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Scott a secret Santa — gives state workers an extra day off

by John Kennedy | December 16th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott has had a rocky relationship with state workers, 120,000 Floridians who haven’t seen a pay raise since 2006.

They campaigned against him as a candidate. And public employees’ unions are suing him for the 3 percent salary contributions he and the Republican-led Legislature ordered workers to pay this year to belong to the Florida Retirement System.

But in the spirit of the season, Scott on Friday ordered all state government buildings closed on Dec. 23 — giving workers an extra day off and an early start on the egg nog.

“On the day before a weekend during which Christmas falls, historically, there has been an extremely low business volume, and a large number of State employees take annual leave to be with their families,” Scott noted in a letter to Department of Management Services Secretary Jack Miles, ordering the closure.

“I also note that the Supreme Court of Florida has declared December 23 to be a Court holiday, and that both the Florida House of Representatives and the Senate have no business whatsoever scheduled for that date. Considering the low utilization of State executive buildings on these days, closing these buildings will also result in a savings of utilities and management costs,” the governor added.

 Then he exclaimed, “I wish you and your family a joyous holiday season.”

 Rep. Alan Williams, D-Tallahassee, suggested a similar step last year to outgoing Gov. Charlie Crist, but it didn’t go anywhere. Williams said giving workers off the Friday before Christmas could help the economy.

“It’s a good idea,” Williams said. “I’ve got to figure nine out of 10 workers will be out in the stores spending, because they’re not at work that day.”


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10 Responses to “Scott a secret Santa — gives state workers an extra day off”

  1. Total B S Says:

    What the article doesn’t say is that it’s a day off without pay. Another FU from a great governor.

  2. pubic service Says:

    Scott and his parcel of rogues is making it too expensive for me to serve the public. I’m leaving for the provate sector where I can do less and charge more. Patch your own roof during the next hurricane. I’m outta here!

  3. Ask Says:

    Had I been Mr. Kennedy, I would have asked if employees were going to be paid for the 23rd. I hope they are.

  4. yup Says:

    I want a RAISE!!!!

  5. RealAngst Says:

    I would be more curious to know what they are doing with the 3% that we are now paying. So far I have heard that OUR contribution is paying down a state debt. True or not Mr. Scott? Once again, you prove WHY we shouldnt have elected your fraudulent butt into ANY office, state or National. I have had enough of this guy and anyone who thinks he is helping is delusional and misinformed.

  6. FLMM Says:

    It’s not a day off without pay. It’s administrative leave so we will be paid. Just wanted to make that clear.

  7. steves Says:

    Another day off with pay??How many more are needed.Goverment employees get personal time,sick time,and vacation time that is far more than most private sector jobs.What other jobs let you retire after 20 or 25 years withpay.Retire or semi-retire at 42 years old???Retirement for SS is at 68 years old.Let them work a life time to collect the rewards like most other jobs.

  8. RealAngst Says:

    Steves…you guy kill me. Do you know what the average state worker makes in salary as opposed to the Private Sector? Sworn STATE (no not PBSO) LEO’s make less than most cities and county LEO’s. Civilian staff who handle all the stuff from the cities and county are paid far less and they havent had a raise in the last 6 years. So yeah, another day off with pay. Do the math. Civilian retirement rates at low salaries doesnt add up to a “big state pension” and besides, what else would you have to complain about? You PICKED YOUR JOB, we picked ours. We didnt DEMAND a pension, it is a way to get people to do a job that many wouldnt take because they can make more in the private sector. There was no robbery involved and next you will claim we are on the tax payers dole. News flash genius, we pay taxes too and we work long hours to make this cumbersome bureacracy work. STFU and get back to work!

  9. SLICK RICK on another Slippery Slope!! Says:

    The Governor’s statements are misleading to all other State Employees and to the public in general. ALL State employees have not had raises and ALL have had to take a 3% decrease in pay. Why don’t we all get the paid day off?
    Merry Christmas!!

  10. Dennis Says:

    it’s not a paid holiday for UF employee’s we have to work or no pay…
    ps. I want a raise and my 3% back

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