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Mack topping Nelson in latest poll

by John Kennedy | November 18th, 2011

Republican Connie Mack is shaping up as big trouble — not only for his fellow GOP contenders for the U.S. Senate nomination, but two-term Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson, a poll shows Friday.

Mack, a Cape Coral congressman, is the favorite of 43 percent of Florida voters, to 39 percent for Nelson, according to the survey of 500 likely voters conducted Thursday by Rasmussen Reports. The poll has a margin-of-error of plus-or-minus 4.5 percent.

The survey also shows Nelson holding comfortable leads over other Republican contenders, former U.S. Senate-appointee George LeMieux and former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner. A Quinnipiac University poll released last week showed Mack holding a formidable lead over the four GOP candidates already in the U.S. Senate race.

Mack’s father, who shares the same name, represented Florida in the U.S. Senate from 1989 to his retirement in 2001, when he was succeeded by Nelson.

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6 Responses to “Mack topping Nelson in latest poll”

  1. He's gotta go Says:

    Bill Nelson has spent nearly 40 years in elected office, and I can’t think of one thing the man has done for Florida.

    A political job is not supposed to be a lifetime job.

    It’s time for Nelson to go.

    We need new faces and new ideas.

  2. Same Ole, Same Ole Says:

    As said before on here, years ago I used to think Nelson was a good guy.

    No more!

    Just another shallow slimy UN-principled weasel politician whose next comment and position is dictated by lobbyists and the most recent polling numbers.

    Most of us are fed up with this sort of self-serving nonsense.

    He is toast in the next election no matter how much money he has to spend on smiling BS ads.

  3. Downtown Danny Says:

    This creep sent out flyers touting his “family values” with a photo of him & his wife & 2 kids. He gets elected then goes to DC and has affairs all over town then starts seeing Sonny Bonos wife and ends up dumping his wife & kids & marrying her. She ends up on food stamps with the 2 kids in Lauderdale living in a 1 bedroom apartment until the press outs him for it. He then starts paying her support and ignores her & the kids – she said he hand’t seen them in 6 months.
    Mack has several DUI’s and bar brawls (Baseball player Ron Gant broke his arm when Mack mouthed off to him in an Atlanta Bar) – this guy is a creep.

  4. Rick Says:

    Only in Flori duh could a slime ball like Mack get elected to public office. Most of the public in Flori duh are republicans so he will probably sit beside Skeletor in high office in Flori duh!

  5. 40 Yrs Too Long Says:

    Has Bill Nelson really been a politician for over 40 years?

    If so, he needs to step aside and let others serve. There are other democrats who deserve an opportunity for service.

    40 years is too long of a time.

    Time for democrats to put forth new faces instead of a person who is nearing nearly a CENTURY of public representation.

    Don’t think the fathers of the Constitution meant for Bill Nelson to serve decades in office.

  6. Gary A Anderson Says:

    They say Newt has baggage but at least it is a pile that has transparency, much akin to the suit case I carry. Disabled at age 58, on a limited income of Social Security Disability, hospital bills of the yen-yang, making my credit like many of us Americans; in the crapper and thus I rent. My wife is a server at a local Restaurant and we survive. Connie Mack’s baggage, I wish not disclose but I’ll bet his ex-wife would! Lee County is the Good Ole’ Boy Gang; reminds me of Washington today! Reminds me of a bunch of crooks, doing it on our money and trying to fix the economy by spending more and taking away from those in need. I was a Republican, to my disbelief, the difference between the two parties was but in name only! I switched last year to a better party. Sometimes a step backwards is the right thing to do before going forward. Getting back to the simple basics to what our State and Country were founded upon; life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the Constitution! The Whig Party began it all with George Washington at the helm. I now think The Florida Whig Party in 2012 as I am there nomination to “test the Waters” for the US Senate Fl., 2012. Think Gary A. Anderson. Think Change. Thank Transparency. Sometimes you have to step backwards before you go forward. I have two college degrees, lived in 32 odd countries of the world and have visited or lived in 45 of our United States of America, calling Florida my home for the past twenty years. Connie Mack may have his fathers coat tails to ride on but I have but ten simple words to live by; “Principles before Party, Personality or Profit with Deeds not Words!”

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