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6,000 cheer Gingrich in Naples

by Jane Musgrave | January 24th, 2012

NAPLESĀ  – “He is a rock star,” an almost starry-eyed middle-aged Ans Nedoba said shortly after GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich squeezed through the crowd after his fourth and final campaign speech of the day.

And few who cheered wildly and jostled to get a picture of him would disagree.

A record-setting 6,000 people crammed into Cambier Park in historic Old Naples after sunset today to cheer and applaud the 68-year-old whose candidacy was once dismissed by party regulars. The stop capped a day in which 4,000 turned out in Sarasota and 500 greeted him at stops in both St. Petersburg and Fort Myers as his campaign bus traveled down the Republican-rich west coast.

Like many in the crowds that turned out throughout the day, part-time Naples resident Peter Mele, who votes in Florida, said he is a recent convert to the Gingrich team. When the former House Speaker laced into CNN newscaster John King for opening last week’s debate with a question about his former marriage, Mele decided Gingrich, not Mitt Romney, was the man for him.

“That’s the kind of man I want as president,” the Boston native said. “He tells it just like it is. If you don’t like it, too bad.”

Roma Guran, who turned out for Gingrich’s appearance at the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, said she had the same reaction to Gingrich’s performance at last week’s debate in South Carolina. “I liked the forcefulness of Newt’s responses as compared to the milquetoast demeanor of Mitt,” the former Romney supporter said. “Newt can fight back and Mitt can’t.”

Nedoba, who was visiting Naples from North Carolina, agreed. “Mitt doesn’t have any charisma,” she said.

While confident after his stunning victory over Romney on Saturday, even Gingrich campaign officials seemed surprise by the turnout. Campaign chief Jose Mallea said Monday they expected about 3,400 in Sarasota. Six hundred more showed up. He said Naples officials told him the crowd at Cambier Park, which is surrounded by tony shops and restaurants, set a record.



20 Responses to “6,000 cheer Gingrich in Naples”

  1. jojo the fly on the wall Says:

    Newt is a nasty piece of retro sociopathy who has no big ideas that are going to save us (unless his ego, having expanded beyond his most ample girth, would somehow suffice)and in the first instance no business being on the national political stage beyond play acting for whoever it might be who would pay him to say something. Having known Callista G. from her days as a DC nobody before fully attaching like a desperate lamprey eel to the aforesaid man old enough to be her father, and having seen and heard (yes, only hearsay like) the courtship of old Froggy, er uh, Newt, a courtin, I can tell you it’s all fairly disgusting and perhaps more so than you think. But go on Florida, don’t let the depravity and B.S. get in your way. Nominate Newt as our savior and let us all suffer for it. A vote for Newt is as good as a vote for the President.

  2. Founders1791 Says:

    Newt Gingrich has the BIGGEST SET OF BALLS in the current declared field.

    Newt Gingrich KNOWS HOW to defend American Exceptionalism


    What has Mitt Romney done, on a national scale, to advance Conservative Ideologies that are the bedrock of American Culture and Prosperity? Zip!

    What has Newt Gingrich DONE, on a national scale, to advance Conservative Ideologies?

    Welfare CHANGED to Workfare
    First Conservative Speaker of the House in 40 YEARS

    Contract for America = PROMISES KEPT

  3. Founders1791 - Facts Wrong Says:

    Your facts on Newt are incorrect. He was House Speaker for just two balanced budgets. The other balanced budgets came after he was disgraced and run out of congress.

  4. Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel Says:

    Perhaps, an explanation for this record gathering crowd, is the reality that some of these people sense that this will be their only opportunity to hear and see (up close) the next president of the United States.

    Gingrich is reflecting in his campaign what many voters have been earnestly desiring the federal government to finally realize………

  5. Gwen marsh Says:

    Newt was not disgraced and kicked out of office. That is just a bunch of Romney B.S. Newt left office when the lame stream media drove the Republicans out of congress by their erroneous vitriol which they are so good at. Bottom line – unlike loser Palosi when the the majority went to the dims Newt had the decency to step dowm. Unlike Newt, Nancy Palosi is just too stupid or egotiscal to realize she is irrelivent

  6. 007 Says:

    Newt led a true Republican revolution, balanced the budget 4 times, ended welfare, cut taxes and helped create 20 million jobs. He is touch enough to kick the democrats out of power and reform the RINO Republicans. I just made a contribution to Newt. I encourage everyone else to. Don’t let the RINOs buy this election.

    Go Newt!!

