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Florida poll: Cain 34%, Romney 28%, Gingrich 11%, Perry fading

by George Bennett | October 13th, 2011

Cain talks to a scribe and others during a stop in Central Florida last week in this Orlando Sentinel photo.

New Hampshire-based American Research Group’s poll of 600 likely Florida Republican voters finds businessman Herman Cain taking a 34-to-28 percent lead against Mitt Romney. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is the only other candidate in double digits at 11 percent.

Onetime frontrunner Rick Perry appears to be Texas toast — the poll finds him at 5 percent.

The Florida poll is similar to a national Rasmussen poll released today that finds Cain and Romney tied at 29 percent, Gingrich at 10 percent and Perry at 9 percent.

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54 Responses to “Florida poll: Cain 34%, Romney 28%, Gingrich 11%, Perry fading”

  1. Downtown Danny Says:




  2. James Fox Says:

    The point people miss is that they will have more money to spend on items. Even for a family of four making $50K they will make out better in 9-9-9. Let’s all do the math for ourselves.

  3. James Fox Says:

    Also there will be HUGE incentives for corporations to BUY AMERICAN. A 9% discount on US good over foreign will bring/keep jobs here. My 2 cents.

  4. Plainer Says:

    I think Herman Cain needs to clarify if the 9% consumption tax is added to Florida’s 6% sales tax bringing it to a total of 15%. It will be a new tax burden on the Floridians. Essentially, consumers will be paying a flat tax rate of 27% if deductions are no longer allowed under Cain’s plan. Yes, his plan is simple but more costly for most of us.

  5. JM Says:

    Mr. Fox misses the point that about 50% of us don’t pay income tax (we get it back in the form of a tax rebate) and I pay 6% state sales tax here in Texas. So under Mr. Cain’s plan I would pay 6% state sales tax + 9% federal sales tax = 15% tax on everything I buy. Plus my personal income tax would go up from what is effectively zero now to 9%? Sounds like a horrible idea! The 999 plan would lead to less consumer spending and be seriously bad for the economy.

  6. James Fox Says:

    The correct comparison is: What do you pay in ALL FEDERAL taxes NOW in ACTUAL $$$ not a percentage that is not apples to apples. Check that amount against what you would pay under 9-9-9?

    THEN DECIDE with FACTS. Don’t forget FICA goes away too does it not? That alone is 7.65% if I recall.

    Not supporting this I just say DO THE MATH. Seems like a fair intellectual compromise anyone can do with their W-2 (if you file EZ) or their 1040, estimate of what they pay in NEW goods and three commercial breaks in their X-Factor or Simpsons TV time.

    My one concern is that this does not curb government spending but that is a different issue that should also be how we evaluate candidates.

  7. James Fox Says:

    JM you make a good point.

    Everyone needs to do the math and decide for themselves. I do not agree about the consumer spending being lower is a given though. I DO NOT disagree just think that goods that have to be bought will always be bought.

    One point Cain made is that the price of goods today has lots of tax built into them (estimates are from 25-40%) so if those go away then prices will drop (one thing about America is that you have 10 brands of toilet tissue so price competition is real).

    Again just showing that all one can do is do the math for themselves and as to the macro-economic implications, it is not so simple as I pay more tax thus I buy less since the price of goods, etc. will also be impacted.


  8. John Brown Says:

    9% Federal tax will be added to 7.75% state tax? So I will end up paying 16.75%? is he crazy or nuts?

    Just imagine if you buy the $30k car + 16.75% sales tax + license plate and registration fee + 7% interest rate if you finance that purchase?

    This 9-9-9 flat rate plan sounds like Forbes flat rate tax before. People did not buy it then and they will think twice before they vote for him.

    I still think the safest candidate for Republican party is Hunstman.

    I would vote for him if he win primary and go for general election.

    If not? I will give my vote back to Obama. It took this Presiden 3 years to catch Osama. Bush & Chenny spent 8 years and they got no clue where to find him.

    Bush & Chenney deregulated financial market that brought this country down for 8 years. They authorized trillions $ bail out. It took Obama 3 years to hold America from bankrupt.

    So either Hunstman or Obama.

  9. LivnHappy Says:

    The 9-9-9 plan will hurt the middle class the most. Does he think we are idiots? If you are a family of 4 with a salary of 50k, you don’t pay much federal income tax at all with the child tax credits and your exemptions. A flat tax would change all that (eliminate it), and you would pay $4500/year federal income tax PLUS 9% on everything you buy. If you typically spend 1000/month on gas/groceries/ent/expenses, your paying another 90/mo in taxes.

  10. Sam Says:

    That 9-9-9 plan is so simplistic and merely an election ploy, there’s not a chance in hell it would ever get anywhere near being a reality if this clown got into office – anyone with even just a * half * a brain can see that. And if it did get put into practice, it really wouldn’t solve much. More bread and circuses for the masses.

