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ACLU wants Senate hearings on voter law before Jan. 31 prez primary

by John Kennedy | November 16th, 2011

The ACLU of Florida, already suing to overturn the state’s new voting law, urged a Senate panel Wednesday to hold its planned hearing on the measure — preferably before the state’s Jan. 31 presidential primary.

Illinois Democrat Richard Durbin said Tuesday that his Senate subcommittee will hold a ”field hearing” in Florida on the voting standards approved earlier this year by the Republican-ruled Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott.

The state’s senior senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, called for Durbin to stage the hearing, saying the new measure is designed to blunt Democratic turnout in next year’s presidential election – by imposing stricter limits on third-party groups that register voters and shortening the number of days available for early voting.

 Florida is among 14 Republican-ruled states where new voting laws have been approved that Democrats and allied groups say are motivated by presidential politics.

 ”We agree with your assessment that these new restrictions will disenfranchise a great number of Floridians including young, disabled and lower income voters,” ACLU executive director Howard Simon wrote Durbin. “Moreover, these restrictions were intended to, and will, have a regressive impact on the voting rights of racial and language minority voters in violation of the Voting Rights Act.”

Simon said Durbin’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights should consider holding three hearings, in Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, and Tallahassee — before the scheduled Jan. 31 primary.

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6 Responses to “ACLU wants Senate hearings on voter law before Jan. 31 prez primary”

  1. Ralphyboy Says:

    Why before the Republican primary. These laws only affect Democrats. OR SO IT WOULD SEEM.

    When ever there is any change, it only affects Democrats. At least they cry the loudest.

  2. Ralphyboy Says:

    It used to be there was ONE election day. You had to register to vote at a few places, and you had to go in person.

    Maybe the Dems want to go door to door and help people fillout thier ballot.

    Stop the Whining

  3. Ralphyboy Says:

    One More-

    The increase in the length of voting and the size of the electorate has done wonders for the country. Our representatives are more corrupt, the economy is in the tank, because there are more govermental give-aways. See where we were in 1968 and compare it to today. I’m out

  4. Time to show your ID Says:

    Want to cash a check-show your ID
    Want to buy alcohol-show your ID
    Want to board a plane-show your ID
    Want to enter a federal building-show your ID

    Want to vote-show your ID

  5. Reclaim our country Says:

    Democrats would start the Presidential voting in September if they had their way.

    More coddling of inept people.

    There is ample notice of Presidential election so people can get to the polls.

    There is the opportunity to mail in your vote.

    There is nothing wrong with requiring documentation to vote.

    This state has too many ILLEGALS with driver’s licenses and other fake IDs.

    Foreign money already has an influence on the Presidential elections, no need to have non citizens voting in American elections.

    Democrats are plain evil and fail to want rules and regualtions in place to stop illegal activity. Too many circumvent our legal system.

    Vote out all democrats in 2012. Reclaim our country!

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