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Palm Beach conservative celebs Limbaugh, Coulter lead pushback on Cain story

by George Bennett | October 31st, 2011

Conservative Palm Beach celebrities Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are among those leading a furious pushback from the right against an anonymously sourced report that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment in the 1990s.

And part-time Palm Beacher Donald Trump has weighed in as well, speculating that “perhaps he settled just because he didn’t want to go through the legal fees or he didn’t want to spend a lot of money.”

Cain today adamantly denied sexually harassing anyone, saying he was the target of “false accusations” in the 1990 when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association. He said he had no knowledge of any settlement stemming from the charges. Politico said two women, whose identities were not revealed, received settlements “in the five-figure range.”

Limbaugh today blasted the “unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack on an independent, self-reliant conservative black” and said the media would not pursue a similar story against President Obama.

“It’s outrageous the way liberals treat a black conservative,” Coulter told Geraldo Rivera on Fox News on Sunday night.

Coulter called Cain the victim of “another high-tech lynching” — the phrase black conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas used during his 1991 confirmation hearings after being accused of harassing behavior by Anita Hill.

Cain told The Washington Examiner in May that he was “ready for the same high-tech lynching that he (Thomas) went through — for the good of this country.”

In an interview today on Fox News and in remarks at the National Press Club, Cain called the accusations against him a “witch hunt” but did not suggest a racial motive.

Cain has shot to the top of Republican presidential polls since his stunning Sept. 24 victory in a Florida straw poll.

“As a result of today’s big news story I really know what it feels like to be No. 1…This bullseye on my back is getting bigger,” Cain said at the National Press Club, where he spoke for about an hour and concluded by singing part of a gospel song.

One of Cain’s key Florida supporters, state Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, said conservatives will coalesce around a candidate they feel is being unfairly attacked.

“It seems like, if anything, a lot of conservatives are rising to his defense,” said Plakon, noting the statements by Limbaugh and Coulter. “There is a chance that this will give his campaign a kind of a boost.”

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29 Responses to “Palm Beach conservative celebs Limbaugh, Coulter lead pushback on Cain story”

  1. Downtown Danny Says:

    When you’ve only got Ann “The 9-11 wives are happy their husbands dies” Coulter and Rush “all drug users should be put in jail” Limbaugh and Donald “I’m a true Republican family values man that committed adultery in every marriage I’ve had” Trump you know you’re in trouble.

  2. DJ Miller Says:

    Yeah, no way that Limbaugh would ever spread scurrilous rumors that a Democratic president, still in office, had behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner before his presidency. We must have been dreaming those eight years between the two Bushes. Just more evidence to support my belief that whatever Rush says, honest persons had better believe the opposite because he had absolutely no integrity. Some of the stories about Clinton were true, but not all of them. The same may well be true of Cain. Unsavory, both situations.

  3. Martin Dotcom Says:

    I believe this is called vetting a candidate, what’s the big deal?

  4. Ronan Says:

    good candidates

  5. Wyn Says:

    What which hunt? He was accused by two women of sexual harassment. That is a fact. Whether he did or didn’t is the question. I would like these women to come forward and tell us about this situation.

  6. Trick or treat! Says:

    The witch, the mummy and the zombie have spoken.

    Happy Halloween.

  7. Dave B Says:

    There is such a double standard here it isn’t even funny. If he had committed some kind of crime, the police would be involved. If the women had truly felt harassed and Cain has millions of dollars, they would have sued him personally

    More likely, they mentioned on the way out the door to squeeze a few extra bucks out of their settlement.

  8. glen Says:

    Trick or Treat, stop drinking the kool aid. More name calling by liberals who CANNOT carry on intelligent debate. Clinton was, and if capable is, a philanderer unworthy of the office of POTUS. But the MSM pushed that aside as they have Obama’s ongoing association with outspoken Marxists and Socialists. But hey, maybe the people in this country will see thru the kool aid haze, and send a true American to the White House. Herman Cain in 2012

  9. mass effect Says:

    Limbaugh has also come under fire in recent weeks for his contention that the Occupy Wall Street protests are a “construct of the media-Democrat complex, industrial complex.” Limbaugh alleges that Obama and journalists such as Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone Magazine are behind the protests

  10. Michael Says:

    The republicans are just mad with the fact their only hope is Romney. They are going to prop up Cain as their little black puppet as long as they can. If they had a real canidate it wouldn’t be so funny.

  11. Searcher Says:

    It seem that the Repubs have “bedroom issues”. They need lessons on how to flirt. Because they obviously don’t know how to do it right…

  12. JimC Says:

    If I were Cain I’d distance myself from those racist righties. Limpbaugh thinks
    sexual harrassment charges are a “racially motivated” charge? That sounds like a racist comment to me.

  13. npgator Says:

    Accused and being guilty are two different things. We had a women where I worked that made a similar case (and false) only to be compenated by our company to avoid negative publicity. Cain is leadin now so he should expect to have the liberal media follow his every move.

  14. Vindicated Says:

    Gee, two right wing conservatives playing the race card! Say it isn’t so!!

