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Occupy Palm Beach protests Allen West in the rain

by Andrew Abramson | October 18th, 2011

About 25 protesters calling themselves members of Occupy Palm Beach, 99 Percent or just citizens with a message, stood in the rain this morning as West spoke at a town hall at the Bethesda by the Sea Church in Palm Beach.

They chanted, “hey, hey, ho, ho, Allen West needs to go!” and rallied against “the war on the poor.”

Eddie Venero, who’s a member of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, drove up from Miami for the event.

“We’re trying to make it clear that programs like social security don’t add a penny to the deficit and shouldn’t be scapegoated for tax credits for the rich that don’t effectively create jobs,” Venero said.

Lisa Epstein, who helped organized the Occupy Lake Worth events, said West is trying to “delegitimize the movement” by saying it’s a bunch of kids who need to go to work.

“We’re not just a bunch of kids,” Epstein said. “We have a message.”

Most of the protesters this morning have been middle aged men and women, including a group of about four Hispanic protesters who chanted in Spanish about the need for jobs.

John Tracey, who said he was the event’s facilitator, said he was very pleased with the turnout.

“Even without rain this would have been a great turnout,” Tracey said. “It’s a Tuesday morning, and this isn’t a movement of unemployment people. This is a movement of taxpayers, and most of them have jobs and couldn’t be here.”

Tracey said that unlike the Tea Party protesters, “We have respect for decorum, and we are respectful when we ask questions (at the town hall). The other difference is funding. We are bottom-up, and we’re not sponsored by a media outlet.”

Tracey said there are also similarities with Tea Party movement. “When they first started it was about the bank bailouts, and we have some of the same questions we want addressed,” Tracey said.

Several drivers on the island honked in support, and one man drove by and flipped his middle finger at the protesters.

Police officers said the protest was lawful, although they wouldn’t allow a bullhorn because of a Palm Beach ordinance.

One officer told a valet driver that he was wishing for lightning to strike the protesters. The officer, who said he was eager to break up the protest, asked if there were any noise complaints.



163 Responses to “Occupy Palm Beach protests Allen West in the rain”

  1. Debbie WS Says:

    This is democrat orchestrated.

  2. l Says:

    go west!!! doing a great job keep it up

  3. wow Says:

    So, let me get this straight… these people would rather protest in the rain than go apply for jobs and go on job interviews? They think they’re doing something bigger than themselves and leaving a mark but they’re only making themselves look foolish. Do what the rich do and create your own jobs and control your own destiny. Most millionaires in the US are small business owners. They didn’t get there b/c they were protesting on the road asking the government for money. They went to work and when the going got tough, they worked harder.

  4. rdc Says:

    where does it say the protesters are unemployed? Maybe they are students, work at night, or work a schedule other than 9-5. Maybe they took the day off. You don’t have to be unemployed to be concerned with the lack of jobs, especially those that pay a living wage, in this state.

  5. Debra K Says:

    Hey dumbies….Obama has Wall Street working for him…why aren’t you protesting him.

    Dumb dumb dumb

  6. Floridian Says:

    What a joke, this group calling themselves the 99%. I have worked hard all my life with nothing left to show for it because of this so called President and his cronies. Go get jobs. I have 3 children who have been unemployed but they all found jobs by looking.
    Anyone who would vote for Lois has got to be crazy. We need more freedoms not less.

  7. Good News! Says:

    This is only the beginning and yes, it is 99% of the Country supported by the World.

  8. Rye Says:

    My husband & I worked hard all my life. Lost our small business in 2008. My husband’s now 75 yrs old, changing tires and oil, trying to supplement our SS. No one ever kicked in one nickel to a 401K for us, one dime to health care. We watch people fortunate enough to have jobs point and disgrace those less fortunate, sneer at attempts of the lower and middle class to change things. I can’t believe the hatred in these responses, and beautiful Palm Beach County. I stand with the OCCUPY crowd, and I’ll carry a sign.

  9. angry Says:

    Dear wow i agree but you don’t understand, we no longer have opportunities and we are no longer in a free capitalist system which is the best system. We are so regulated that it becomes impossible to do what previous generations were able to do the government has become an enemy of all small businesses they regulate and make it impossible that is why we are angry that America has become a scam and why we are part of the 99%

  10. The Truth Says:

    She did okay…she spelled “one term” correctly. What’s her point?

  11. JUAN PEREZ Says:

    WOW a whole 25 people showed for the demo but only 2 appear on the picture

    Typical of the PBP tea party demo don’t rate a photographer but the bums of the week get front page

  12. Termack Says:

    The cop said what?
    Sounds like he needs some reevaluation, at least.

  13. Marissa Says:

    The cop said what?? The cop should have no opinion whatsoever, I pay his paycheck, he is there to follow law NOT to give a personal opinion. People have the right to protest in this country, even in Palm Beach. Good for them.

  14. Occupy the White House Says:

    I’m in when its time to Occupy the White House.

    1980 all over again…made a mistake with Jimmy Carter. But, Obama has the class war & entitlement dependent society to squeak by 4 more years.

    2014 or 2015, when 5 million march on the White House, I bet Obama will have troops in the streets. Like Khadafi & Assad…he’ll do whatever to keep power.

  15. Joseph L Cooke Says:

    Leftist reptilian sludge that has no place among normal people.

  16. mike Says:

    The OWS is world wide and will not stop protesting until we get the changes we need . Of course west would try to dismiss the movement as it goes against everything his corporate paymasters are aligned with. Next local OWS meet – sat. 10:00 am at green place wpb.

  17. Wonder what Bill Thinks? Says:

    Can we hear from Senator Bill Nelson on this Occupy Wallstreet group?

    What is his opinion?

    Can the Post ask him?

  18. Joseph L Cooke Says:

    That’s my kind of cop. He should replace Holder.

  19. LOCAL YOKEL Says:

    I would like to hear what regulations are stopping small business?? I constantly hear that regulations stop business, no one and I mean no one ever actually can list one that is a problem. Just spouting the word all the time.

  20. Not just kids Says:

    That woman is hilarious. “We’re not just a bunch of kids. We have a message.” She probably had to bite her tongue from saying, “We’re a bunch of welfare-collecting adults with time on our hands since we’re sucking from the government teet.”

  21. seriously Says:

    Hatred is the common theme running thru these posts. What’s the matter with you people. Don’t you know that you are being manipulated by the super rich who have no interest in you at all… exept as pawns. The crook in the Governors office should be proof enough. He’s already enriching his financial backers.

  22. Hypocrites Says:

    And who is funding the Obama campaign?

