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Herman Cain: ‘I have never sexually harassed anyone’

by George Bennett | October 31st, 2011

Cain says he was "falsely accused."

Facing the first big test of his presidential candidacy, Herman Cain told Fox News this morning that he has never sexually harassed anyone but said he was “falsely accused” while he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. reported late Sunday that two women who worked for the association “complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Cain that made them angry and uncomfortable.” Both women, who are not named in the story, left their jobs with “separation packages that were in the five-figure range,” Politico reported.

“I have never sexually harassed anyone,” Cain said on Fox News this morning. “Let’s say that. Secondly, I’ve never sexually harassed anyone and, yes, I was falsely accused when I was at the National Restaurant Association. And I say falsely because it turned out, after the investigation, to be baseless…..It is totally baseless and totally false. Never have I committed any sort of sexual harassment.”

Asked if he had ever had to settle a claim because of an accusation of sexual harassment, Cain said:

“If the Restaurant Association did a settlement I am not even — I wasn’t even aware of it and I hope it wasn’t for much, because nothing happened. So if there was a settlement it was handled by some of the other officers that worked for me at the Association.”

Cain can expect more questions when he appears at the National Press Club in Washington early this afternoon.

26 Responses to “Herman Cain: ‘I have never sexually harassed anyone’”

  1. Termack Says:

    Prove It !!!!!!!!!
    Immediately release all pertinent documentation for examination. Let us decide if you were really born here…..I mean, let us see if you really sexually harassed these women or not.

  2. V Says:

    Well, at least he sexually harassed women, like Clarence Thomas, but unlike some other upstanding neo-cons we know who prefer little boys.

  3. Big Dem Says:

    I posted about it 2 weeks ago and here is the Democrat/Liberal “reputation lynching” I said was coming. These guys are too transparent. I said Blacks aand Hispanics are not allowed off the Democrat plantation or they are subject to a reputation lynching, and 2 weeks later, here it is! Can I predict these guys or what?

  4. What's New? Says:

    The continual electronic lynching of black men.

    Democrats continue to destroy black men. Don’t forget what they did locally to Kendrick Meek.

    Advocated for the Independent senatorial candidate Charlie Crist over democrat candidate Kendrick Meek.

    Damn shame. A party of Evil=demoNcRats

  5. Big Dem Says:

    Funny, but most of the media covered for and then defended Bill Clinton when it was proven he was a serial pervert. But a Black man off the Democrat plaantation, gotta ruin him!

  6. Big Dem Says:

    To V: You must be talking aabout Barney Frank, right?

  7. Some Say Says:

    Some say it was Karl Rove, others say it was the repub establishment. I believe it was Cain himself who leaked it to the press. Recent history of this pizza king shows a level of insanity.

  8. Impeached Says:

    Cainnnnn seems odd. Media protected Clinton? He was impeached!

  9. Downtown Danny Says:

    MORE LIES FROM A REPUBLICAN. So he’s the CEO and 2 women receive payouts over $100,000 claiming he sexually harassed them and now he says he knew nothing about the payouts?
    No one in the entire organization told him they were going to settle the cases and make the payouts?
    Whether its true or not is not an issue – Cain could have admitted that the allegations were made, the insurance company arranged the payoffs and settled the cases – he never admitted guilt and denied it ever happened. But to say he didn’t know about the payoffs and the cases being settled IS AN OBVIOUS LIE.

  10. T 4 2, 2 4 T Says:

    That’s right she ordered a Large Sausage Pizza.

  11. T 4 2, 2 4 T Says:

    Actually all the press is attributing these accusations to Republican competitors, but go ahead with your race baiting BS you ignorant neocons. We all know who the real bigots in PB are.

  12. Bruce Says:

    “I Am Not A Crook”. Richard M. Nixon November 17,1973.

