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Former Sen. Mel Martinez endorses Mitt Romney

by George Bennett | October 10th, 2011


Former Florida Sen. Mel Martinez is endorsing Mitt Romney in the crowded GOP presidential race.

As a sitting U.S. Senator four years ago, Martinez’ endorsement of John McCain a few days before the 2008 Florida primary helped McCain edge Romney and effectively clinch the Republican nomination. Martinez and McCain were cosponsors of immigration reform legislation that many in the GOP criticized as “amnesty.” Romney has emphasized a tough-on-illegals immigration stance in his 2012 campaign and blasted rival Rick Perry for supporting in-state tuition benefits in Texas for the children of illegal immigrants.

Says Martinez in a statement released by the Romney campaign this morning: “I have great confidence that Mitt Romney is the candidate to get our country back on track. Unemployment remains a pressing issue both in Florida and across the nation. Now more than ever, we need a leader who will get our country’s fiscal house in order. From his experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney understands how the real economy works and how jobs are created. As Governor of Massachusetts, he balanced the budget without raising taxes. I am proud to support him.”

14 Responses to “Former Sen. Mel Martinez endorses Mitt Romney”

  1. zoo Says:

    This is great news. NOW, Romney is finally exposed for the probable AMNESTY sucker that he is. GWB, McCain, Perry, and Romney are all flip-flop con men from the GOP cheap-labor-at-any-cost division. After eight years of the George W. Bush reign of terror, the country is at full scale war with Mexico (La Raza) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Electing Romney as President will be the fatal blow and doom your children and grandchildren to life in a bilingual pay toilet.

  2. Carol Says:

    Great – Forrest Gump supports Mitt.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    You should read the information on presidential candidates on NumbersUSA website. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the federal government to allow state troopers to enforce federal immigration laws. He also vetoed a bill that would provide in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, opposed efforts to give drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants, and fought efforts to weaken Massachusetts’ English Immersion law. Actions speak louder than words. Romney is no John McCain.

  4. Kathleen Says:

    Mel Martinez and Jeb Bush – two endorsements that equal the kiss of death to any candidate under consideration by the millions of patriotic Americans who vehemently oppose illegal immigration.

    Everything nice has its price and I fear the endorsement of either Martinez or Bush translates to payback time after inauguration. We’ve been through that with GWB and Obama. No more!

  5. Bobby Says:

    Ok. Now if your’e a thinking person, and against illegal immigration which has finished off California thanks to democrat control, you know what to do or at least you should know what to do, but if your’e still clueless Martinez is open borders, he supports Romney, SO ROMNEY MUST BE OPEN BORDERS AND THIS ELIMINATES ANOTHER CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT, OR IT SHOULD, ” YOUR’E AGAINST OPEN BORDERS. It should all be as simple as that.

  6. Bobby Says:

    But why, pray tell Elizabeth, does open borders Martinez support Romney then? Something’s not square here. At least think about it.

  7. Larry Says:

    Help stop illegal immigration. HERE’S HOW:
    YOU Can make a difference!

  8. zoo Says:

    “Romney is no John McCain.”

    No? Here is what Romney was saying back in 2007. Just what would you call “registering” every illegal alien in the U.S. and learning what “individual circumstances” are? The 50-year amnesty plan? This WAS an amnesty statement, pure and simple:

    “…Instead, the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally should be required to register with the government, according to Romney. “When we learn how many people there are and what their individual circumstances are, then we can decide how to proceed with each individual,” Romney said…”

  9. lsjogren Says:

    “Everything nice has its price and I fear the endorsement of either Martinez or Bush translates to payback time after inauguration.”

    The endorsement of a dumb ex-Senator like Martinez is worth virtually nothing, and I believe if Romney is elected President, Martinez will get paid back with something of equal value, maybe a happy meal at McDonalds.

  10. lsjogren Says:

    By the way:

    Romney has not been a steadfast supporter of the integrity of our immigration laws, but he hasn’t been an open-borders ally of the left wing anarchist lobby like Perry has.

    I don’t believe Romney will push amnesty.

    In the long run, though, if we are to restore order to our immigration system we have got to get the Democrats to reverse their anti-labor anti-environment pro open-borders stance. What they need is a good drubbing in a national election where immigration is one of the key issues. 2012 is as good a time as any.

  11. lsjogren Says:


    You proved the point of the person you were refuting.

    Romney has made an occasional comment that creates some doubt how steadfast is his committment to the integrity of our immigration system.

    John McCain worked for years with Ted Kennedy to devise immigration laws that would have basically caused the US to be flooded with hundreds of millions of poor people from around the world, turning its economy from the envy of the world to an economy more along the lines of Uganda.

