired a gun over the head of an infeltrator (Iraqi policeman) who was batting for the other side. This individual had helped to organise an ambush on one of our convoys. He wanted information to save soldiers lives. In my book, I would have done the same. Pity your polititions suffer from the same affliction as ours in the U K no balls.Someone please take a leaf out of Australias book.

  116. allen west must go Says:

    It is very simple. If they broke the military code, they should get punished. Allen West agrees with this, and so his comments that people need to ‘shut up’ about it are simply ludicrous. And I have to say that I am utterly shocked to read so many comments from military vets supporting these idiots who broke the USMC. Are you people actually applauding the violation of the USMC? And you’re a veteran? SHAME ON YOU.

    Furthermore, regarding Somalia and Falujah, is Allen West on crack? He either doesn’t remember the media outrage over either incident or he is lying through his teeth (again).

    Politically and morally, Allen West is an abomination. I am a Jewish Democrat who lost dozens of members of my family in the Holocaust. Allen West has compared my political party to Nazis TWICE. For all of you disabled veterans out there, just imagine if Allen West was a liberal and he called disabled veterans the enemy of the United States. How in the heck do you think you’d feel? Imagine now that this person who has insulted you so profoundly he is your REPRESENTATVIVE in Congress. Because this *SSHOLE who insulted the memory of my massacred kin IS my Representative. It is wholly unAmerican the way he treats people who he disagrees with. Wholly unAmerican. He is a DISGRACE and needs to be voted out immediately.

  117. harry Says:

    Go back to New York where liberal Jewish jerks belong.You are disgusting.

  118. oscar Says:

    Jews are the biggest racists around..that’s why they hate this guy.

  119. allen west must go Says:

    See, that’s called bigotry. It is, sadly, what I have come to expcet from Allen West and his supporters.

  120. oscar Says:

    those who do nott support this black Congrssman are the real bigots…the Jewish persecution complex is obnoxious to the rest of us. Get a life and give it up.

  121. Truth Says:

    @116 do you even know what West really said about the “Nazis”? Maybe you are just reactionary to anything said about them and refuse to accept the context. His point was the Dems are liars and a vast propaganda machine ( see Wasserman-Shultz who should be a embarrassment to you )all he did was say the Nazi propagandist would be impressed. I thought the Jewish people love truth. You should start by demanding it from your party.

  122. ETM Says:

    It’s such bad manners to Pee in them after you’ve just Double-Tapped them. /SarcOff

  123. allen west must go Says:

    I love it when Christian people — who have never experienced having dozens of members of your family slaughtered for their religious beliefs — tell me how to feel about being Jewish. It is sad enough that my relatives were massacred, but to have my fellow Americans exhibit bigotry towards me because of my heritage is absolutely appalling.

    But again, this is the Allen West crowd! This is what they do time and time again, on this chat board and elseshere. They are bigots, just like Allen West. It is unAmerican, plain and simple.

  124. Nancy Reid Says:

    So sad for everyone involved but really how come there is so little outrage when civilians are decapitated or a man in wheelchair is pushed off a ship! It’s a crazy world out there. I don’t envy any military person serving over there.

  125. SUSIEQ Says:


  126. FRED R. Riverside, CA Says:

    I love Allen West’s statement: “Unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.” SOMEBODY TELL THIS GUY TO RUN FOR PREZ. AT LEAST “HE” KNOWS WHAT REAL WAR IS LIKE…



  127. Johnny Hothead Says:

    While in Afghanistan, West proved he can’t control his emotions. He was rightly forced to retire. Officers are supposed to be leaders and his actions proved he could not be trusted to lead according to the ROE (for you civilians, that’s Rules of Engagement, the ground rules by which we fight). For those of you who think he’s a great American, you need to see past the hoopla and understand, he’s nothing more than a self-promoting politician; something most of you would call a turd.

  128. D. Booker Says:

    @56. poppa: Thank You Sir!!!!! Very well said and I salute you!!!

  129. Mama Says:

    It’s ok for these bastards to blow up, kill and chop our Americans heads off on their televisions and drag them thru streets . They deserve everything they get and then some !

  130. JC Hildreth Says:

    “R-Plantation”? How do liberals continue to prove they’re the most racist people in American society?

  131. Jim Peters Says:

    Thank you Sir. Thank God there are still some men like you in the USA.