    It’s millionaire and billionaires!

    How about the millionaire and billionaire Hollywood producers, directors, movie stars, singers? How about the millionaire, billionaire sports atheletes?

    They parade around driving their gas guzzling vehicles, they charter private jets instead of taking commercial flights, live in mansions, are dripping with jewels?

    And they only work on a film at a time with personnel to dress, feed them, drive them. Give up your money!

    Tell Jo L to give up her money, tell Michael Jordan to give up his cache, tell Steven Spielberg to give up his bank accounts, tell Caroline Kennedy to raid her trust accounts.

    Stop your extravagant living. Donate your salary to the government! Don’t accept the pay producers and sports teams want to pay you. Donate! Role model what you ask of others!

    Start donating your cash, get rid of your penthouses, high rise condos, designer clothes, shoes and purses.

    Democrat billionaires and millionaires need to give up their money!

  23. Max Tucker Says:

    This police officer is a disgrace to the others defending our streets.
    He should apply for a position at Blackwater where this kind of fascism is promoted.

  24. Jay Says:

    Lightning would be a little overkill, Im all of using fire hoses on these losers any day.

  25. Paul Says:

    If the reporter that claimed a police officer said those things cannot back it up with who it was – why did this rag of a paper decide to publish it?

  26. holla Says:

    BRAVO OWPB!!!!

  27. Walter Purvis Says:

    I came out in protest to the Lake Worth march last Saturday. I am employed, family of 5 and cannot always come out when I would like to or I would be there standing in the rain. There are many people just like me as you witnesses last Saturday in Times Square in New York. We are there for many reasons. I’m there because of my concern for my children’s future. Are reasons are many. But i’ll give you mine. I want to see the money out of politics. Our legislatures should be only using the money collected in our taxes to run for office. The rich are the only ones the politicians listen to because that’s where the money comes from. The rich, corporations and those that can buy lobbyist to fight for their interest are listened to. We have no voice.
    Those banks that are too big to fail need to be broken up so if they do fail they can. Those banks that took the handout from the government should be forced to work with homeowners. They should have been forced to make agreements to help those that are struggling to meet their obligations. There should be an act forcing the separation of the insurance companies, investment banks and commercial banks like there was under the Glass-Steagall Act that the Republicans dismantled in 1999 and started the housing bubble.
    The Rich need to pay more as they can afford to help our country. This is only common sense.
    The government has the power to stop the loop holes, the hidden off shore money, the special deals and tax structure setups allowing corporations to import foreign workers at cheaper prices and making it more profitable for corporations to send jobs overseas. The politicians don’t listen to the people, only the rustle of money that will help them get re-elected. It’s a fact that 94% of those that raise the most money get elected.
    There are many more reasons these people stand out in the rain and these are a few of mine, why I come out on the weekends. These people aren’t crazy or lazy, they at least get off their butts and do something they believe in because they love their country and want to make a statement of discontent in what is happening. The politicians aren’t listening yet, but as this movement grows they will listen because we are the 99 percent.

  28. hopelove Says:

    No fan of West, but I’ll vote him 100 times before I give my vote to Frankel.

  29. Susan Says:

    Some very famous quotes from Thomas Jefferson. It amazes me of the insight that he had into our current day situation with the government.

    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. “

    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

    These quotes could not be truer!!!!!

  30. Allen's a leader Says:

    How much did Lois Frankel pay the guats to show up?

  31. Friend Says:

    I know one of these girls parents. They are upper middle class and paid her college tuition and bought her a condo! All these people are fakes, they just have nothing better to do. They read articles about the 60′s and think its cool! Total fakers going home to their houses mommy and daddy paid for and driving home in their new cares! Total JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Vietnam Vet Says:

    Here to WOW are you nuts or just acting like it. You my friend are less than an educated MORON!

  33. Ha ha ha Says:

    “What do we what?” (Jobs!) But what you don’t hear is their true message…. “What do we want?” (Food stamps!) “What do we want?” (Free housing!) “What do we want?” (Free cell phones!) Quit acting entitled and get off your a$$ and go out there an find work and be a productive member of this country. There are so many people who cry that they can’t because they never even try. If they weren’t being handed everything they’d find some source of income.

  34. EddieGin Says:

    That’s the “Pink-Triangle Army” out there, get your *aze back on a plane to San fran Sicko. I also HATE cigarettes, what’s in your mouth “BOY”. Puke

  35. Koch Refinery Says:

    Bring it on !!

  36. Protest This Says:

    These losers don’t even have enough sense to come in out of the rain.

  37. Koch Refinery Says:

    EddieGin seems to have a lot of “oral” on his mind !!

  38. muffy Says:

    help! get these west palm wannabees off our island- we must start to have the police ask for id’s at all the bridges to keep these people and others like them off our pristine island- go occupy another town besides ours- I hope that wasn’t my neighbors maid with the megaphone or she may be sent back to her country and I don’t know what candy would do

  39. jac Says:

    GOP wants you to stay unemployed. I would rather see Americans working than having them sit home collecting unemployment. That is a waste of taxpayers money. Unemployment checks should come with a job. Stop giving out handouts.

  40. npgator Says:

    WOW – 25 protestors!

  41. I was there Says:

    Wow, whata wake up call I had today. When I was told to get a job, and I replied I would be running his breathing machine in ICU, his reply wa F**’k You !!

    How’s that for class warfare?

    When I yelled to the motorcycle cops if they were Congressman Wests new Biker security (Outlaws MC) he gave me the finger. My reply was he is only one layoff away from joining us he looked like a deer in head lights.
    I am also quite happy Bernie Madoff robbed you, you have been robbing the poor and middle class for years. Pay backs are hell, and you aint seen nothin yet!!!

  42. no unions Says:

    Well if they are angry then it means Mr. West is doing a fine job.
    Keep up the good work.

  43. LOCAL YOKEL Says:

    it would be nice if Allan West actually had a town meeting in a public room. Always in a church or a tea party event never for the general public. he is scared to meet his people. He will be gone next election.

  44. npgator Says:

    These dopes marching up in New York are predominitely being paid by Unions and you will notice they only march in front of known conservatives. Even Wolf Blitzer says the poll numbers should alarm the DEMS.