  11. Brandon Says:

    I know Cain doesn’t like to talk about whether or not 9-9-9 will pass, but it should be talked about. There is NO CHANCE that this will pass so why would we elect someone who has built his campaign on one idea that doesn’t have a chance of becoming law. I may want to do away with the department of education, but that won’t happen either . . . so don’t vote for me or Cain. Vote for someone who has realistic goals and a breadth of experience, not just a 1 issue candidate like Cain.

  12. The Better Danny Says:

    In response to “Downtown Danny” – are you serious? Do you not understand even the simple 9-9-9 plan? Yes you will pay 9% more for Beer, but your income taxes will go down MORE than 9%. That means you’ll actually have MORE money for Beer.

  13. James Fox Says:

    Here is what the 2010 CBO said about the total federal tax for a family of 4 at $8K/yr. 14.3% when you compare that to 9%. leaves 5.3% to cover sales tax on NEW goods.

    Overall Federal Taxes Also at Low Levels
    The decline in income taxes on middle-class households in recent years has driven a decline in these households’ overall federal taxes.
    Households in the middle fifth of the income spectrum paid an average of 14.3 percent of their income in overall federal taxes in 2007, the latest year for which data are available, according to CBO.[2] This is just slightly above this group’s effective tax rate of 13.8 percent in 2003, which was the lowest level since at least 1979.
    Most Americans pay more in payroll taxes, which support Social Security and Medicare, than they do in income taxes. Thus, the 14.3 percent figure reflects the impact of payroll taxes far more than income taxes.

  14. James Fox Says:

    Sorry for the typo. $48/yr not $8/yr

  15. Brett B Says:

    People you have to look at th entirety of the plan. Right now anyone employed effectively pays 15.3% on any money they make up to $106,800. The rate is 15.3% as that is what a self employed person pays and believe me even when a business pays their “half” it all comes from the employee salary. The employer just cares how much they have to pay total and reduces salaries to make up for their half of the pay roll taxes. Thus right there lower and middle class end up about breaking even since most people don’t spend EVERYTHING they make on brand new items (used goods are exempt from sales tax).
    But wait it gets better, as some astute poster mentioned above the cost of items we buy right now have tons of income tax added into their cost. The prices of goods will go down significantly when the corporate income tax rate goes to a flat 9%. Also please note how the payroll tax is totally regressive. I.e. once you make over $106,800 you stop paying the tax. Thus someone who makes twice that amount has effectively HALF the tax rate as someone who makes $50,000. The poor and middle class will come out way ahead on this. The biggest tax increase is on someone who makes in the $106,800 to $250,000 range but you know what that’s ok because at least they would have a lower marginal rate and tons of money would be saved on not having to “plan” taxes by seeking out deductions ect. See the government numbers to check my facts:

  16. Brett B Says:

    Also this plan incentivizes saving which is a basic ingredient to a strong and growing economy. Right now we incentivize spending by taxing earnings and then giving some deductions for spending.
    I truly believe there would be a huge boom in our economy if this plan (or something similar to it) were passed. The sheer amount of money parked offshore right now by corporations is staggering and would come flooding back to stay if the corporate tax rate was 9%.
    Simplicity when it comes to taxes isn’t a negative it is a HUGE positive. Basically you want people to know instinctively the amount they pay for taxes, make the rate low enough that it is not a disincentive to any real business decision, and to allow productive peoples focus to be on their work rather than their taxes.

  17. James Fox Says:

    Bret very good points.

    BTW I am one of those that makes $250K and if I was looking out for me, I would keep the status quo. :)

    If Cain wants this, then he should do a simple online calculator and let people decide if they like it or not.

    Allow people to put in their own assumptions about price of goods with less built in TAX & REGULATION. I spend $15K a year on tax filing cost. It is a 400B industry in America.

    All I am saying is let’s think and not just react from sound bites. Fair enough?

    I got to get back to work now. :)

  18. Bill Neubauer Says:

    What I like most about the 9-9-9 tax plan is the emphasis on the sales tax. IT ALLOWS EVERYBODY TO CONTROL HIS TAX BILL simply by controlling his/her spending.
    A problem with 9-9-9 is that, as simple as Cain describes it, it does require some basic math. Early criticisms fail to take into account the CURRENT TAXES WHICH WOULD BE ELIMINATED. I have some question whether enough Americans are capable of doing the math and getting the proper result.
    Maybe most of all the sales tax corrects a problem which troubles me but is hardly ever mentioned–the 50 percent of Americans who PAY NO TAX! Even the “poor” should pay SOMETHING for the right to live in the best place on earth, including public facilities and basic security.

  19. James Fox Says:

    Bill even those that pay no income tax pay payroll tax.

    I agree that, for at least the last 20 years, sound bites rule not math.

