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So long Lottery – hello Department of Gambling?

by Dara Kam | November 15th, 2011

Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff revealed a new wrinkle in her “strategic vision” plan for gambling – she wants to transform the Florida Lottery department into the “Florida Gaming Commission,” something up until now she thought couldn’t be done.

The Lottery, which brings in about $4 billion a year, is an already-existing executive agency which could be morphed into a statewide gambling commission, Bogdanoff said at a press conference this morning with the Florida Latin Builders Association.

The gambling commission would have the power to grant up to three casino licenses (“destination resorts” in legislative parlance) in South Florida.

Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, said the commission could also possibly rein in the Lottery, which she said is “taking money from our citizens and not really doing anything to benefit Florida.”

The money people spend on Lottery tickets would be spent elsewhere and make its way into the state’s general revenue fund anyway, Bogdanoff said.

Bogdanoff, most of whose district is in Palm Beach County, will introduce the latest twist in the casino proposal (SB 710, HB 479) at its first hearing tomorrow morning during a Senate Regulated Industries workshop.

The Hispanic builders are digging the “destination resorts” plan pushed by Bogdanoff and Rep. Erik Fresen, saying it’s just what the gasping construction industry needs.

Noelia Moreno, the organization’s past president, said that the state’s 20 percent unemployment rate in the construction industry is about twice that of the general population.

The legilsative duo’s proposal to build three high-end casinos in South Florida could create 40,000 contruction jobs and 100,000 permanent jobs, Moreno said.

“We need these jobs now. We needed them yesterday. But we definitely need them now,” Moreno said at a press conference joined by Bogdanoff, Fresen and other Latino builders.

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6 Responses to “So long Lottery – hello Department of Gambling?”

  1. Eye on It Says:

    Just make sure that all employeed are legal American citizens. The Latino Builders should be wise not to hire undocumented workers who send their money home to a Latin country and get hurt on the construction site and have the American public pick up the hospital tab. We will be watching!!!

  2. brenda star Says:

    lets bring gaming, prostitution, off shore drilling Bills to a vote………..we will nip all these social and economic problems in the bud forever.

    It will be like a party that never ends.
    Wow, thank you smart government people! Your ideas are really catching on.

    What’s awesome now is, I see upper middle class people playing the lottery and not just the destitute and uneducated. Those casinos will be packed. 4 billion off the lottery? Maybe those citizens would be better served by just taxing them. Its more honest than a lottery or Gaming for that matter.

  3. Jerry Says:

    How many times do the voters have to say NO to casinos before the politicians get the message, or are they trying to “earn” their campaign dollars.

  4. HM Says:

    “…The money people spend on Lottery tickets would be spent elsewhere and make its way into the state‚Äôs general revenue fund anyway, Bogdanoff said…”

    What a presumptious, arrogant thing to say. Define ‘elsewhere’, Miss Thang?

    Let’s flip on the bullcrap detector, shall we? The Lottery actually does fund education in Florida (at least something does). Bogdanoff has no use for funding schools in the Panhandle or North Florida….she wants more cash for her builder buddies and casino interests in South Florida (Now THERE’S an above board, corruption free idea, offered for one of the squeaky cleanest parts of the state!)

    I have no use for casinos, Hispanic builders, New York Mobsters or Ellyn Bogdanoff. Or Ft Lauderdale. I like to play the Lottery now & then. How ’bout they worry about their own weird little world and I’ll worry about mine?

  5. The Lotto Black Book Says:

    You have come up with a very good way to brief us with such a useful content.

  6. Vic Says:

    It’s amazing how many ignorant people post on this blog! Seriously?!?! GAMBLING IS HERE! Slots at the Seminoles and Magic City, Internet Cafes, scratch offs oh and this little thing called the Lotto. Do you all not realize that this would initially create more than 40,000 permanent jobs and more once things get rolling! So I am going to assume you all have jobs right? because otherwise you would be crying to those same people in favor of this bill to get it passed!

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