  45. American Voter Says:

    Those commenting on this post against the protesters should understand they enjoy excersizing the same freedom of speech the protesters are excersizing.
    Either way educate your self about how we got here! CDO’s, Mortgage Backed Securities? Goldman Sachs was convicted of Fraud, but old Hank Paulson (born on Palm Beach Island), was Goldmand Sachs CEO & Sec. of Treasury Dept, worked for Bush and Clinton. While left and right blames one another, The hedge fund guru John Paulson made a BILLION, thats BILLION, betting against Americas financial stability, nothing happened to him! Nothing! The real perpetrators are laughing at all of you because you dont even know who they are. Tell your congressman to change the laws that protect the bad element, create transparency in DC and Wall St. But first you must learn who they are and how they get aways with it.Stop blaming each other. You have been divided and conquered and you dont even know it!
    Even fools are counted wise when they are silent.

  46. I was there Says:

    I think Barbara Picower is the only women on the island with an ounce of class…..The rest of you are nothin but expensive ho’s

  47. JOHN LARKIN Says:

    An Acorn by any other name is still an Acorn…These are Acorn bought and paid for by the Demo Debbie – you betcha !

  48. Koch Brother Says:

    West is a disgrace for all citizens of the area. He is a fascist who would be better off in Iraq. JUST VOTE HIM OUT!!!!

  49. Better Luck Next Time Says:

    @I was there, I bet you’re real proud of yourself and don’t consider yourself to be a hate-filled person. Good luck with the rest of your life. You will need it.

  50. I was there Says:

    Yes Better Luck, I am proud. Because I am now living rent free in your head. Thanks !!

  51. Is it raining lazy people? Says:

    ” Epstein said”.
    “We have a message.”

    And it is…We don’t want to work for money! We want YOUR MONEY Mr. & Mrs. Working!

    “Rye Says”
    My husband’s now 75 yrs old, No one ever kicked in one nickel to a 401K for us, one dime to health care.
    If your husband is 75 I beg to differ. I help pay for YOUR healthcare now RYE. You just think that YOU shouldn’t have too! Try again.

  52. Aubrey Says:

    10 mindless illiterates of which 8 are illegals….this is news? HAHA!!

  53. @ I was there Says:

    If only you were a productive citizen in the country that would be better. As in paying for your own Iphone and the mortgage.

  54. Aubrey Says:

    KOCH (lol)

    How is West a disgrace? Do tell?

  55. I was there Says:

    I use a Blacberry, (which allows me to respond effortlessly to you morons).
    Having served as a crew member of a fast attack nuclear submarine, and this crew was awarded the Navy Unit Citation, and now working critical care taking care of YOU when your trying to die, I just want to let you know that we are not ignorant, we are not un-employed, we are not poor. We are pissed…..
    And unless you are in the 1%, you should be too.
    We are building, we are growing, we are getting organized, and we are gonna haunt the 1% on Palm Beach Island all winter. And we will be waiting for your return to Wall Street.
    How you like us now?

  56. RCherry Says:

    West is an idiot. It is amazing how misinformed some of the reply’s appear. This is why Florida is in such a mess. Ignorance is prevalent.

    It’s not only the Fascist Republicans, there is plenty of money influence in the Democratic party also. The system is corrupt.

    Obama has been a big disappointment, but what the Republican party offers is borderline treason. The thought that lowering taxes on business will stimulate job growth is a historical falsehood. The tax breaks given to the wealthy is shameless.

    The constant state of war in the oil rich Middle east is just a cash cow for the energy and defense contractors.

    The current state of the Supreme Court and the questions of Corporate person-hood is plain and simple corruption.

    You have to support and admire any protesting of the current system. the issues are so varied, it’s very difficult to speak in one voice. All these issues have been boiling up over several decades. Common sense has been silent way too long, it will take time for these protests to speak as one voice. But because they exist gives hope that not all are as gullible as some of the responses to this article appear.

  57. Duh Says:

    The similarities between the Tea Party movement and this one are striking. Both came out of people’s frustrations, are relatively unorganized, have a hard to define message. The Tea Party’s target is the government, while Occupy’s is corporations. I believe that the real culprit of our problems is how SOME (not all) corporations get with SOME (not all) government officials to get an unfair competitive advantage. Attacking blindly ALL corporations or ALL government agencies shows a very limited and one-sided view of things.

  58. ProudPalmBeachDem Says:

    Hey Aubrey and Muffy,
    You are making a lot of bad unAmerican assumptions – I was there, I live in Palm Beach, yes there was a diversity of people but all citizens and legal. Some have jobs but took off of work, others have been looking but took the time to exercise their 1st amendment rights – and even in the rain because it is THAT IMPORTANT. Even if you don’t agree, don’t make blanket assumptions about people’s lives.

  59. I was there Says:

    To Duh, you are absolutely right. But I would rather “ask forgiveness then permission” in this forth coming battle. How does one make a card board sign differentiating the two?

  60. djnfla Says:

    These protesters have nothing in common with the Tea Party. Nothing.

    How many of them have already been arrested all over the country?

    If they are upset about the rich, what about the first lady who has spent 10 million dollars on vacations, is she not rich? The wealthy Hollywood celebrities who are members of the Democratic Party who spend millions on clothes and vacations? Where is Oprah? Is she not rich? What about Jay Z? He has MILLIONS.

    No, these people are funded by Unions, the same Unions who fund Democrats, who got the Stimulus slush fund.

    They are tools of the Democratic Party.

  61. denis coleman Says:

    I was there and there were never anywhere near 25 people protesting.

  62. I was there Says:

    Funny nobody replies to my point that I am one of many that feel the same way, and we take care of you at Good Sam, St Mary’s, Delray etc etc. I am quite certain you do not have tHe charector to come and protest in my work space that we are lazy, dirty, or felons..
    Bring it on 1%.
    We will meet. And I wll still take care of you like a compassionate person does for another.
    Then you go home and in your spare time conspire with others how to grab more wealth from us.
    I just want to give you an early idea of what hell is gonna be like for you.

  63. Truth Says:

    Leave to the Post to make a story about 25 losers protesting the wrong person. Where were they when the DEMS refused to reorganize Fannie and Freddie??

  64. Heh Says:

    Go West!

    Maybe the rain will clean the stench off these foul creatures.

  65. I was there Says:

    See ya all soon !!

  66. Termack Says:

    So these protestors are not effective?
    The motivated 63 opinions so far.
    We are the 99%.

  67. dave Says:

    No, I just think your 99% of the morons.

  68. The rise Says:

    Rep West is simply insane. Anyone who has a simple brain cell knows that. One term ha he’s lucky he got one.

  69. Koch Brother Says:

    what a crazy country..when middle class working Americans support Republican PUPPETS like West, Cain, Scott, Walker, and others who only care about the BILLIONAIRES….wake up, America before its back two hundred years ago when we had the very Rich, and the very poor…its happening now!!!

  70. gethefacts Says:

    Allen West you have my vote and thousands of others…keep up the wonderful job your doing!!!

