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McAuliffe poll tests potential attacks on Aronberg

by George Bennett | December 19th, 2011

If former state Sen. Dave Aronberg challenges Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe in a Democratic primary next year, he can expect the McAuliffe camp to blast him for working as “pill mill” czar under Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi.

That was one of the potential lines of attack tested in a poll conducted by the McAuliffe campaign this month.

Aronberg is expected to announce in January whether he’s running.

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.

9 Responses to “McAuliffe poll tests potential attacks on Aronberg”

  1. No to Softness Says:

    McAuliffe is soft on crime.

  2. RealAngst Says:

    I happen to like Dave Aronberg a lot. The question will be if the DNC and the cronies that exist there will support him if he decides to run against McAuliffe. Politics as usual.

  3. RealAngst Says:

    McAuliffe is NOT soft on crime. This smacks of some nonsensical hatred of the man. Some “former” law enforcement officers make this claim far too often, believing that there is some connection between what a lawyer says and what a Judge does. Judges sentence criminals, not the prosecutors who try the cases. They make the same claims in the Merighe case, discounting all the OTHER victims families while defending one position. Having a Judge who experienced a similar loss as the final say was a good thing. Take out your emotions and stick to the facts.

  4. Insider Says:

    Uh, I wouldn’t say that Aronberg is “working” for Bondi. I wouldnt’ say he’s doing much of anything for his $90k+ salary.

  5. Judge R Says:

    Mr. Judge Rosenberg finally got his time in the spotlight. Now bid adieu.

    Forget the Palm Beach, Jewish vote. They may like the Judge, but they Dave.

    Aronberg has as much qualification for the job. Mr. Judge was in corporate law practice, too.

    Ya know, he’s not tough on the crimes committed by classmates of his three kids. Just sayin…

  6. Integrity Counts Says:

    McAuliffe has the lowest conviction rate of Florida State Attorney at 58.5%. The state average is 78.3% and the best (Pinellas Cty.) is 94.6%. He also prosecutes children as adults at 2x the rate of the state average.

  7. Fed Up Says:

    Run Dave Run; we need you!

  8. RealAngst Says:

    Integrity Counts…I would love to see where that is printed, beyond some political partisanship website. The fact that he Direct Files on a third less is the actual truth. Down 37% from previous administration. So I dont know where you get the 2X the state average. I like Dave and know him to be a fine man. Let them run, thats what elections are about, but please stick to the facts, it makes coming to a voting decision that much easier.

  9. RealAngst Says:

    Judge R…Wasnt McAuliffe a Federal Prosecutor? I know Aronberg but I dont know that he was a Prosecutor of any kind despite the fact that he is a Lawyer. Again, facts do matter and if you are making an argument against McAuliffe that is fine. America loves elections. If you dislike McAuliffe or believe that Dave would be better, then have at it. Vote with your feet as they say. I happen to like them both but the final decision will be resume based, not false or misleading staatements that are easily disproved.

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