    There is a huge difference.

  12. zoo Says:


    Here are comments that I wrote back in 2007 regarding Mitt Romney:

    The more Romney opens his mouth about illegal immigration, the more clear that he is heir apparent to the non-feasant immigration policy of George Bush, perhaps even worse. Romney is most capable of talking out of both sides of his rear end and hopes nobody notices. At a recent session of the “Republican National Hispanic Assembly Convention “, here is what the left side of Romney’s ass spewed:

    Praising Hispanics as “quintessentially American”, the former Massachusetts governor said the nation’s immigration policy should help open doors for people with such strong beliefs. “I want to make sure we continue an open door in immigration that welcomes people who come here with those kinds of values,” he said.

    Hispanics are “quintessential Americans”? Certainly there is a percentage that fit that description. Was Romney referring to the them or the majority, such as the ones with shaved heads and La Raza tattoos or the newly arrived “quintessential” ones crapping in your flower bed? Most native-born American Hispanics are certainly quintessential apple pie and baseball. They only have Mexican flag decals on their cars, redecorate their houses in pink stucco, and speak in Spanish 95% of the time to maintain their heritage. The key words in Romney’s revealing utterance are “OPEN DOOR”. Let’s see the GOP Third Reich spin that one into “tough on enforcement”.

    Mitt Romney has telegraphed every signal that if elected president, he will be another amnesty-cheap labor-path to citizenship criminal S.O.B. with full power and congressional immunity to cast the country deeper into the Sonoran septic tank. George Bush has enabled irreversible damage in his seven years of “open door” immigration enforcement, with his only known genetic tie to Mexico being his nephew “Poncho”. Romney on the other hand, has half of his gene pool cemented in Mexico as a result of ancestral polygamy.

    Romney’s great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, fled the United States 122 years ago to Colonia Juarez, Mexico to start a polygamous colony there at the direction of the Mormon church in Utah. He eventually had a total of five wives and fathered 30 children, one of which was Gaskell Romney’s, Mitt’s grandfather, who was born prior to the exodus to Mexico. Mitt Romney’s father George was born in Mexico. Twenty seven years after establishing the polygamous colony there, the Mexican revolution drove half of the family back into the states, when George Romney was 5 years old.

    When George Romney ran for president in 1968, there were constitution questions regarding his disqualification, as he was not a “natural born citizen”. Since his campaign fizzled like a party balloon with a pinhole leak, the issue never reached full litigation. When Mitt was asked about this incident recently, he said that his father assumed that he was allowed to seek the presidency because “his parents were citizens.”

    Today, more than forty Romneys remain in the Colonia Juarez colony, including Mitt’s cousin Mike Romney. The ‘clan’ has long since abandoned the practice of polygamy and cousin Mike supports Mitts run for President.

    With America currently under a massive invasion and siege from the criminal and dirt poor masses of Mexico, how could anyone in their right mind believe that Mitt Romney is the man to put in the White House? Americans have been screaming their lungs out for six-plus years for ENFORCEMENT of immigration laws, sealing the Mexican border, and are ready to take up arms to get it. Any idiot can conjure up the fact that sealing the border and full-blown inland enforcement will fire up the hot tamales of Mexico, and who will be hell bent of retaliation.

    Does anyone REALLY believe Mitt Romney is fit for this task with a Mexican-born father and up to half of his blood relatives STILL residing in the land of the all-night taco stand? Why not just vote for half-breed candidate and Democrat Bill Richardson? Or better still, let’s all reach across the isle and support a Romney-Richardson ticket.

    You know the old saying. “The Mormon the Mexier”

    Or how about: “M & M’s – they melt in your wallet, not in your hand”

  13. Bobby Says:

    Zoo, I couldn’t agree more. Romney is an expert at talking out of both sies of his a–. Thanks for PROVING it. The trouble with finding viable candidates that will do something on ANY critical issue, is that critical issues are things politicians don’t like–illegal immigration for example. So, the only way to nail them down on what they are really about, is to have a long memory, something where Americans for the most part come up short. These Zebra’s never change their stripes.

  14. Dave Francis Says:


    Whoever becomes the President of the United States needs to erect the real border fence. To facilitate the policy described in the 2006 Secure Fence Act, which is a double-layer fence for the two thousand miles, stretching through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas festooned with razor sharp concertina wire. As an major addition placing a permanent military force on the border, to bond with the U.S. Border Agents; a requirement to assist border sheriffs, who are fighting a never ending battle against drug smugglers and people traffickers. In furtherance, the police need tools for domestic enforcement, so they can be partnered with ICE. “Secure Communities” helps the local police to identify criminal illegal aliens through fingerprints, by forwarding this identification to ICE. The 287 G is another policing program, which offers federal training in apprehending illegal aliens on the highway, such as State Troopers or Highway Patrol, who have the authority to arrest a suspicious driver and hold him for ICE agents.