  71. Your a Joke Says:

    To: I was there,

    I’ll reply to your point. If you are as intelligent as your grammar indicates I’d rather take my chances with a witch doctor. You prove my point that the 99% that you identify yourself with is 99% of morons who are too stupid to even know what their cause even is. All you so called 99%ers are is a bunch of left wing idiots pushing a mixed bag of left wing nonsense. The rest of America, 99.9%, is laughing at you.

  72. Bob W. Says:

    Silly hippies are pointing their fingers in the wring direction. The Feds are allowing the Wall Street bunch to run wild. How about let’s “Occupy the Capital”?

  73. Bill Says:

    Manupulated by the rich or obama and his thugs wow what a great choice. I am almost 60 and have worked since I was 8 years old. The only thing I know is I have more $ in my pocket when Republicans are in office than I do when the Dumocrats are there. By the please don’t include me in your 99% i am just a poor working slob not rich nor on the government dole.

  74. I was there Says:

    Thank you so much, we must have had the same english teacher, yours aint so hot either.

    Thanks for the free rent in your head

  75. Bob W. Says:

    Oops, correct that to “w-r-o-n-g direction” please.

  76. dark gator Says:

    It figures — the West character hanging out with the 1% at Bethesda By The Sea!

  77. 99%revolution2011 Says:

    HA, I love this hate,
    scared much?
    sorry I didn’t comment to your ignorance earlier.
    YES, we have JOBS, sorry our money wasn’t handed to us like yours. yet we still had time to stand out there…hmmm and WE are the lazy one? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. keep talking bigots. your fear is what feeds me.
    P.S I speak for myself.
    but i’m sure many agree. turn off the T.V and open a history book. seems you forgot a lot. :)
    we’re winning.
    accept it.
    or there will be no one left to make it for you ;)

  78. Free Baller Says:

    25??? More like 11 including the fat chick with the bull horn. Wow, they really sent a message. LOL!

  79. RobWPB Says:

    Pretty soon they’ll be kicking in the doors of businesses and taking what they want. They will justify their behavior as ‘built up frustration concerning their current financial situation’ and some Left Wing, Liberal judge will find that they are indeed, a victim. Losers!!!!
    Being Liberal Is Punishment Enough!!!

  80. Free Baller Says:

    TO: I was there,

    Back at ya. But, no thanks I don’t take anything for free. I have a job and don’t need handouts.

  81. RobWPB Says:

    Sorry but this is funny. The lady with the sign that reads -How do you spell one term? Allen West- Shouldnt that be How do you spell one term Allen West? Just symbolic of the brains associated with OWS….

  82. John Tracey Says:

    (To Editor) One request, I’m not “the facilitator,” I’m “a facilitator.”

    (To commenters) This is a purely democratic movement, not funded at all. The second the Democratic party tries to co-opt us, we’ll kick hem out. We’re not right or left, green or independent. We’re Americans.

    My personal tax liability last year was 2.8K, not counting SS, sales tax, and Medicaid. My income was 35K, I was the guy who fixed your cable box. I wish you’d talk to us instead of judging us outright. We’re not as different as you think. I’m am the 99%, and I am also the 53%. Mostly, I’m a father, (She’s 10, college is already paid for, thank you very much.) I’m a human being, and I’m an American.

    God bless us all.

  83. RobWPB Says:

    Hahhahaha.. Sorry again… but really? 25 people? I only count 13 in the video… Whatever… How do you spell Loser? OWS thats how!!!!

  84. John Tracey Says:

    @99% global revolution, Share your cake, or there will be no-one to make it for you. Keep speaking truth to power!

  85. 99%revolution2011 Says:


  86. John Tracey Says:

    @Rob, How do you spell “One Term?” “Allen West” would work as well. That video was taken before I got there. The turn out was much larger, but cameras don’t work in the rain. Say hi to us. You might find that we agree to a lot.

    @Muffy, I’m hoping that was a Colbert moment, and you don’t actually think every Hispanic is a maid. You have my prayers.

  87. 99%revolution2011 Says:

    Go pay your mistress to keep her mouth shut. tUFF GUYZ
    so when you run outt’a money you can lose your family AND your jobs!
    i spit in your soup!
    you still eat it!
    we win, you lose
    hehehahahehehho! :D

  88. 99%revolution2011 Says:

    You posting here with middle school humor and bully like intent shows that in fact we ARE getting through to you,
    and you are scared.
    Feel free to join us when you have nothing.
    we forgive all. :)

  89. Rain Says:

    West voted with other Republicans to let women die.

    West needs to go.

    All Republicans need to go.

  90. South PB Says:

    The only problem with an Occupy Palm Beach movement is that the 99% in Palm Beach are the millionaires. Creepy, creepy town, filled with creepy, creepy people…..

  91. 99%revolution2011 Says:

    ^see does that sound nice?

  92. dark gator Says:

    Palm Beach, home of the 1% — the 99% could make life interesting over there once the rich start decending from their gilded northern enclaves!

  93. Searcher Says:

    The 99% MOVEMENT is GROWING. It attracts the unemployed, the Employed, the aspirational, the retired and many, many others.

    The TEA-PARTY will not attract these people because the TEA-PARTY has no Compassion, no Soul and NO EMPATHY! Tea time is OVER, welcome to the REST OF THE WORLD!

  94. GJB Says:

    The problem is that most if not all poloticians need only one term because they are only in it for themselves. They get paid by big money to push legislation their way. That works all the way from the top down. So if Washington doesn’t set a good example, then how can you expect any other level to? And to add to the issue, all the metro people that are employed like cops, ya the one who hope you guys got struck by lightning, are on the benefit of all this crap. So he doesn’t give a damn either. The whole of government needs a clean sweep in order to bring normalcy to the issues we face. Plotics as usual will only give us more of the same. Those people know it and thats why we get more of the same. They do not want to change it.

  95. swampgtr Says:

    You people who think that you are the 99% are lying to yourselves!!! We think you are a bunch of freeloaders who are looking for a handout. You are what are wrong with this country! Get off your lazy asses and take care of yourself and your children, the 99% of us are tired of taking care of them.

  96. clarissa Says:

    I had to go from worth avenue to the north end to a luncheon and my driveras we drove by made a wave of water on those people- spoke to the police chief and he insists those people will not bother us again- good riddance- there is a bridge for a reason

  97. swampgtr Says:

    The real 99% should make sure that we vote someone in that will abolish welfare, food stamps,etc. If you need help you should have to go work for the welfare check. I’m sure there are plenty of streets that need to be cleaned, government buildings to be painted, graffiti to be covered, etc… Of course you would have to pass a drug test first!!!