  132. Mark J. Says:

    @D. Nichols… As an African American, You make me wonder if you would be offended if I were to start shooting and then doing unspeakable things to Every CAUCASIAN that I see walking the streets. Of course you would. Without a doubt you would act an ass just like the ass that you’ve proven you are!! Mr. or Ms. Nichols you and every other person that has spoken out in agreement with the actions that have taken place should have an honest talk with yourselves and ask yourselves if what you believe right now this minute is right. I understand that issues like these are very subjective, but at some point we have to come to the realization that “RIGHT IS RIGHT”!!!

  133. JumpOffACliff Says:

    Since when did the U.S. become a do as they do nation? If a group of taliban people drive an airplane into a US building, then why then do we not blow ourself up and drive one into theirs? If they jump off a cliff, do we do the same? Just thinking about all the comparisons being made here.

  134. JumpOffACliff Says:

    @33 – Thank you for your service and your comments. It always astounds me when people attempt to justify their whys in instances like these. West is no exception.

  135. oscar Says:

    Jews like Wasserman-Schultz always tell the truth. Ask huge Democrat contributor Bernie Madoff.

  136. Vet Says:

    Learn to spell!

  137. Mike Williams Says:

    I agree with this. These Marines were wrong for what they did. On the other hand where is the outcry over what our enemies do to our brave fighting men and women. I have never been to war, yet I can understand how this type thing happens. These soldiers are under tremedous stress 24 hours a day. God bless every fighting man and woman.

  138. Sgt Jeffery Humphrey Says:

    @Idiots who evidently can’t comprehend English Grammar

    I did not say West condoned it, I dont think he is that stupid. That comment was in response to the people who WERE condoning it on this board.

  139. Sgt Jeffery Humphrey Says:

    And I think its funny that a letter of support from 95 congressman is some how a sign that West was not in the wrong. I also find it funny that some of the pukes who want to condone this type of action on here hide behind the key board, while I and I know Lance Cpl. Meyers not only have put our Honor to the fore front but also put a name to a post when making a criticism.

  140. 3ACR Says:

    I agree…i am a war vet…and aint nothing pretty about war…so unless u been there, keep ur mouths closed

  141. Truth Says:

    Thank you to all the people who served. After reading these accounts they have given, I think we all should do more to help and honor them here at home.

  142. Tim Says:

    I do not condone this but understand the mindset of the young men who have been in this war.
    Having spent over 30 years in Law Enforcement, I have seen the worst of of the Society. Many who are the ones crying outrage are the same that would never serve their country and are also bad mouthing the USA.

  143. Yvonne Says:

    Really Allen West you the biggest JOKE… Im of miliatry back ground Army Brat and Spouse and I know the HONOR it is to serve as a FAMILY MEMBER, AND SPOUSE to have someone dishonor our Service like that is beyond disgraceful and for someone in your position to agreee with your comments, well lets just say YOU ARE OUT OF HERE NEXT ELELCTION. IDIOT!

  144. JAGCAT Says:

    I don’t condone what they did, but at the same time I don’t think they should be punished. I am a Vietnam combat veteran, I would’nt have wasted the urine on those scum bags, their lying there dead, just let them rot!

  145. 17Load Says:

    First, I don’t condone their actions, if in fact they did what they’re accused of.
    Second, unless you’ve walked a mile in their boots, you have no room to talk.
    Third, if you want to get fired up over a video, how about you watch the footage of two hijacked airliners being flown into the World Trade Center buildings and truly think about putting all of this into its proper perspective.

  146. Joan Says:

    I agree with Alan West. He knows that if you turn the other cheek – you’re gonna’ get it slapped. Those barbarians need to know that THEY will be treated as badly as they treat US! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  147. Mickie Adams Says:

    Okay, I’ll forego the resume posting that some of the enlisted on here seem to want to do to bolster their statements with some sort of “been there done that” justification. I will comment, however, that if their true feelings against Mr West’s statement about people shutting their mouths unless they’ve been there were in fact disgusting to them….then why “sign” your comment with your resume? Do you think it ads credibility to what you say? That somehow people will take your comment for more than it’s worth simply because of your “been there, done it” (BTDT) status? Well, if so, then you absentmindedly agree with Mr West. How can you, as formerly deployed soldiers, respect anything that anyone who has NOT been there and been shot at have to say to YOU about your experiences there? Sure, they most definitely have the right to say it, I agree and I don’t judge them for that, but I don’t put much creedance in WHAT they say. You can’t have it both ways. In American, everyone has the right to say what they wish–no matter how disgusting or incorrect–we defend that right. I most certainly agree with that right, however, I find it funny how both sides spew hate but the OTHER GUY is always the idiot…LOL

