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You’re hired! Trump to host Newsmax GOP prez debate later this month

by Dara Kam | December 2nd, 2011

Palm Beach County political powerhouses Donald Trump and Newsmax Media are pairing up for a GOP presidential candidate debate later this month in Des Moines.

Trump will moderate the Dec. 27 forum hosted by West Palm Beach-based Newsmax, the conservative magazine and online news site, a week before the Iowa presidential caucuses take place on Jan. 3.

The brash real estate mogul and reality TV host is a favorite among conservative voters, Newsmax chief executive Christopher Ruddy told The New York Times in a story posted today.

“Our readers and the grass roots really love Trump,” Ruddy said. “They may not agree with him on everything, but they don’t see him as owned by the Washington establishment, the media establishment.”

Voters may love him, but the candidates may bristle at being grilled by the bombastic Trump, who has flirted with running for president himself and who’s still harboring White House aspirations.

Just last week, Trump told FOX News he’s considering running as a third-party candidate but won’t make a decision until next year – until after the GOP primaries are over and his reality TV show “The Apprentice” ends.

“Would I like to do something sooner? Perhaps I would. But the laws preclude me from doing anything until May,” he said on Fox and Friends.

Trump’s office referred calls about the debate to Newsmax.

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8 Responses to “You’re hired! Trump to host Newsmax GOP prez debate later this month”

  1. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:


    America’s most prominent Narcissistic Personality Disorder clown is again blazing forth and doing his thang . . . probably to the sound-bite profit of the socialists and to the amusement of the rest of us:

    • Limited federal government
    • Individual freedoms
    • Personal responsibility
    • Free markets
    • Returning political power to the states and the people.

  2. rose Says:

    nice article i hope every one get that point thanks

  3. tamie defranzo Says:

    If Donald Trump wants to make a differant and show that he wants to be prez..then he needs to hire me a pregnant single mom of two out of work for three years..i have accounting and customer service experience….TRUMP ACTIONS ARE LOUDER THAN WORDS>>> PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!

  4. Wyn Says:

    These GOP debates are the best comedies on television. Now Trump should have a new show–Presidential Apprentice. All these GOP losers should apply for the show. Their first task would be to figure out a plan to help the working poor and middle class citizens who are losing economic ground every day. The second task should be to rein in the tax loopholes afforded wealthy Americans and big corporations. Their next task should be attending a diversity tolerance workshop and then developing one.

  5. Jon Cleary Says:

    This is probably a good thing, takes the spot light off of the mostly incompetent candidates. I’m really disappointed the Repubs have resorted to to letting circus ringleader Trump moderate a debate. What are they thinking?
    Maybe Huntsman finally makes a move and passes the other circus clowns. Fox News doesn’t want Mitt, so their pushing Newt, really scary thought. Does make it interesting to watch cable news and the BS spin going on. Amazing….TV execs and talking heads controlling the political process. How far will this country fall? How many truly ignorant, gullible people walk among us?

  6. howie Says:

    Loser socialists who call Trump an egotistical clown can’t see that Obama has a bigger ego and is a bigger clown.

  7. Jon Cleary Says:

    Howie/Obiwan/Name of the Week, you’re pi$$ing in the wind with this topic. ALL Presidents and those running for President are egomaniacs. However, your beloved Tea Party is making a mockery of the political process, your party doesn’t have a viable candidate worthy of holding the office of the President. Your diatribes on thse forums don’t help, it only shows how delusional the Tea Party is, with people like you as their spokesperson.

  8. Bob Says:

    This bunch of clowns is beginning to resemble a Saturday Night Live skit. (Only SNL actors are so much more talented!) With the faux blonde haired Donald moderating this one, it really should be better than going to a comedy club. I’m sure most decent republicans are cringing with their parties choice of hopefuls. Do you think the Donald could keep his mouth shut and just ask questions without putting his useless two cents in? I think not!

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