  98. I was there Says:

    Hi Clarrissa, Tell the Chief to blow me. He can’t stop us, and he knows it.
    How he is going to balance our rights protected by the constitution for this very purpose with his uber Rich Masters is a very interesting thought. Will he go to jail for violating? Oh yeah !! We got a few judges in our pocket too.
    So, wish him luck for us, right after blow me !!

  99. qi Says:

    The 99% have a message…

    CEO pay increased 300 percent since 1990, while average hourly earnings (adjusted for inflation) have been stagnant for the last 50 years.

  100. Tom Says:

    Lois Frankel will make sure that Mr. Right Wing West will be a one term wonder.

  101. dark gator Says:

    The 99% need to take back Palm Beach!

    Palm Beach does not rightfully belong to the descendants of Henry
    Flagler and the other robber barons!

    Cross the bridges, storm the beaches!

  102. I was there Says:

    Lois Frankel is as corrupt as West. She is wasting her time(and hopefully money). We do not support nor endorse her. Nor will we.

    She is also part of the problem, and not solution.

  103. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    I’m a middle class working dad, retired Marine combat vet, Independent, taxpayer, school & community volunteer and 110% Occupy supporter.
    I also believe in capitalism in that those making an honest buck by hard labor should keep it.

    But when the hyper-rich, the corporations, bank industry, and Wall St are permitted by RECENT LAW to spend their money to buy politicians and legislation that allow only the rich to benefit even further with tailored political favors, laws, inside deals, tax loopholes, power and control that the average middle class worker can’t afford….then that’s where I draw the line.
    Why should I vote now, if all the Dem and GOP politicians are already owned by, work for, and MAKE FAVORABLE LAWS FOR only the 1%?

    I’d be much more satisfied if the 1% just took that extra cash and bought themselves another 20 American-made luxury cars and yachts, or another 10 vacation homes in the USA.
    On my life I swore to defend the Constitution, NOT to defend corporations, corrupt politicians, and RIGGED LAWS that favor only the rich.

    Vote every single incumbent Dem and GOP out of office, keep corporate $ out of politics, and CHANGE THE LAWS that allow the rich to buy politicians
    That’s what Occupy is all about to me.

  104. william III Says:

    take your movement to singer island where no one will care or do anything to you- but we don’t want you on our island- better yet take it to your king at the white house

  105. I was there Says:

    BustedUpGrunt you are very welcome to join us. We are easy to find online. Occupy Palm Beach.

    And to the other moron, We prfer the upscale restraunts, bars, and hot horny rich girls you have running around on Palm Beach Island. Easy pickens for men with balls. All you have is daddy’s money.

  106. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    @william III
    You and your 1% friends should keep your island, and all your money and possessions.

  107. melody Says:

    Those blow hard lying bullies are not fooling anyone and are scared into spouting threats and evil thoughts like that quoted Palm Beach police afraid of losing his ‘lair of wealthy’ guard job!

    That 99% is made up of many hard working voters who have seen their 401k retirement savings from their value added jobs yo-yo while wall streeters extract their ever increasing share of wealth and threaten to off shore or remove minimum wage protections for remaining USA value added jobs.

    What is Rep. West doing to offer legislation that protect and promotes USA value added jobs, other than private security to protect irrational and imaginary fears of wealthy? Does Rep. West believe USA workers need to be beaten down by national as well as global economic forces to level of low wages and scarce healthcare of tribal foreign oppressive lands? Does Rep. West want everyone to lose home ownership because jobs to pay our mortgages and insurances must pay higher wages than doing those jobs off shore or with imported cheap desperate labor? Does Rep. West want to protect our 401k plans, savings, and home values from extractions by wall street schemes or help threaten us to stay in jobs with unlimited demands with a future where there are no government social safety nets or protections?

  108. Full time Worker & Full time Student Says:

    The average person in West Palm Beach is $26,000 in debt (not even including mortgages) and earning $21,000 a year, and that’s the best per-capita in the entire state of Florida. The rest of Florida is in worse shape… more debt and less income.
    That’s as absolutely middle class as it gets, but that sure as s**t looks like poverty to me.

    Scrolling through here, it amazes me that all the anti-occupy people are posting during the 9-5 hours, when they should be hard at work.
    Goes to show who the self-hating unemployed really are, and they still vote against their own best interest. Brainwashed right-wing masses can’t even realise that the Occupy movement speaks for them too, even if they’re too much of a coward, or too lazy, or too stupid to do it themselves.

    Why is it that the people in the Occupy movement tend to have well thought out posts full of verifiable facts, while the Teatards mash together disparaging sentence fragments with no substance or fact behind them? To me this is just fact vs. opinion, and as a logical human, I’ll choose fact every time.
    I know I can’t expect that from the people who label themselves as “conservative” or “right” or “tea.” With the way the they cling to the bible, they’re not very interested in logic or facts, so it should surprise no one that they take what’s told to them by Fox and Limbaugh as truth without any supporting facts, and without questioning why these people might be saying the things they say.

  109. mike Says:

    I am a 99er. I dont need that distinction to protest alan west. West is a disgrace, a war criminal, a woman hater, a freeloader and an uncle tom. It is pathetic that a state would elect the likes of west and scott, both known criminals. This thread is full of hilter style haters and through thier ignorance and lack of education they dont even know it. How do you spell success? OWS

  110. Full time Worker & Full time Student Says:

    Also, if the Palm Beachers are upset about 25 peop0le today, then they’re gonna be really ticked off when they have 500 or so to deal with on Saturday.

  111. sickoflibs Says:

    These “occupy” protesters don’t even understand what they are protesting. Why are they going after Allen West? If they had any understanding they would realize the people they are mad at are the very ones that helped get Obama elected (wall street was his biggest doner) in 2008. The rich hold the power and Obama is paying them all back. The poor have no power. Obama gives lip service to them while in the background he is paying back all his wallstreet and banking buddies. WAKE UP LIBERALS! When people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid say they care so much about the poor why don’t you look into how much they pay their help (maids, butlers, etc) and then tell me again how much these liberals really care about the poor. You liberals really frustrate me, your so misguided. Another example, all of the liberal actors that say they care so much about the underclass. If they really did why do they demand millions of dollars on a single movie, while the rest of the crew (the underclass) live paycheck to paycheck. If Obama cares so much about the underclass, why does he make millions in profits from his books. Hes a CAPITALIST! YOU MORONS.

