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Dems unleash robo-call attack on West

by Dara Kam | November 30th, 2011

National Democrats launched an attack on U.S. Rep. Allen West today, blaming him for the failure of the Congressional “super committee” to reach a consensus and accusing the Plantation politician of “demanding more tax breaks for billionaires.”

Click here to listen to the robo-call.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee unleashed the robo-calls today, and the campaign also includes live telephone calls, online ads and a website for voters to fill out letters to the editor today, according to a release issued by the DCCC. The calls are supposed to start going out to voters in West’s district that includes Palm Beach County today.

Democrats have targeted West in his reelection bid. The tea party favorite is being challenged by Democrat Patrick Murphy.

Here’s the script of the robo-call:

Hi, this is Rick calling on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee calling about Congressman Allen West and Republicans forcing the Super Committee to fail.

Americans demanded a bipartisan, big, bold, and balanced plan to reduce the deficit and grow our economy – but that’s not what we got. The Super Committee failed because Republicans insisted on extending the Bush tax breaks for millionaires and refusing to include a jobs proposal – while ending the Medicare guarantee! That’s something that Democrats stand strongly against.

By rejecting a balanced approach, Republicans chose to protect the wealthiest one percent at the expense of seniors and the middle class. Now they’re even talking about raising the payroll tax.

Please call Congressman West at 561-655-1943 and tell him it’s time to focus on us.

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6 Responses to “Dems unleash robo-call attack on West”

  1. T 4 2, 2 4 T Says:

    Hello, yes are you aware that your Congressman is an ass?
    Oh you are ok well that’s good.

  2. Dee Says:

    Yeah, I am glad the Democrats are getting the message the Republicans have sent year after year. Play hard, dirty and mean. Take no prisoners.

  3. wpb resident Says:

    What happened to Lois Frankel? Did she drop out of race?

  4. Reg Says:

    Who answers their phones and listens to robo calls.

    If you get one HANG UP!

  5. Belly up Says:

    Patrick Murphy….sorry buddy the party is taking you to the bank. Lois Lois Lois

  6. Shaun Dakin Says:

    Ha. In the spirit of all is fair in love and war we’ve set up the ability for voters to send West their very own robocall message.

    West >


    Shaun Dakin

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