    Good discussion ALL.

  20. Tim Says:

    Like what Newt has to say, but just don’t like Newt.

  21. Travel much? Says:

    @Bill Naubeuer? You are kidding?

  22. Good News! Says:

    A Smart Immigration Move

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Republican, speaks often about the need for smart and humane immigration reform. He has now rightly thrown his support behind a City Council bill that would place sensible limits on how far New York City goes to help the federal government detain and deport illegal immigrants who pose no threat to the community.

    The bill, sponsored by Speaker Christine Quinn, involves immigrants jailed at Rikers Island. Officials there, as in most of the country, routinely send lists of foreign-born inmates to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency, known as ICE, checks its databases for immigration violators and sends back requests that certain inmates be held until taken into federal custody. The city usually obliges, though no law or agreement requires it to.

    The agency issued so-called detainers on 3,506 Rikers inmates in 2009. But were they all dangerous criminals? The City Council found that while about 22 percent of the detainers were placed on inmates with felony records, more than half involved inmates with no prior convictions.

    Under Ms. Quinn’s bill, the city would still allow ICE into its jails and would keep firm hold on criminals who threatened public safety. But it would end the voluntary practice of handing over inmates who clearly do not belong in ICE’s dragnet. That is, those who are about to be released because charges have been dropped, who have no prior convictions or outstanding warrants, who have not been previously ordered deported, and who do not appear on watch lists of gang members and terrorists.

    It is a sensible approach, nothing like the thoughtless harshness we see in Alabama and Arizona, where radical laws have enabled indiscriminate roundups, without regard to the devastating harm to families, citizen children or the economy. With deportations at record highs under President Obama — partly because of the outsourcing of immigration enforcement to local police agencies — discretion and compassion are needed more than ever. His administration recently declared that it would focus on deporting dangerous criminals, not harmless workers. With this bill, New York would help make sure those good intentions stick. The Council should swiftly pass this bill.

  23. melody Says:

    One of the nines is still a personal income tax so how are any “current taxes” or even the IRS to collect those taxes eliminated? Nothing is saved and if anything the increased amount of people needing to just file tax returns once again will require larger government staff for work load! What all of you are doing is shifting your income tax burden down onto those already earning very little which some of you will be after retiring!

    Another nine is that across the board federal sales tax above state and local sales taxes from food to medications to cars AND DON’T FORGET YOUR HOME PURCHASE! Did anyone hear our home purchase would be exempt from federal tax? DID ANYONE HEAR OUR HOME PURCHASE WOULD BE EXEMPT FROM FEDERAL TAX? Did someone say the farm subsidizes or any corporate subsidizes were going away or not which effect prices? You can dream on if you think producers of products are going to pass tax savings on to consumers! Under Pres. Bush their taxes were reduced and prices just kept going up AND we subsidized by the billions too!

    The real desirable nine by these skunks is that lower corporate tax rate which is hog wash because most are either subsidized or pay almost zero taxes to federal government now and our prices have gone up! You can bet there will still be loopholes for the off shore of USA jobs for the ‘arsenal of democracy’ and the ‘nation building’ partners all with federal grants, subsidizes, and massive military budget still sucking away and this lower corporate tax rate will do nothing to stop it!

    To tell the truth I don’t think Cain really thought this out or would have ways to prove to voters his plan will work and not be burden on broad amount of our most poor and elderly!


    It seems like nine nine nine was just “plopped out” because it sounds like the German words for no no no and we all know who has that background and who has been so adamant at saying no no no to any attempts at creating or keeping USA jobs!

  24. Searcher Says:

    So, 9-9-9 is the FLAVOR OF THE MONTH. So if the RICH pay 35% on their taxes, it will be reduced to 9%. Yes, 9 FREAKIN %! The RICH will MAKE MONEY on this plan.

    So, what will the middle class see? Probably no federal tax refund, you will lose all of those lovely deductions. Then they get a BUMP UP of 50% on SALES TAXES! When will the middle class stop voting against their interests and for rich people? What have they done for you?

  25. Brett B Says:

    @ Melody.

    First of all Melody yes the 9-9-9 plan DOES get rid of contributions to SS and Medicare. This is a CRITICAL part of the plan that people need to understand. The payroll taxes are the single largest tax that most people pay and these go away. Regarding houses the plan states that new construction homes will have the tax but preexisting homes do not. Therefore the vast majority of home purchases would not have the tax. Used goods of all kinds are exempt from the tax.

    You see right there this plan has massive incentives for good things in our economy like production instead of consumption. You want jobs? Incentivize production instead of the consumption of foreign goods. You want jobs? Incentivize corporations to bring home all of the profits they earn overseas where they are forced to leave them because Ireland has a 12% corporate tax rate and we have 38%. AND they don’t have to pay ours unless they bring the money home! The boom if a plan like this went into effect would be amazing.