  112. Bob W. Says:

    @Fulltime worker/student etc…It’s haters such as yourself, that prevent the average person from taking the “occupy” movement very seriously. Instead of spewing venom, how about offering some realistic solutions?

  113. Full time Worker & Full time Student Says:


    There’s no venom, just observations.

    You want suggestions on how to fix the problem?

    End the fed.
    End our wars.
    Remove all the politicians, then institute campaign finance reform.
    Regulate big business, and arrest the criminal few who’ve bribed their way to the top.
    Break up the big banks, and regulate them too.
    Tariffs, tariffs, tariffs to prevent off-shoring of jobs.

    I could go on, but I have a class to get to.

    Again, just observation.

  114. Mercedes C Says:

    Some of the pro-West rhetoric here is outstanding; then again, many of us know very well that the Koch Brothers are paying well to seed the blogs with hatred, angry words, falseties, demagogery etc., etc., all of which by the way, West and his followers and satraps are quite good and versed at doing. Besides, what can anyone expect from people who are obviously unable to communicate without using insults, lies, and distortions? Let’s face it that type of speech is one of West’s forte! For certain we can expect this kind of reaction and behavior from people who are truly afraid of what is going to happen in 2012.

  115. I was there Says:

    To sickoflibs, you make more then a few VERY good points, I for one applaud you. That is why we do not support ANYBODY !! We think BOTH sides have f**cked us!!
    Third party…..maybe, own party… Maybe. First, we are going to get numbers of voters. Something even money can’t buy when you all keep pissing people off.
    Keep it going, you make our job easier !!

  116. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Read my previous post #103 above.

    West, Obama, Bush, Pelosi, and every single Dem and GOP’er in office?
    What’s really the difference?
    They’re all bought and owned by the 1%.
    Therefore, our vote and voice means nothing.
    And that’s what needs to be changed.

    If you’re happy with that, then Occupy is not for you.

  117. sickoflibs Says:


    Occupy is definetely not for me. I think they are just an unorganized group of people with many of them being volatile and violent. They are supposed to be against the greed but make exceptions for people like George Soros and Warren Buffet because they are liberals.

  118. I was there Says:

    @ Ickoflibs
    Dude, I haven’t seen Jimmy, Warren or George marching. Warren can definetly buy his way in. 10 billion and your in If your seeing this. Maybe new York is more, but I think our chapter would let him in for that donation!!

    Jimmy Buffet can kiss my ass. I walked out of his filthy dirty excuse of a bar in Key West.

    We are sick of the hole friggan mess. We are the Forward Party !!

    Just come once man, don’t make pre-judgements, you seem to smart for that…Sturday Clematis Street near the fountain, look for the signs, I would like to meet you.
    Peace Out

  119. Searcher Says:

    The TEA-BAGGIES are getting SCARED. OWS is a WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT, not the little brother of the Republican Party. The TEA-BAGGIES showed up to TOWN HALLS with GUNS, while the OWS just show up AND THEY STAY THERE.

    When was the last time this happened? Maybe the 60′s, maybe earlier. Have you ever heard of HOOVERVILLES? They were tent cities for the displaced.

    And how about the BONUS ARMY, soldier that were promised a bonus that marched on Washington in 1932? 2 soldiers were killed by HOOVER when Hoover ordered the tents cleared form public land.

    See any parallels here people? That is why BUSTED UP GRUNT is here. That is why FULL TIME WORKER & FULL TIME STUDENT is here. And that’s why I AM HERE!

    So, TEA-TWITS, get ready to get run over. Your rich patrons can’t stop a waterfall from falling and they can’t stop OWS!!!!!

  120. ALERT Says:


  121. Sam Says:

    Great job OWS. Looks like West has his hands full, and then some! :) Goodbye and good riddance, this guy doesn’t belong in SFL, let’s get him out!

  122. Says:

    Attorney General Beau Biden on Investigating the Mortgage Mess

  123. 99%revolution2011 Says:

    Are NONE of you idiots READING? most of the 99%’rs ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY THE GOVN!!!! wake up dumbass’!
    let me spell it out for you to read in preschool english


  124. howie Says:


  125. I was there Says:

    Who is supported by political party’s? Not my cause(OPB).

    And for the record, Allen West was forced to resign his comission in the army or face court martial for conduct unbecoming an officer and violation of the Geneva Convention.

    In other words, he was kicked out

  126. howie Says:

    Kicked out because he was trying to save the lives of his men at the expense of a deadly enemy.How dare anyne who has not been in combt judge this man. Kill or be killed is the only policy that makes sense I, a Vietnam veteran, as well as his men regard Representative West as a hero.Mayor Frankel soes not deserve to shine his boots.

  127. I was there Says:

    That my friend is BS, and you know it. Here is a comparison you may be more familiar with.
    “He killed the abortion doctor to save babies…”
    Violating the law is just that.
    Lois Frankel should be polishing boots, for free on Clematis in a little stand…..F**k her too

  128. melody Says:

    This is not a USA revolution of government form so I suggest getting that out of your posting name!

    This is a demand for RESPECT by our government, as guaranteed by our USA Constitution, no matter what our financial situations. We elect representatives to properly govern OUR DEMOCRACY and we then expect those representatives to RESPECT us enough to pass legislations that provide for our national prosperity. Prosperity that includes jobs here in USA manufacturing products and regulations that protect our bodies and finances!

    We do not feel equally represented as USA citizens in this globalization efforts of free trade and are falsely blamed as workers to have driven our nation into debt!

    Disrespectful representatives for generations now, influenced by global special interests with campaign funds, used our children and our taxes to turn our USA military into a massive global police force under the pretense of what we now see were lies of spreading democracy!

    Talk of bringing back respect in our nation by mandated or forced national service by young USA citizens in military or peacecorp type programs are being falsely floated as ways to stop the massive military industrial complex influence in Congress! Do not give the stupid spineless “do nothing” members of Congress the excuse of blaming our children! It is unsubstantiated lies that not performing mandatory military or social service caused the loss of manufacturing jobs in USA and rise of military industrial complex spending! It is USA trade policies and tax legislation by a special interest campaign funding purchased “do nothing” Congress for over a decade that presented massive profit opportunity for multinational corporations that off shored USA manufacturing to foreign locations with no environmental or human rights laws!

  129. 99%revolution2011 Says:

    No one from the OCCUPY movement has said anything to anything involving Lois Frankel, we believe politics caused this, so you idiots leave her and w.e “elections” you worry about OUT of what we do. we were standing up for nothing outside of the nasty ass man and his nasty ass thoughts. war hero MY ASS. i will repeat this for the slow readers.




