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Senate to workshop casinos bill next week

by Dara Kam | November 9th, 2011

The Senate Regulated Industries Committee will hold the first of two three-hour workshop on the destination resorts proposal on Wednesday, committee chairman Dennis Jones, R-Seminole, said.

Jones extended the committee’s usual two-hour meeting time to accomodate the dozens of lobbyists on both sides of the issue expected to speak out on the proposal (SB 710). Business and faith groups have lined up against the proposal while gambling operators from Las Vegas to Malaysia have lined up in support.

“There’s a lot of people that want to speak on this bill,” he said.

Jones said he’ll take 20 minutes of testimony each from those who wish to speak on the issue and allow out-of-towners to go first. He said he expects his committee to vote on the bill sometime before the second week of the 2012 legislative session that begins in early January. Expect to see plenty of amendments before the measure makes it to the floor, Jones predicted.

Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, is the sponsor of the proposal she says would allow up to three non-tribal casinos to open in Broward and Miami-Dade counties and create a statewide gambling commission. Jones said he thinks her bill is unconstitutional because it would create a monopoly in South Florida with impacts that would be felt in all 67 counties.

The state’s existing racinos – pari-mutuels in South Florida that also offer slot machine gambling – are objecting to the bill’s 10 percent tax rate for the “destination resorts.” The racinos currently pay 35 percent of their revenue in taxes.

Jones said he wants to explore “parity” in taxing and games during the workshops and isn’t convinced the proposed casinos would be getting a better deal under Bogdanoff’s bill.

Casinos would have to agree to invest at least $2 billion in the resorts and are likely to employ 5,000 workers and would be paying $75 million in local property and school taxes, Jones said. Meanwhile, the seven racinos in Broward and Miami-Dade only pay about $2 million in property taxes combined, he said.

“I think it’s a wash,” Jones said. “But that will be one of the things we’ll have to work out in the workshops to see how people feel.”

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3 Responses to “Senate to workshop casinos bill next week”

  1. Unreal Says:

    Allowing more casinos is like selling your soul to the devil. The economy needs private investment and jobs, but at what cost? More gambling, and loss of income by poor and middle class families? Rise of crime? It isn’t worth it. Fight this at all costs.

  2. HRJon Says:

    Are you serious? More casinos means more jobs and stimulus to all of south Florida. The current state of gaming in Florida disgraceful, and it could be so elite. The impact on poor and middle class families is already being felt. These casinos would bring tourists from all over the world. Locals can already pis away a paycheck with no problem at the Hard Rock. At least with major companies their would be competition and better opportunities for customers and employees alike. Ha… “selling your soul”… so naive.

  3. Teho Says:

    People are going to get a really BIG surprise if Miami or South Florida gets those BIG casinos in the Destination Resort Bill !

    Guess what ? There is still high unemployment and slums in Atlantic City today ( 35+ years later ) while those million dollar casinos are making a lot of money. Please do not make the same mistake in Miami or South Florida !

    I was actually in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, NJ working for the casinos during the 1970′s when the Las Vegas casino executives and the New Jersey politicians & New Jersey gaming commission made a lot of BIG “promises” to the people in New Jersey and Atlantic City about improving their economy and housing.

    Please contact all your public government officials ( including Governor Scott ) and tell them to vote NO against these BIG casinos ! Plus, tell them you still want real JOBS … not in a casino !

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