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McAuliffe’s quarterly fundraising plunges from $89,333 to $6,400; Benacquisto adds $106,074

by George Bennett | October 12th, 2011


It’s tough to raise campaign cash in the summer, especially in an anemic economy.

Even so, Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe‘s latest campaign finance report stands out. After raking in $89,333 in contributions between April 1 and June 30, the Democratic incumbent collected a mere $6,400 from outsiders between July 1 and Sept. 30, according to a report filed Tuesday.


McAuliffe added a $100,000 loan from personal funds on the last day of the quarter.

Among those posting strong quarters was state Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers. The former Wellington councilwoman raised $106,074 during the quarter and has collected $345,399 overall for her reelection bid.

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6 Responses to “McAuliffe’s quarterly fundraising plunges from $89,333 to $6,400; Benacquisto adds $106,074”

  1. Marie Says:

    That should say something about McAuliffe. The people of this district are not happy by the way he is running the state attorney’s office. He has been an embarresment to this county. He plays favorites with our county sheriff Ric Bracdshaw and even with proof of offical misconduct by Bradshaw Mcauliffe sweeps it under the rug because of inapproate friendship with Bradshaw.

  2. Voter Says:

    I’d vote for Dave Aronberg. McAuliffe is a weak prosecutor and just a pretty boy.

  3. ARC Mediation Says:

    The story about McAuliffe is his wife’s connection with ARC Mediation. McAuliffe is married Judge Rosenberg, who co-founded ARC with WPB lawyer Michael Gelfand. Rosenberg signs legal documents that rewards Gelfand with legal fees in civil lawsuits. Gelfand also gives jobs at ARC to judges like Judge Edward Garrison who has ruled in favor of many cases dealing with Gelfand and his law firm, Gelfand & Arpe. If you want a judge in your pocket, call on Gelfand & Arpe, and they will tell the judges to reward a case for you. But you will never see Michael McAuliffe open up a criminal investigation on his wife or her friends. McAuliffe benefits with the profits that his wife Judge Rosenberg makes at ARC Mediation.

    Michael Gelfand is the lawyer who controls the judges at the 15th Circuit. Just look how many received a job at ARC Mediation.

    McAuliffe is in the hot seat now. An FBI agent worked undercover dealing with McAuliffe’s friends. McAuliffe will not face any 15th Circuit judge, instead a Federal Judge in a Federal Court when the time comes.

    A bad day at the office is better than a good day in jail. Do you remember who told you that State Attorney McAuliffe?

  4. Voter 2 Says:

    McAuliffe has no scruples, no experience, no personality, no reason to continue to represent us.

    We the People would rather see Dave Aronberg as our esteemed State Attorney.

  5. michael Says:

    McAuliffe needs to step up his game ASAP. Aronberg is a vicious fundraiser…

  6. Jim harper Says:

    McAuliffe no votes for you in the hood this election,what happened to our friend mike? no one respects the way you treated Jeff Koons,Jeff is one of the few politicians with integrity, shame on you for what you did to him and his family.a great florida senator once said it’s one thing to have power and another thing to know how to use it.

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