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DNC launches website opposing new voter laws in Fla and other states

by John Kennedy | December 1st, 2011

Democrats continued Thursday to blast new voter laws in Florida and 13 other states which they say have been crafted by Republican leaders to blunt turnout and damage President Obama’s re-election bid next year.

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Davie, said the party has launched a new website aimed at informing voters of the new standards — and rallying support for having them overturned. Florida’s law is already the subject of  a lawsuit filed by the ACLU and voting rights organizations.

A U.S. Senate subcommittee also plans to hold a hearing in Florida in coming weeks on the new law, following a request by Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who said the state’s new standard violates “basic rights.”

In a conference call with reporters Thursday, Wasserman Schultz said Republicans are out to “rig elections.”

“By now, it’s well known they’re determined to roll back the right to vote and skew the 2012 presidential election,” Wasserman Schultz said.

Democrats and their allies have blistered the new Florida law, which reduces turnout by reducing the number of days available for early voting, while also imposing tighter reporting standards for third-party groups that register voters.

 A study earlier this year by the Brennan Center for Justice found the new laws could keep 5 million people nationwide from voting next year.

Supporters of the measures deny any partisan motivation, instead saying the stricter standards are intended to reduce voter-fraud.

Wasserman Schultz, though, isn’t buying that.

A 74-page report released Thursday by the Democratic Party concluded, “every major investigation into voter fraud in the United States has arrived at the same conclusion: There is almost none. The real fraud has been the use of baseless allegations to change election laws in ways that will lead to partisan Republican gains.”





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4 Responses to “DNC launches website opposing new voter laws in Fla and other states”

  1. Hello! Says:

    We do need STANDARDS. What’s wrong with Standards? Why wouldn’t democrats support standards?

    Who wants anonymous groups ‘collecting’ signatures? We need certified people doing that. It would be SO easy for someone to put false information on forms.

    Democrats seek to bury the voting process with weeks of voting and no standards for voting. We can’t let every Tom, Jane and Javier vote. They need to produce standard ID!

    When YOU are stopped by the police what do you hand over? an ID

    When YOU apply for a loan what do you hand over? an ID

    When you buy liquor what do you hand over? an ID

    When YOU go to vote what are YOU required to hand over? YOU hand over an ID.

    The democrats don’t want that to occur. Democrats want a free for all with no standards and no parameters.

    Democrats: let’s vote all year long.

  2. Paul Says:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed:

    “Haiti is Florida’s 68th county”, so I guess she wants all of them to vote in the FLorida election.

    That’s the problem.

  3. SheliaJoy Says:

    Lets face it repubs are scared of large voter turn-out;this will gurantee that they will lose.

    What would be the purpose of eliminating early voting the Sunday before a Tuesday election?

    Contry to repub LIES there IS NOT WIDE SPREAD VOTER FRAUD in Florida or any other state.

  4. what? Says:

    “in the oldendays” people voted on election day – people made an effort to vote because they wanted to exercise the priviledge to vote …. you got early – you went at lunch .. you left your job a little early to go vote and have your voice heard …. why do we have to have weeks of voting that costs money. It is not a surprise to anyone when election day comes – it is scheduled years in advance …. maybe there should be a little planning done by voters, know who you are going to vote for and make the effort to go vote ON ELECTION DAY — not election days

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