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Scott agrees with judge: Lawmakers should keep policy out of the budget

by Dara Kam | October 4th, 2011

Although he supports prison privatization and is committed to a broad expansion of it in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott said he disapproves of the legislature’s use of the state budget to establish policy – exactly how lawmakers ordered the privatization this spring.

“I should have the power to veto things that are major policy changes. I got elected as governor to mamke decisions on behalf of all the citizens of the state and to watch how all the money was spent. I ran a whole campaign on accountability,” Scott told reporters after Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting.

Scott appeared to be siding with a Tallahassee judge who ruled last week that the legilsature’s inclusion of the prison privatization effort in the state budget was unconstitutional.

In her ruling against Scott’s administration last week, Tallahassee Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford wrote that, if the legislature wanted to expand the prison privatization, it “must do so by general law, rather than ‘using the hidden recesses of the General Appropriations Act.’”

Scott said he hasn’t decided yet whether to appeal Fulford’s ruling, but was confident the 18-county region privatization of 29 prisons ordered by lawmakers would eventually take place.

“We’re going to do prison privatization in the state as long as we save money. I believe that we’re going to save a lot of money,” he said. During his campaign for governor, Scott said he wanted to slash prison spending by $1 billion – about half of DOC’s total budget.

Still, Scott said he’d like it if lawmakers restrict the budget to spending matters.

“That would be nice,” he said.

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4 Responses to “Scott agrees with judge: Lawmakers should keep policy out of the budget”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Does he even no what he’s talking about half the time? Or does he just contradict himself because he’s too stupid to understand the issues?

  2. Toni Says:

    I just read an article about how Tallahassee is hurting because consumers are not spending money. And yet everything the Republicans do makes the state have even less consumers available to spend money. They fire thousands of government workers – well guess what when you don’t have a job you can’t spend. And now they propose a mileage tax – great that means the roads that aren’t taxed will have heavier traffic because no one will ride on the ones that are taxed to save money. Or, they’ll just drive less. Republicans = idiots.

  3. William Says:

    This is what happens when the legislature is too far too the right and you have horrible represenation, you get corrupt lawmakers giving handouts to corporations and lobbyist who have too much influence in the process. This is why term limits are good and why we definitely need fairness in redistricting. You ill informed voters are letting a few republicans rob our democratic process in this state, then wonder why everything is so bad. Flori-duh!

  4. Searcher Says:

    Another LAWSUIT inspired by Gov. Snott.

    PRick was one of the leading forces for prison privatization. He hired the Indiana Prison Chief, then fired him for letting them film in Florida prisons.

    Now he acts like it was the Legislature’s fault. What a TOOL!

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