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Mack warns ‘loony liberals’ at the gates of his Cape Coral office

by John Kennedy | December 1st, 2011

Launching his campaign by deriding rival Bill Nelson as one of President Obama’s “lockstep liberals,” Republican U.S. Senate contender Connie Mack is expecting to be picketed by what his office staff called  ”loony liberals” Thursday.

Mack’s namesake father punctured Democratic opponent Buddy Mackay 23 years ago with the phrase, “Hey Buddy, you’re liberal.” The son’s days-old campaign seems to be sticking to a similar script.

Southwest Florida supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement plan to protest at 1 p.m. today outside Mack’s Cape Coral office. But once Mack staffers got hold of the rally’s electronic sign-up sheet, they fired out a press release, tying the demonstration to, the left-leaning activist group founded by billionaire George Soros.

“It’s appalling that George Soros and the loony liberals of are protecting Bill Nelson by staging a sit-in protest at Congressman Mack’s office,” said David James, Mack’s deputy campaign manager. ”Three days after Connie Mack entered the race for U.S. Senate, these leftists are scared of the Mack candidacy and Connie’s message of freedom, security and prosperity.  Florida has had enough of the loony left and will bring an end to their big government, big taxation and big spending agenda next November.”

Polls show Mack is the frontrunner in five-person Republican field. At least one survey also shows him with enough current support to knock off Nelson, if Mack wins the GOP primary.

A new Public Policy Polling survey also shows Mack well out front in the Republican contest. It also examines the potency of name identification, but doesn’t attribute all of Mack’s success to having a well-known monicker.

The poll found Mack’s name is recognized by 57 percent of Republican voters in Florida, about double his nearest rival, short-term Senate-appointee George LeMieux. Others in the race were far back.

But the survey also found that voters familiar with the other candidates, still liked Mack best. 

“Name recognition is certainly an important part of the equation, but even when you account for that Mack’s well ahead,” PPP concluded. “And he has strong numbers across the ideological lines of the GOP, getting 44 percent with ‘very conservative’ voters, 43 percent with ’somewhat conservative’ ones, and 32 percent with moderates.”

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8 Responses to “Mack warns ‘loony liberals’ at the gates of his Cape Coral office”

  1. Rich Says:

    What has Mack done for Cape coral? We know what he did not do!

  2. Let's ask Nelson Says:

    And in the FORTY YEARS Senator Bill Nelson has been in elected office in Florida, what has he done?

    Forty years is too much time to be in political office.


    He let FL lose over 26,000 space jobs. Do you remember ANYTHING he did to staunch that job loss?

    NOTHING NELSON! He needs to go in 2012~

  3. Better Luck Next Time Says:

    If conservatives can be “racist” and “mean-spirited,” liberals can be loony.

  4. dark gator Says:

    Maybe Florida can do with only one Senator — both these guys are questionable!

  5. Voice of Reason Says:

    “, these leftists are scared of the Mack candidacy and Connie’s message of freedom, security and prosperity.”
    -Can this Mack guy be any more over the top? Besides the god ole repubilcans have run this state for a decade, so balme them for the overspending. Sorry, there aren’t many democrats in office, so instead of attacking Loony liberals, why don’t you actually fix something?

  6. Downtown Danny Says:

    Why don’t the right-wing war mongers ask him why he left his ex-wife & kids the month after he got elected to congress?
    Why don’t they ask him why he stopped making support payments to her and she was on food stamps until his daddy & a judge made him pay her.
    Why don’t they ask him why he went 7 months without even seeing his own kids?
    Why don’t they ask him how much time over the last 2 years he spent in California with Sonny Bono’s widowed wife?
    This is family values?
    What has Mack done in Congress for Florida?
    Tried to cut social security & medicare benefits for seniors! That’s been his mission!
    Ask Mack about the barroom beating that Ron Gant gave him – Mack is a punk jerk adulterer who would be living in a trailer park if not for his famous dad & grandpa.

  7. Support Connie Says:

    It’s embarrassing the mess the Occupy Wallstreet crowd has left. The assaults, the horrid behavior the brazen challenge to the police.

    The liberals in this country are out of control.

    They are loony!

  8. Say what? Says:

    It’s shocking that Senator Bill Nelson has spent 40 years in political office and no one can say one thing Nelson has done for FL.

    What has Nelson done? Still waiting to hear what he’s done during these 4 decades. He’s an embarrassment!

    FORTY YEARS in POLITICAL OFFICE and nothing to show for it except a fine retirement, great federal healthcare and benefits galore.

    It’s shameful. Political office is not meant to have people serve for so long!

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