  130. American Voter Says:

    For Howie: West was kicked out by other military decision makers–ie his own peers. If you beleive that no civilian has the right to an opinion then perhaps you are in favor of ending our democratic union in and replacing it with a military police state. Congratulations for suggesting fascism. Bravo—I think you won the award for worst suggestion ever!
    And the protesters are unamerican-please

  131. sickoflibs Says:

    @ melody
    “No one from the OCCUPY movement has said anything to anything involving Lois Frankel, we believe politics caused this, so you idiots leave her and w.e “elections” you worry about OUT of what we do. we were standing up for nothing outside of the nasty ass man and his nasty ass thoughts. war hero MY ASS. i will repeat this for the slow readers”

    Your disorganized speech is textbook delusional liberal incohersion. You say its not about politics, yet you are verbally assaulting Allen West. So which is it. Is this a political movement or angry 99%er movement. Sounds like a typical lefty movement aimed toward only Republicans, when in fact liberals politicians and activists are just as much a part of the 1% as Republicans are. WAKE UP! Liberals are just as greedy if not more greedy with their money as anyone else. Either you are mad at the 1% or your not. You can’t pick and choose depending on their political party.

  132. sickoflibs Says:

    The tea party is focused on the issues, united, peaceful, respectful,and collectively agree what the issues and problems are. They are solution oriented and have made real change by getting members on the ballots and even elected. The “occupy wallstreet” are basically the complete opposite. No clear focus, violent, antogonistic, polluting, antisemetic, made up of many different facets that are mad at different things, create problems instead of offering solutions.

  133. Can it be more obvious? Says:

    Sickoflibs is a clear product of the American education system.

    “…we believe politics caused this.” – melody

    then, in response:

    “You say its not about politics, yet…”-sickoflibs

    All points made are then ignored as wholly invalid when the poster can’t read 5 words without screwing that up. You expect us to take you at all seriously?

    sickoflibs is just an AstroTurfer, and I hope they’re not paying you much.

  134. Lmishen Says:

    I have news for everyone, these are not kids nor or are they welfare sucking individuals! These are basically people fed up with the what the baggers are doing to us in the senate! They are holding us all hostage for their idealogical views and meantime we are all suffering!!!

  135. sickoflibs Says:

    @Can it be more obvious. I was one of the more fortunate students, unlike you, who made it through through the left winged brainwashing American education system as a free and independent thinker. You, on the other hand are probably one of those that will vote for every facet of socialism guised under the word Democrat.

  136. I was there Says:

    My god you guys, do you actually believe what you wrote here? I mean really.
    Thank you, because I will be expanding your post into a 6×3 foot blow up to read to the general assembly on Saturday. IU hope you will be there to see the rreaction of your dentist, your electrician, your childrens teacher, the garbage man, the policeman, the fireman etc.
    If you sir, are a representative of the Tea Party, or the Republican Party, or the Democratic Party, and you actually believe what you write, then I am happy.

    Cause its folks like you that drive intelligent people to our movement.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work !

  137. howie Says:

    It’s ridiculous for those self righteous idiots who were never in combat to know what they are talking about concerning Colonel West…that said people have a right to be idiots but I have the right to say they are idiots…therefore I am not the “facist”..capish..

  138. I was there Says:

    @ Howie, I guess nobody then should discuss or have an opinion on religion since NOBODY currently living was there at the time of Christ.
    See Howie, that’s why things are actually written so as to have a record. Check the actual record, not the “TV” record

  139. melody Says:

    “sickoflibs” has attributed a quote to me falsely and launches nothing but bully’s cheap shot of personal attack in post “131. sickoflibs Says:
    October 19th, 2011 at 11:37 am”

    This was my post:

    This is a demand for RESPECT by our government, as guaranteed by our USA Constitution, no matter what our financial situations. We elect representatives to properly govern OUR DEMOCRACY and we then expect those representatives to RESPECT us enough to pass legislations that provide for our national prosperity. Prosperity that includes jobs here in USA manufacturing products and regulations that protect our bodies and finances!

    We do not feel equally represented as USA citizens in this globalization efforts of free trade and are falsely blamed as workers to have driven our nation into debt!

    Disrespectful representatives for generations now, influenced by global special interests with campaign funds, used our children and our taxes to turn our USA military into a massive global police force under the pretense of what we now see were lies of spreading democracy!

    Talk of bringing back respect in our nation by mandated or forced national service by young USA citizens in military or peacecorp type programs are being falsely floated as ways to stop the massive military industrial complex influence in Congress! Do not give the stupid spineless “do nothing” members of Congress the excuse of blaming our children! It is unsubstantiated lies that not performing mandatory military or social service caused the loss of manufacturing jobs in USA and rise of military industrial complex spending! It is USA trade policies and tax legislation by a special interest campaign funding purchased “do nothing” Congress for over a decade that presented massive profit opportunity for multinational corporations that off shored USA manufacturing to foreign locations with no environmental or human rights laws!

  140. howie Says:

    Ignorant people and liberal racists who have not been in kill or be killed combat situations have the right to show the world how ignorant they are.

  141. melody Says:

    “133. Can it be more obvious? Says:
    October 19th, 2011 at 11:55 am
    Sickoflibs is a clear product of the American education system.

    “…we believe politics caused this.” – melody”


  142. melody Says:

    So why would Rep. West vote against a jobs bill that will help unemployed Veterans? Has he explained beyond saying that jobs bill will add to the national debt because he refuses to raise revenues to pay for that debt, but will not acknowledge what the decades of war adds to national debt?

  143. sickoflibs Says:

    @Melody Re: “So why would Rep. West vote against a jobs bill that will help unemployed Veterans”. I have the sensible answer. How did the first two jobs stimulus packages work out? Answer they failed. Unemployment is still hovering at 9%. Why would West vote for another jobs bill, when the first two have failed? Sounds like an educated, sound decision to me. Obama and his fellow libs are the true definition of insanity. Writing the same bill over, using a different name for it and expecting different results.

  144. Che Guevara Says:

    Occupy Palm Beach! We will take their cars, seize their bank accounts, their houses and redistribute it to The People™.

    The amount of wealth there is obscene, disgusting, sickening, uncompassionate, unfair display of greed.

    They stole our money, lets steal it back for The People™ and The Childrne™.

    Occupy Palm Beach!
    Obama 2012!
    Yes We Can!

  145. melody Says:

    My direct question was not answered! This jobs bill has incentives directed at hiring Veterans! Now why does Rep. West refuse to support THIS particular jobs bill! Unemployment levels have just as much to do with the state and local governors cutting employee levels as it does with Congress members such as Rep. West avoiding even discussing legislation to creating jobs in USA beyond “same old same old” continue more trickle up of cut taxes and everything but defense! We keep getting our military involved in these “wars” yet we don’t stop sending troops to tribal lands to nation build so why should we give up here at home trying to enact legislations that protect and create USA jobs for national security!


