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Scott abides by court ruling; now only informally reviews rules, aide says

by John Kennedy | October 5th, 2011

Less than two months after the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Gov. Rick Scott could not require agencies to get his formal approval for rules they wanted to enact, a spokesperson said Wednesday the office is still reviewing the proposals — informally.

But a few House Democrats said such action may violate at least the spirit of justices’ 5-2 decision.

“Isn’t this like an end run around the court decision, that you”re subverting the court ruling?” Rep. Franklin Sands, D-Weston, asked Patricia Nelson, deputy director of Scott’s Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform.

Nelson said the governor still insisted on a “very close oversight of agency rulemaking.” But she denied that agencies had to go through the governor to get a go-ahead.

Indeed, Nelson said that if an agency has a standard that it must set quickly, or if there’s a backlog slowing review of a proposed rule, officials are told to enact it.

“We tell them you can move forward, because you don’t have to wait for my approval, based on the Supreme Court ruling,” Nelson said.

In a letter to agency heads sent shortly after the court ruling, Scott chief-of-staff Steve MacNamara said the governor “believes the majority opinion is illogical and grossly misreads the Florida Constitution.” MacNamara said Nelson’s three-person office will continue to “advise” agencies on what kind of rules they should enact.

Scott has vowed to cut government regulations and red tape. But Democrats on the House Rulemaking and Regulation Subcommittee saidWednesday  they were concerned that Scott’s review still amounted to undue influence, while acknowledging the agencies affected are under his control.

“It raises some great concern to me,” said Rep. Barbara Watson, D-Miami Gardens.

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3 Responses to “Scott abides by court ruling; now only informally reviews rules, aide says”

  1. rusty Says:

    our crooked governor isn’t going to leave a penny on the table because he owes his financial backers. He will find a way around the judges ruling.

  2. GT Says:

    The article says that these agencies are under his control? If so why cann’t he control them? Regulations by fed. and state are killing jobs in our country and forcing industries to go overseas to countries with less regulation.

  3. Searcher Says:

    Scott chief-of-staff Steve MacNamara is a lawyer that is paid $189,000 per year. For the money, you would think you could get someone who RESPECTS Florida’s Supreme Court or who gives HIS opinion, not our non-lawyer Gov. Snott’s. And why is he paid so much? The TEA-TARDS should ask this question. If a policeman or fare fighter isn’t worth $100K, why is this guy worth almost TWICE as much?

    Does Snott get credit for that job?

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