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Scott sets execution for Oba Chandler

by Dara Kam | October 10th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott signed a death warrant- his second since taking office in January – for Oba Chandler, convicted of murdering a mother and her two daughters more than two decades ago.

Scott ordered Chandler to be put to death on Nov. 15. The death warrant comes less than two weeks after convicted cop killer Manuel Valles was executed by lethal injection using Florida’s contested new drug protocol.

Chandler, 65, has been on Death Row for nearly 17 years after being convicted of killing 36-year-old Joan Rogers and her daughters Michelle, 17, and Christe, 11, Ohio tourists on vacation in Tampa.

The bodies of the three women were found tied and weighted in Tampa Bay. All three were naked from the waist down, tied up and weighted down from the neck by a cinder block. Medical examiners determined all three women died from asphyxiation from being strangled by the ropes or by drowning. The autopsies revealed the women were alive when Chandler threw them overboard from a boat.

Chandler is one of more than two dozen of the 395 inmates on Death Row inmates considered “death warrant-ready,” meaning their federal and state appeals have run out.

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3 Responses to “Scott sets execution for Oba Chandler”

  1. Are you listening Says:

    How about Duane Owen? He comitted murder about 30+ years ago. What’s the story on proceeding with his execution?He killed Karen Slattery a 14 year old baby sitter in Delray or Boynton and he killed a woman in Boca Raton. Where’s their justice?

  2. It's about Time Says:

    I read this story and felt like throwing up! This man is absolutely horrible. You go through convicting them and then let them sit and wait years before doing anything??!! Why? Oh, I get it, so that they can have time to reflect on their crimes? Someone needs to tell the USA, other countries, once convicted of such a horrible crime as this, death comes quickly and that’s how it should be here! Let them face man’s justice, then send them to God to face His justice!

  3. Thomas r. Says:

    There are now 27 inmates considered warrant-ready, and it appears that Gov Scott is willing to act quickly. If Florida will not proceed on these overdue cases, I would suggest all of these death sentences to be converted to life imprisonment to save Florida some cash. Either way, let’s get these old-timers disposed of somehow. The state of Florida owes it to the taxpayers that support its capital punishment system, but which looks more and more like a bad and incoherent joke played on victims.

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