  148. SemperFi Says:

    You people are a joke who are all upset by Mr Allen West. I suppose you would all hate the great General Pershing who told the enemy that they would be buried in pigs blood or wrapped in pigs skin and buried. That seemed to solve the problem for the mullahs. These comments of discontent towards Mr Allen West are the exact reason why we lose wars. Rules of Engagement??? What a joke. Mr West, if I lived in Florida I would support you at every election. To the individuals that want to proclaim their war hero status by listing all their times in service, as if that gives you some sort of free pass to say what ever stupid thing you want, you too are a joke. Everybody’s got a story but I’ve noticed the true stories are usually untold. I won’t list my military credentials, other than that I am a Marine, always have been, always will be…. As far as the Marines that committed this offense, (don’t you just love how we are afraid to admit that they did it, “The Marines that are ACCUSED”. They did it.. It’s on video), take responsibility for your actions—-. If I was their Commander I would order a blanket party. Not for pissing on the taliban but for being so stupid that they video taped it. Then I would Article 15 them and make their life miserable for putting me, as their commander, in a bad way. — And the actions of your Marines. P.S. To those that are not military and are responding to this I will say that although you have the right you certainly do not deserve to be able to. If you have never been in the military then you know nothing of what it’s like to live it day after day.

  149. Jos Ferguson Army wife U K Says:

    Hear hear SemperFi!!, Could not have put it better. Sense at last.

  150. Jim Buttaccio Says:

    Why is it that these spineless cowards always have something to say when they haven’t “walked a mile in their shoes?” These soldiers most likely didn’t ask for this job…and will return home wondering how to fit back into society. They’ve lost their youth, their families…FOREVER!!…They will never have a normal life from here on. If you think this urinating scene is the worst these kids will do in their lives…think again.
    I stand behind Mr. West in saying “shut your mouth!”

  151. Sgt - JGP Says:

    Thank you Mr. West for communicating in plain terms. Although I served, I was fortunate to only serve during “Peace” time. I do not know what these soldiers experienced…outside of having had the privilege of working with some retired soldiers who served in WWII.

    The problems that we have today, is perhaps too much access to information. Not all things are meant for public consumption, yet we have to live and walk on egg shells, because it’s as if ALL things make it to the public eye. At least all things that serve the media sources agenda…in this case to make America and our soldiers look bad.

    Yet, somehow we must balance complete freedom, with complete responsibility. It appears as though the media outlets that broke this story neglected the premise of responsibility.

    Keep in mind, had these enemies NOT fired on our soldiers, nor had they NOT committed these crimes against humanity…then they would still be alive and they would NOT have received a Golden Shower. So they made the choice and they suffered the consequences.

    Prayers for Mr. West and his leadership. Prayers that perhaps he can become a candidate to Lead this Nation at the Highest Office!!!

  152. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    “I have sat back and assessed the incident with the video of our Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. I do not recall any self-righteous indignation when our Delta snipers Shugart and Gordon had their bodies dragged through Mogadishu. Neither do I recall media outrage and condemnation of our Blackwater security contractors being killed, their bodies burned, and hung from a bridge in Fallujah.

    All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?

    The Marines were wrong. Give them a maximum punishment under field grade level Article 15 (non-judicial punishment), place a General Officer level letter of reprimand in their personnel file, and have them in full dress uniform stand before their Battalion, each personally apologize to God, Country, and Corps videotaped and conclude by singing the full US Marine Corps Hymn without a teleprompter.

    As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.”

  153. Randy Morris Says:

    This public SERVANT needs to tone his mouth down.

    The military earns the right to be proud….not arrogant. They are held accountable for everything they do in that uniform and this country’s citizens have the right to question such behavior and express outrage as they rightly have done.

    Many of us have served and are questioning this behavior. I, for one, do not enjoy the pee stains. I am also fearful that our current POWs may have paid some extra price due to this “Special” Ops Pee Platoon.

  154. Fritz Says:

    Wrong! Rep West has no right to muzzle anyone, esp those of us who have “seen the elephant” and have an opinion on the matter. I am among the first to excuse agressive or even reckless behavior when a soldier is under fire- that’s when the ‘fog of war’ is truly present. But these Marines were not under attack and their behavior should be denounced in the strongest terms. First, because we expect more from our troops than that, and second because great damage was done to our mission in Afghanistan by this careless act. I say court martial all four and if convicted, sentence them to a Bad-Conduct Discharge.

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