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Scott turns into salesman-in-chief on jobs plan

by John Kennedy | October 13th, 2011

A day after unveiling his latest seven-step themed plan – this one toward creating jobs and spurring economic development — Gov. Rick Scott turned into saleman-in-chief Thursday, pitching his plan at appearances in Jacksonville, Panama City and on talk radio.

Scott gained some additional talking points with Congress ending a deadlock that spanned two presidencies and approving a series of free trade agreements, including those with Panama and Colombia.

In his jobs’ plan, Scott highlighted the prospect of enhanced trade with Central and South America as a motive behind his push for more public works projects at Florida’s 14 deepwater sea ports.

“Free trade with Panama and Colombia will benefit Florida’s economy and businesses for years to come,” Scott said after the bipartisan vote in Congress.  “By eliminating the need to pay tariffs in order to export Florida goods and products to those expanding economies, Florida companies will now be able to invest their money in creating jobs.”

Scott on Thursday is scheduled to tour an aviation center at Jacksonville’s Cecil Field and an industrial and retail complex near the year-old Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport outside Panama City.

5 Responses to “Scott turns into salesman-in-chief on jobs plan”

  1. The Florida Public Says:

    Hey Rick Scott, quit the field trips and get to work!

    Bald headed hypocrit!

  2. npgator Says:

    Florida Public – he is working you chowderhead! Which is more that can be said for yourself.

  3. Tess Says:

    Wake up npgator. The only one Rick Scott works for is Rick Scott!!

  4. Searcher Says:

    Also, Gov. Prick Snott will go to the individual ports and they will shine a light off his DOME like a Lighthouse!

  5. Bob Says:

    More like a used car salesman! (no offense to used car salesemen).

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