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Cain is black.

  15. Bill Neubauer Says:

    As usual, THERE’S ANOTHER DIMENSION. Most of the focus seems to be on Cain. Maybe it’s my newspaper backgound, but I am beyond astonishment that Politico has, probably intentionally, failed every test of journalism excellence. It fails to produce names and photos of the women it uses to smear Cain. It fails to explore the legal records of the alleged offense. It has, in short, failed to pursue any of the relevant facts after announcing the Cain incident. I am saddened by the demise of quality journalism.

  16. paul Says:

    @Bill Neubauer

    Many news organizations have a policy of not identifying victims of sexual abuse/assault. Not saying it’s the case at Politico, I don’t know, but it’s definitely a possibility.

  17. Tea Lady Says:

    More and more Silliness! Really, folks, it’s distracting ..

    But perhaps that’s the point. There are some people who do not want America to prosper. They (apparently) want to scuttle Mr. Cain’s elegant 9-9-9 plan, in favor of more $pending. This is a big NO-NO!

    We’ll just have to keep spreading the word, in spite of the negativity, folks. Mr. Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is the best mix of Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets currently being offered.

    Let’s rally behind Mr. Cain! =)

  18. This is a joke! Says:

    Hey Neaubauer, if the Washington Times or WSJ broke a story about Obama or Harry Reid doing the same thing, would you have the same opinion? Doubt it! You’re a hypocrite along with the rest of the RNC/TP machine. I could care less who broke the story. Me being an Independent and able to formulate my own opinion without having the usual sludge from both sides thinking for me, maybe their is a gag order on those women. Possibly? Give this some time and you will probably be proven wrong again. Journalism is a JOKE in today’s political world. With the three stooges above casting their idiotic opinions on this, it will become an even bigger catastrophe for Cain. Looks like Romney/Obama, we’re screwed.

  19. mike Says:

    @t-lady – Hey t-lady, whays that t stand for? Transgender or transsexual? We all know that you are not female, no female would respond the way you do. I think you are probably a little, fat, demented frustrated male trying to prove something to yourself. You need help.

  20. Dee Says:

    Limpbaugh “the liberal media wouldn’t go after Obama” can’t see though the haze of his cigar smoke or his drug induced coma. What a joke he is along with Ann Coulter and the rest of the idiots who refer to themselves as Republicans or Bags of Tea.

  21. Gnarly Erik Says:

    The facts are:

    (1), Cain was accused by two women of sexual harassment;
    (2), Cain’s company compensated the women to settle the issue, apparently without admitting or denying the truth of the allegations;
    (3), Cain says he was unaware of any settlement.

    Those are the facts as reported in the media just as they are supposed to do. There was no mention of Cain’s race so how on earth can racism be construed in this? (unless of course right wing bigots wish to do so for political reasons?)

  22. Robert L Hatton Says:

    Good reply Bill!

  23. JimC Says:

    Righties remain the most ignorant people in our world. The report said the terms of the payoff required that the women not discuss the case. So Bill
    Numnuts- who apparently doesn’r read or maybe he just doesn’t comprehend the written word – probably a graduate of some poor Florida high school in the 50′s- Cain verified that charges were made and seems to know that payoffs were made- he can claim they were false charges because the women can’t respond but four different stories in one day looks like a guilty guy looking for a story that works for him.

  24. legal eagle Says:

    The worst possible thing for cain to do is allow these two idiots to ‘vouch” for him on any level. Coulter and Limbaugh are both hypocrites and a disgrace to any political party.

    Herman Cain will do fine on his own without the help of these two fame seeking freaks.

  25. legal eagle Says:

    If there is indeed a settlement agreement pertaining to this, most likely it will have a “gag” clause wherein the two women are not allowed to speak about the alleged incident(s)or the amountof money settled upon. Most settlement agreements have some type of gag clause, so this may be the reason the women are “not coming forward”.

  26. Mr. Brownstone Says:

    Poor Herman… I keep looking at his 9-9-9 plan upside down and it’s evil!

    OH MY!

  27. melody Says:

    Ms. Coulter writes books for her livelihood and doesn’t face the normal American workplace issues such as harassment or discrimination so why are Ms. Coulter and all the other book writing celebrities not questioning why Herman Cain’s book omits this vital part of his corporate American experience?

  28. Mr.Realism Says:

    Why is this story turning into a conservative vs liberal argument? Herman Cain’s chief of staff directly accused Perry’s campaign of leaking this story. This is not a typical “lynching” so to speak, this is conservative on conservative bickering. Bottom line, this will not help Cain in the long term, as his viability as presidential candidate. Conservative pundits such as Limbaugh, Coulter and the “Donald” won’t help any conservative candidates with their “the blacks” speak. To get Obama out of office, you need to portray being inclusive rather than speaking with undertones and statements that infuriate a key voting block.

  29. Gnarly Erik Says:

    With all due respect Mr. Realism, this story BEGAN as a conservative versus liberalism issue. It was defined as such by those very iconic pillars of precise and careful conservative erudition themselves, Coulter, Limbaugh and Trump.

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