  13. richard r, cramer Says:

    He seems to have a lot in common with a Supreme court justice who also liked hitting on women. Are republican blacks inherently sexual predators?
    Do you see a trend here? DEMAND Cain take a lie detector test; where’s the “solied blue dress’/ what do the DNA results show? open this pitiful predator like a cheap can of Tuna-Rip his lying cover off. WE DEMAND PROOF OF INNOCCENCE!!!Show us the depositions and the board resolutions approving the settlemnts!!! Cain, as president of the organization says he doesn’t know if there was a payoff??????
    It’s the republican way; Lie your brains out all the time and in every way. “I AM NOT A CROOK!!”. Typical republican hypocracy

  14. V Says:

    Yo, Big Dem
    Ur a funny guy. Didn’t know Barney Frank was accused of sexual harassment. But, hey he’s gay, right. So in your small mind that must make him a molestor too, right?
    Don’t worry, I understand. You have your token with Tom, er Herman and asking to be tolerant of more than one minority at a time is asking alot of a hypocrit, bigot like you.

  15. Tea Lady Says:

    Oh this is more Silliness!

    If these events did occur, then why haven’t the partiers stepped forward to prove this?

    I think people are just trying to discredit Mr. Cain’s lovely and inspired 9-9-9 plan!

    If our beloved country is ever to regain it’s footing, we need to return to the wisdom of the Founding Fathers: Fiscal Responsiblity, Limited Government, and Free Markets. This the the Best Way to ensure our Liberties and Freedoms!

    Keep working hard, Mr. Cain! =)

  16. Big Dem Says:

    To V: Calling a Black man running as a Republican a “token” and a “Tom” shows you are the racist. How dare you judge what a Black man should think! As for Barney, you brought up homosexuality and Barney’s lover/live-in boyfriend was arrested for running a male prostitution ring out of Barney’s apartment! Like all bigots, you spout nonsense that jives with your prejudice.

  17. V Says:

    to Dem. I didn’t brinbg up homo sexuality. I brought up a man sexually harassing young boys. It was the harassment part I clearly alluded to, you turned it into a gay issue. And what does Mr. Frank’s boyfriend’s actions have to do with him? Other than in your bigoted mind.
    Yes I did say token. Because that’s what Cain is. So you bigots can say look at me I back a black man so I’m not racist. (Yeah, right, just like Meek but you know he doesn’t stand a chance and you won’t be voting for him but it kinda justifies everything in your small mind) How does that make me racist except to your warped way of thinking? You are a bigot, a homophobe and a hypocrit. Plain and simple.

    And, Tea Lady. The “partiers” did come forward.

  18. Tea Lady Says:

    @V: What were the names of the people who made the accusation(s)? Could you please provide them?

    Thanks, V!

  19. RENEGADE Says:

    @ Big Dim,

    Bubba you couldn’t predict the weather standing in the eye of a hurricane.
    Funny, yesterday he was never accused. Today the accusations are false.Explain away that lie big dim.
    When your canidate is a scumbag it ain’t hard to predict the truth coming out sooner or later.
    BTW…. What was the name of the Perry family’s hunting camp????
    Youy guys are really getting desperate when the best you can come up with is to acccuse the dems of things you guys are historically well known for.
    Even Cain has shown himself to be Racist! He stated if elected he would be the first black man elected President. That shows clear racial bias against Obamas white mother.

  20. Downtown Danny Says:

    Have you been to a Godfathers pizza lately?
    What that chain looks like today is a great American business example worthy of putting its former CEO in the White House?

    Are you freakin insane?

  21. V Says:

    tea lady
    it’s on the net look it up yourself. i know it’s difficult for you to find anything outside of fox news but it’s there.

  22. ummm Says:

    yeah, “V”, what are the names of the accusers? fact is, no one “came forward”. why do you make things up?

  23. Tea Lady Says:

    I am wrong, and I am working on being more open minded. I apologize, I’ve just been drinking too much tea to focus on the issues with a clear head!

  24. Oops Says:

    @ Tea Lady- this is what you should say*

  25. Daddy Says:

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