    Has he [Rep. West] explained beyond saying that jobs bill will add to the national debt because he refuses to raise revenues to pay for that debt, but will not acknowledge what the decades of war adds to national debt?

    YOU “sickoflibs” owe me an apology for falsely attributing a quote of another to me, in addition to the vile personal attack rant unfairly directed at me!

  146. sickoflibs Says:

    Hi Melody, I certainly didn’t intend on personal attacks on you :)

  147. melody Says:

    They may not be out on the streets protesting but the big law offices in Florida are advertising, some on TV, to help whistle-blowing employees report, for financial rewards now offered by our government, any knowledge of fraud against or over billing government programs such as Medicare providers or defense contracts!

  148. melody Says:

    What exactly is a “liberal racist”? Is it like a “jumbo shrimp”? Is it different than a “conservative racist”? Then some want to say the protestors have no idea what they are talking about?

  149. 99%revolution2011 Says:

    No political party is responsible for the actions/words/intents of the occupy movements. we were protesting against AL WEST, and his decisions, not the republican party.
    I have a feeling i will have to repost this about 20 more times, as educated as you say you are, simple words do not stick in your mind very well. so here it is again.No political party is responsible for the actions/words/intents of the occupy movements. we were protesting against AL WEST, and his decisions, not the republican party. No political party is responsible for the actions/words/intents of the occupy movements. we were protesting against AL WEST, and his decisions, not the republican party. No political party is responsible for the actions/words/intents of the occupy movements. we were protesting against AL WEST, and his decisions, not the republican party.

    enough for you?
    just because ONE person is registered dem.
    dsnt mean we ALL are, stop being stereotypical and grow up.

  150. melody Says:

    Explain why you use “revolution” in your posting name or do not expect to be accepted to speak for many of we USA citizens sickened by the tea party propaganda! Your irresponsible choice of a posting name indicates you need to grow up! Like I said everyone I know does not want a USA revolution of government form so I suggest getting that out of your posting name!

  151. melody Says:


    Don’t “smiley face” reply to me! YOU wrote the inaccurate quote and owe me a written form of correction for falsely attributing a quote of another to me (which now has been perpetrated by others to be attributed to me), in addition to that vile personal attack rant unfairly directed at me! Those are things that a “Hi” and “smiley face” do not repair! Especially when you go on to followup and belittle my concern over Rep. West not working on creating USA jobs by “claiming” previous attempts at stimulus failed, in YOUR opinion, so why try anything more! YOU want to defeat this particular President no matter what harm YOU do to the USA economy! OR Is YOUR intent to harm the USA economy and fools following part line of “one term” are YOUR hapless minions?

  152. Pearl Says:

    “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”-Saint Francis of Assisi
    This American is thanking Occupy Palm Beach for taking a stand.

  153. howie Says:

    It is obvious that someone is using this forum as a substitute for much needed therapy. You know who you are.

  154. 99%CHANGING2011 Says:

    I don’t think melody actually knows what side shes is on.
    cause after all peaceful is best ;)

  155. melody Says:

    No fair, honest, and respectful is best in my opinion and that is how peace is maintained! Many posts indicates that is difficult for some to accept.

    Since some want to complain about what was accomplished under previous stimulus (but apparently not TARP) and use that as ENTIRE reason to justify Rep. West saying no, no, no to any future attempts at creating jobs:

    1. Are you sending your children to public schools and pleased with those schools?
    2. Do you drive down US 1 and are pleased with the crumbled condition and ponding surface of major portions in north county?
    3. Do you feel safe night and day on community streets?
    4. Do you feel safe sitting atop PGA Blvd. bridge with large trucks next to you when stopped for traffic lights?

    Stimulus did not go far enough perhaps we have more community needs that some want to deny!

  156. melody Says:

    Why is it SO important ‘winking smiley face’ for YOU to pit USA citizens against each other on these posts rather than trying to move our nation forward and more specifically create respectful USA jobs that pay living wages? I have stated my concerns for my families and nations future, SO why the creepy posts with insinuations about gender of posters and what ‘sides’ they may be “on”?

  157. melody Says:

    Wonder how police officer that wanted lightening to strike the ‘occupy’ protestors at Rep. West’s event feels about Ms. Frankel’s son being arrested for ripping a sign out of mayor’s protestor at Sunfest?

  158. melody Says:

    Why the continual ‘creepy’ posts with insinuations and insults about gender of posters and what ‘sides’ they may be “on” or physical appearance? Rep. West does have a history with ‘issues’ over other Representatives acting like “ladies” if memory and Internet searches serve! Is using gender bias part of some agenda to delegitimize remarks of some posters or simply a propaganda technique to deter involvement in discussions by certain genders? Do certain posters have gender ‘hangups’ or simply watched too many episodes of “mad men” and “playboy” style television programming and struck with those lightening strikes of nostalgic cave dwelling instincts?

  159. howie Says:

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz is a New York City carpet bagger scuzbag who hates military men..She believes those who target gays should be charged with a hate crime but those targeting soldiers should not

    Not my idea of a wholesome woman..besides she is so ugly I can’t stand to see her on my 60″ TV

  160. melody Says:

    Can’t answer my ‘annoying’ real questions with direct answers? Perhaps y’all should post as various roman numerals of Achilles for your heel tendencies!

  161. melody Says:

    Now, now, now! I may take back that suggested posting name of Achilles when it comes to “howie”! It seems “howie” is better suited to post as “frosted mini wheats”. Y’all know the cereal with no salt and pitiful attempt at sugar coating on one of the flip flop sides just to get y’all to swallow the ‘tasteless’ dry fiber in order to RUSH ‘things’ through before y’all had time to digest or receive any value?

  162. howie Says:

    A message board like this is a poor substitute for someone with dep personal emotional issues who obviously needs therapy.. Good luck..I’m outta here.. wasted enough time..that said, West will win easily.

  163. isnrblog Says:

    Hey, 99%revolution2011…you could only get 25 people in all of Plam Beach…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This movement is a joke and will die on the vine shortly for lack of interest. Here’s a news flash: 99% of the public are laughing at you, making you the 1%. Is there greed on Wall Street and in the Banks? No one is arguing that. There are bad, greedy apples in the capitalist society. It doesn’t make capitalism wrong. Why don’t you protest Obama who has taken and is now begging Wall Street for money?

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