  7. Todd P. Says:

    Drudge confirming that Pelosi has enough to end Gingrich’s chance at being POTUS. Dems are DROOLING at the thought of Gingrich being the nominee, knowing that they will bury him easily in the general election. Newt’s LIFETIME of scandalous behavior and ethics violations are coming back to haunt him. Gingrich’s run for President is OVER and he is the one that RUINED his own chance to be President!!………

  8. henry the eighth Says:

    This is this country’s last chance to begin the turnaround. Think about it, Obozo has done nothing but derail every opportunity for growth and freedom in America. He had the stupidity to talk about jobs tonight after nullifying 20k potential jobs with Keystone. I like men with balls and Gingrich has a pair. I watched him respond to King four or five times getting excited that AT LAST someone has stood up to the corrupted and sold out media. I don’t care what the alcoholic Pukelosi has to say about Newt, he has my vote. If he is not the nominee, I am dropping out of the Rep Party. I’ve had enuff of the BS. The party is doing themselves in bigtime and we had better get behind one candidate now and that one for all the right reasons is Newt. Go Newt!

  9. keith Says:

    I’m glad that you place so much faith in Nancy Pelosi. If she had anything on him, we would know it. Maybe she can bury him like ABC and his 2nd wife did. We need someone like Newt to take it to the media and Obama. Anyone out there looking for a perfect candidate should give up. Newt is the only candidate that knows what to do to bring the Judicial branch back in line. He won’t need three years of on-the-job training to figure out how the government works and what other presidents in our past have done to make this country great.

  10. politicalgrandma Says:

    Why would any intelligent American believe anything Nancy Pelosi says? “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it,” Pelosi, needs to check her own vineyards and winery to see who she has employed there, and leave the Republicans to their own Primary elections.

  11. Neil Says:

    I absolutely agree with Founders1791 above that Newt far outmatches Romney when it comes to conservative leadership credentials.

    Newt had already championed a smart and transformational conservative cause before Romney even decided he wanted to be a moderate conservative in Massachusetts.

    Furthermore, Romney put the nail in his Florida primary coffin by hiring the Crist campaign team.

    Tonight in the SOTU speech we were reminded of the eloquence and charisma of Obama.
    I’d vote for Romney if it comes to it, but he would be a disaster in the Fall campaign.

    Can’t wait to see Newt overpowering Obama in the debates this Fall!

  12. Kris Says:

    Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it… and we’ll all go down with Newt Gingrich. You all sound like those on the left who were mesmerized by the Obama rhetoric in 2008. Now it’s the right wing who is mesmerized by Newt’s rhetoric. You have lost all senses and are simply acting on emotion. Newt CANNOT possibly win a general election. A vote for Newt is a vote for Obama. I will stay home in November if Newt Gingrich is the nominee.

  13. Mike Smith Says:

    Newt is the only leader to have set the goal to balance the budget of the US and then achieved the goal.

    The rest of the candidates talk the talk, Newt was walked the walk.

    NEWT, shut down the MACHINE again………..

  14. john sena Says:

    10,000 people in one day against romneys first stop with 120…says to me people want to hear more than can be said in 30 sec.

  15. rrh thompson Says:

    I wanted Sarah Palin to run and be elected. Failing that, Newt is a true conservative. Mr. Obama tonight gave a lot of joy for a floundering economy. About the only thing he has accomplished that he promised is ending the stay of troops in Iraq. Peace there lasted almost one day thereafter. He cost us $4 million for his week in Hawaii. You or I could spend a week there on less than $5 thousand.He has failed to improve the economy in 3 years.The national debt has increased by
    $5 trillion in his 3 years so far.That is about $16,000 debt for every single American. Do you think you’ve gotten your money’s worth? I don’t!

  16. Phyllis Says:

    The number that attended is INFLATED.

    1 THousand…. not 6 Thousand..

    That was a PR MOVE

  17. Gabriel Beaven Says:

    I’m with you Newt, the people that hate you are just mad, don’t let it get to you, keep pressing on towards the goal of American values.

  18. Dee Says:

    Newt is an Adulteous, liar who cheats not only on his wives but in his life.Is he cheating on Calista yet? He took money from Freddie Mac and tried to deny it. Bring him on.

    The numbers who showed up for him were greatly exagerated.

  19. Michael Clancy Says:

    People are sick of the media shoving a candidate down our throat. Hence the South Carolina landslide. The establishment wants Romney against Obama. They are absolutely terrified of Newt and that is why I sent the Newt campaign a donation and he will get my vote.

  20. Chris Says:

    Boot the Newt!
    Dunk the Big Newton!
    The ticking Newtron Bomb!

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