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LeMieux calls Mack an earmarker; Hasner camp calls him ‘another Washington incumbent’

by George Bennett | October 27th, 2011

Some elbows are already being directed at U.S. Rep. Connie Mack, R-Cape Coral, as he gets ready to enter the crowded 2012 Republican Senate primary.

Former appointed U.S. Sen. George LeMieux welcomed Mack as “a friend,” but also slammed Mack for supporting earmarks and congressional pay raises.

Former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner‘s communications director Douglass Mayer called four-term House member Mack “another Washington incumbent.”

After announcing in March he wouldn’t run, Mack has decided to enter the Republican primary against LeMieux, Hasner and businessmen Craig Miller and Mike McCalister. the four declared GOP candidates have been plagued by underwhelming poll numbers and fundraising as they vie to challenge Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012.

Read statements from LeMieux, the Hasner campaign and McCalister after the jump….

Statement by former Sen. George LeMieux on Connie Mack entering the GOP Senate primary:

“Connie is a friend. His father was an outstanding US Senator for whom I have great respect. I welcome Congressman Mack to the race and look forward to detailed debates on the issues and our records.

“This race is about the critical challenges facing our country, our economy, and Washington’s disastrous fiscal policies. It is essential that Florida Republicans choose a nominee in 2012 with a record that stands in stark contrast to that of liberal incumbent Bill Nelson.

“While Congressman Mack has done some good things in Washington, he will have to explain to Floridians why he voted to raise his own pay several times, why he joined Bill Nelson in voting for a Highway Bill that contained 6,376 earmarks, including the infamous Bridge to Nowhere, and why he specifically rejected efforts to eliminate wasteful earmarks like an aquarium in Connecticut and tourism funding in Kentucky. Florida Republicans are in for a really good debate as we choose our nominee against Bill Nelson.”

Statement by Adam Hasner communications director Douglass Mayer on Mack:

“Normally we’d issue a generic ‘welcome to the race’ message, but there are too many differences between Adam and Congressman Mack on important policy issues. There is no time to waste in starting that conversation with the people of Florida, who will have to decide if another Washington incumbent can solve the problems Washington created in the first place. Adam believes Washington is the problem, not the solution, which is why he’s running for the United States Senate, and that won’t change no matter who gets in this race.”

Statement from Mike McCalister:

“Let me be the first to welcome Congressman Connie Mack to Senate race. He knows first-hand from his many years working with the Washington establishment how broken our government is and I’m certain that voters will closely examine his record on job creation, immigration, and government spending. As I continue to travel the state talking to Tea Party, 9/12, Republican, and other conservative leaders, I am more confident than ever that they want an outsider not tainted by years of political deal making. I will work hard to continue to earn Floridians’ trust and vote.”

8 Responses to “LeMieux calls Mack an earmarker; Hasner camp calls him ‘another Washington incumbent’”

  1. George Miller Says:

    Connie Mack votes 90% the way I would want him to vote. No one is perfect. Why would I vote for a unproven person, especially LeMieux why was lack luster in the senate. He is a loser and cannot beat Bill Nelson. Connie is the only one that can unseat Nelson.

  2. Searcher Says:

    Let the GOP-BAGGERS eat their own in the PRIMARIES. Go as far to the RIGHT as you can! Nelson is a MODERATE and will win the state….

  3. scheim Says:

    its funny !!

  4. George Miller Says:

    When you are afraid of a person you say bad things about him. The others are good, but too weak to unseat Nelson.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Just another puppet for the rich and their corporations. Mack will always represent the upper 1% and ignore the middle class. Typical of the GOP, a party that once was respected, but now is too easily bought.

  6. George Miller Says:

    Not so my liberal slave. The democrats give you nothing but promises and slavery. Are you not supposed to be occupying someplace? Connie Mack is a true patriot and does more for the middle class than upper class Nelson. They sure have you drinking the coolaid.

  7. theloneconsumer Says:

    Really Raw and the Uncooked= the GOP candidates that remind me of a Fine Young Cannibal song. They are toast when you start seeing their deals and relationships to Greer Mehlanson Crist et all buddies and fundraisers.
    I hope Greer is in a safe place because his lawsuit and revelations could implode the party..

  8. William Says:

    Just another puppet for the rich and their corporations. Mack will always represent the upper 1% and ignore the middle class.

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