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Scott touts gunmaker’s move to Florida

by John Kennedy | December 1st, 2011

Connecticut gunmaker Colt’s Manufacturing Co., plans to open a regional manufacturing plant in Central Florida’s Osceola County, bringing with it 63 jobs, Gov. Rick Scott said Thursday.

Scott, who has vowed to create 700,000 jobs in Florida in seven years, also used the announcement to fire-off a defense of the constitutional right to carry one of Colt’s products.

“As a supporter of new job creation and the Second Amendment, this announcement sends the clear message that Florida is both open for business and a defender of our right to bear arms,” Scott said. “My primary responsibility as governor is to be our state’s chief advocate for job creation. My personal involvement in bringing Colt to Florida demonstrates my administration’s deep commitment to rebuilding our economy.”

State officials say Florida has added about 110,000 jobs since Scott was sworn-in in January.

He’s also nuanced his campaign pledge. Scott’s dropped the claim that he would add 700,000 jobs on top of what economists had forecast to be a likely 1 million additional jobs in that time frame, based on normal growth projections.

The 63 jobs expected at the Osceola County plant are expected to pay an average salary of  just over $45,000.

Colt plans to make a $2.5 million investment in equipment and retooling a vacant building owned by Osceola County. The company is getting $250,000 in state incentives and workforce training, while the county will do building renovations and offer a break on rent for the leased structure.


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4 Responses to “Scott touts gunmaker’s move to Florida”

  1. Home Says:

    These new residents buy homes, too. That will help with reducing home inventories

  2. Michael Says:

    Let’s see, $254,000 per job that pays $45,000. What happens to the other $1,316,700?

  3. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    @Michael says:

    A lib laugh a minute!

    Thanks, you brightened my day.

  4. theloneconsumer Says:

    No, now where did you people learn your math?! $250,000 is JUSt from the state, that is not the county and city building incentives.
    But let’s do the state incentives: $250,000 for 63 jobs, the state is paying $3968 a year per employee, or they are paying 10% of the employees’ gross wages pre-tax..
    Well! Some of we realtors took accounting! Now try alot of Jeb Bush’s biotech yummies,and Rick Scott is doing MILD giveaways, isnt he?
    Probably if he did like the Orlando reporter women tell him, and invest in businesses (small) already here, the return might be better!!!
    But hey, those companies dont pay campaign finance gifts, do they??

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