    By far the greatest innovation is the “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas. Every working American should demand from their Senators and the House Representatives, to vote for this bill. Commonly known as E-Verify (H.R. 2885) it will reduce the chances of millions of illegal migrants or immigrants from being hired. Unless you have a upper management job, everybody is vulnerable from a job loss. If you are lucky to have a job, you can aid the 20 million workers who are seeking employment. Under E-Verify bill business owners are not excused from severe punishment by hiring people of unauthorized status.

    Illegal immigration is no longer a minor occurrence, it’s everybody’s problem. This issue is a hundred billion dollar cost every year, extorted from your taxes annually to subsidize foreign nationals who have violated our laws. These are the pregnant women with unborn babies, who navigate past our border fence, or use the airways to enter illegally. While Americans are paying for other countries downtrodden, we cannot resuscitate our eroding infrastructure, our children’s crowded schools, underfunded hospitals and overpopulated prisons through the affliction of 20 million or more illegal aliens. The expenditure annually is an estimated $113 Billion dollars a year, as according to statistics from The hermitage Foundation.

    E-Verify is a progressive computer program and is being continuously upgraded with more innovations to detect forged ID. In conjunction with form I-9 is progression will soon be a 100 percent successful in verifying who’s eligible for a job. One new piece of software soon to be fully organized is state access to Drivers License records. Mississippi was the first state to offer there Dept of Motor vehicle services.


    NumbersUSA, the pro sovereignty, limited immigration group has aided a host of a dozen county sheriffs this week in Washington to make their pleas to Congress and ICE, in favor of all sheriffs to get more federal support in battling illegal immigration in their counties. Local and border Sheriffs are telling their stories of being over-run with trans-national drug trafficking, smuggling operations, Mexican cartels and other immigration-related crime were gripping — and also enraging that our own federal government who are so concerned about helping illegal aliens, while displaying so little enthusiasm in helping the sheriffs. Pressure your U.S. Representative to act to get a committee and floor vote on the CLEAR Act (H.R. 100). This act provides a lot of assistance to local, county and state law enforcement when they want to drive the illegal alien population out of their jurisdictions. Go to your customized website where you will locate a free fax to send to your U.S. Representative. Most of you will find a free fax that urges co-sponsorship of the bill.

    The beauty of the CLEAR Act is that it essentially requires the feds to cooperate whenever community law enforcement brings illegal aliens to their attention. While it wouldn’t stop localities from being sanctuaries or offering other enticements for illegal aliens, it would stop the current Administration’s practice of trying to stop localities from pushing illegal aliens out of their communities and would require the feds to give assistance. I cannot think of any single action that would be a more effective protest against the Obama Administration’s anti-local-enforcement efforts or a more effective single action to help our nation’s besieged sheriffs who have tended to be our best allies among the nation’s law enforcement officials. If you want to fax, go to NumbersUSA or please call 202-224-3121 and ask for your U.S. Representative’s office to urge action this fall on the CLEAR Act. This is the same Washington switchboard number to insist that your local or federal politician to push a vote on the “THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT”. Contact Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH); House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA); House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) ; House Chairman of Ways & Means Committee Dave Camp (R-MI);

    Other Members of the Ways & Means Committee to phone or fax for free.

    NEBRASKA, Rep. Berg, Rick (GOP) (202-225-2611) ; NEBRASKA, Rep. Smith, Adrian (GOP) (202-225-6435); LOUISIANA, Rep. Boustany, Charles (GOP) (202-225-2031); MICHIGAN, Rep. Camp, Dave (GOP) (202-225-3561) & (202-225-2031); KENTUCKY, Rep. Davis, Geoff (GOP) (202-225-3465); PENNSYLVANIA, Rep. Gerlach, Jim (GOP)(202-225-4315); KANSAS, Rep. Jenkins, Lynn (GOP)(202-225-6601); MINNESOTA, Rep. Paulsen, Erik (GOP)(202-225-2871); WASHINGTON, Rep. Reichert, Dave (GOP) (202-225-7761); WISCONSIN, Rep. Ryan, Paul (GOP) (202-225-3031) Tell these unwilling lawmakers that you are a voter and that they will be hearing from you in 2012.

    One Old Vet saying, “Stand next to me and you’ll never stand alone.”

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