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Scott rolls another ’7′, unveiling job creation and economic plan

by John Kennedy | October 12th, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott laid out the “job creation and economic growth agenda” he’s been hinting at lately — a wide-ranging plan aimed at repealing more than 1,000 state rules and regulations, reducing the corporate income tax, and pouring money into port and road projects to spur more jobs.

The Republican governor — who has promised to create 700,000 jobs in seven years — has conveniently settled on seven steps toward jump-starting Florida’s sputtering economy.

Scott unveiled the plan Wednesday morning at a metals and plastics plant in Orlando. With an election year coming, Scott also used the event to draw contrasts between his plan and the jobs proposal pushed by President Obama, now languishing in Congress after a negative vote Tuesday in the Senate.

“Unlike our elected leaders in Washington, D.C., I realize that it is Florida’s families and businesses, taking risks with their ideas, capital and time, that create jobs and grow an economy,” Scott said. “We will continue to attract new jobs by consistently lettting businesses know through our actions that we want Florida to be their home.”

Scott’s latest proposal builds on many of the themes he endorsed in his first-year as governor.

 After scaling back benefits for Florida’s almost 1 million unemployed — to reduce costs for businesses — Scott now wants to require job training for those drawing assistance. He also wants to double the corporate income tax exemption approved last year by the Legislature, an increase that would eliminate the levy for about 25 percent of the companies still paying.

Scott also puts more pressure on state colleges and universities to produce more graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics — which he said will help promote economic growth. He also wants the K-12 system to do its part in advancing STEM education.

“Florida will become the nation’s leader in job creation and economic growth by consistently doing the right things month after month to create the nation’s premier environment to start, relocated or expand a business,” Scott said.

7 Responses to “Scott rolls another ’7′, unveiling job creation and economic plan”

  1. Jonathan Swift Says:

    More tax giveaways for the wealthy with absolutely no requirement of job creation. Where will the money come from to pay for these corporate freebies? Why reducing government programs that benefit the other 99% of Floridians, of course. Yes, more class-warfare against the poor and middle-class of Florida.

  2. T 4 2, 2 4 T Says:

    If you turn a 7 upside down it is an L. That stands for Liar.

  3. Searcher Says:

    I thought that Gov Snott was claiming credit for the 7 jobs he created. Of course he has laid off hundreds, but he don’t want to dwell on the negative…

  4. Can't Wait Says:

    I can’t wait for gov “Snott” to get his lying ass out of Tallahassee. He is by far the worst governor this state has ever seen. He should never stand behind any podium and put down the Obama administration. He makes me want to puke every time I see him.

  5. Sy Spirling Says:

    “Cause I’m a freak, I’m a weirdo” this guy needs to be behind his privatized prison walls

  6. Mbizzy Says:

    Tahnk God we have a governor focused on creating jobs–his record has been stellar so far whether you choose to acknowledge the plain facts before your short-sighted eyes. The rest of you scrubs posting here today–don’t get too comfortable–your unemployment benefits will be drying up soon and you’ll be forced to find work. When you do, be sure to thank Governor “Snott”.

  7. Jake Says:

    ^^Look everyone it’s MJR. Denial

    Scott is a disaster. Corporate giveaways don’t create jobs, they never have, they never will. The only argument Scott supporters have is to say “you must be on welfare if you don’t agree with me”. It makes you wonder about the age and maturity level of these people.

    In a depressed economy companies aren’t going to hire with extra cash. They need CUSTOMERS, which requires more people with JOBS. I do support the effort for increased infrastructure spending, but why did Scott reject billions in infrastructure aid from the federal government? He said it was “on principle”!!! People without a job could care less about Rick’s twisted “principles”.

    Repealing regulations will mean lost jobs, and there is no guarantee companies will use the saved cash to hire more people. Companies only hire enough people to meet the demands of their clients, they don’t just hire because they have extra cash lying around.

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