    Also everyone right now is complaining how millionaires get so many deductions that they pay less as a % of income then middle class…well if that is true then this tax should solve that problem.

    My final point is people need to realize this is a campaign plan and not reality. That doesn’t mean Cain shouldn’t put it forward. He is putting it forward so people see what he believes would be best. In the legislative process you KNOW things would get changed. For instance what if you raise the tax rate to 12% but give the poorest of the poor an exemption. I’m fine with that. Whatever, the general gist is we NEED to lower our corporate income tax rate. It is out of control. We NEED to lower our income tax rate while phasing out special interest deductions. It is just government playing “favorites” and crony capitalism. We also NEED to spur growth in this country by incentivizing investment and production which both the corporate rate chance and capital gains rate change would do.

    This plan makes very, very strong economic sense.

  26. Rob Says:

    Forget Cain!! NO WAY will I pay TAXES on FOOD or MEDICINE!!! I’ll go with Romney in the primary. I actually liked Cain, but what a F-ed up plan.

  27. wrockh Says:

    Cain’s 999 proposal only simplifies the federal income tax system for the benefit of wealthy Republican teabaggers. The plan does not get rid of all the other federal taxes and fees for social security, medicare/medicaid, unemployment insurance, etc. that the average worker pays a disproportionate share of. Cain’s plan will immediately raise the price of food, rent, and everthing else by 9% and you won’t have more money to pay for it. BTW – gasoline goes up by 18% because it is mostly imported!

  28. Rob Says:

    And WHO is supposed to pay for Social Sec. if no taxes are taken out? If no payroll taxes are taken out we’ll get a huge bill @ the end of the year for the Feds. Cain is a dumb fool with this ass backwards plan. The lower mid. class will be hit hard! I am in that class & am sick of everyone else living well off of me.

  29. Brett B Says:


    Sorry man I don’t know why but you’ve got some serious facts wrong. You would have to pay taxes on food and medicine true but you’d have more money left over since your income tax would’ve gone down. Also it is very likely that the price of the food/medicine itself would go down by more than the 9% it is taxed. How? Because corporations like to, you know, make a profit. On that profit they are paying up to 38% in taxes. When that rate goes down to 9% they will be able to make the same profit while selling their goods at a much lower cost. They would be FORCED to lower the cost since competetive markets will have other producers undercutting them for more sales until the price falls to a new equilibrium, which could very well mean food and medicine is CHEAPER than before.

    Regarding social security please understand that right now the money for SS and Medicare/Medicaid comes right out of the general government budget. There is no seperate “trust fund” for these programs. The net effect of the 3 taxes would create a similar amount of revenue for the government and thus there would be the same amount of money to pay SS. You would get no “bill @ the end of the year” lol.

    Cain is not “dumb” he is a businessman who has had a great deal of success turning around failing companies and making them successul…kind’ve like what I think our government needs right now. By the way he worked for the Navy being an actual rocket scientist so I’m not thinking he’s all that “dumb”.

  30. Brett B Says:

    @ wrockh

    Man your post is so full of lies that I think you did it on purpose. It DOES get rid of payroll taxes (which are by FAR the biggest burden on the poor and lower working classes) and the price of goods after a very short time would in no way go up by 9%. (As a matter of fact the prices of many goods would fall.)

  31. Termack Says:

    Hey James Fox,
    Put down the crack pipe. You sound almost as nutty “Mr.” Cain.

  32. Cheeseus Sonofdog Says:

    Republicans sure know how to pick candidates that can lose. Cain? A fed insider and bearer of a new tax trojan horse. Romney? Wants the same stuff Obama wants and will get it passed because republicans won’t stop it. Gingrich? Almost as wacky as Santorum. A complete hypocrite.

    Sorry, but your candidate is Ron Paul. That’s the guy with original conservative values. The one with integrity. His wisdom and experience would make Obama look like a liitle arrogant spoiled brat.

    Just because Cain is black doesn’t mean you can win. Just because Romney is handsome doesn’yt mean you can win. You should be picking the candidate based on principle.

  33. James Fox Says:


    I am sorry I offended you. Clearly I did since you find in necessary to make a personal (and anonymous) attack against me.

    So it is nutty to say do the (EASY) math before you shoot down something?

    It is nutty to say that side by side comparisons of the proposed plans would be useful as a basis of facts for the debate?

    It is nutty to say that sound bites like “put the crack pipe down” are where we are now with regard to the intellectual capital of the electorate?

    Is it nutty to say that the MAJORITY of the Federal taxes that the lower income tax payers pay is Federal Payroll tax which is a 15+% burden on the employee and the employer? Are small business owners all lying when they say one of the reasons why businesses do not hire full time workers are these loads?

    Again, do the math, make constructive suggestions and regardless of who wins this election if we can put back sanity where spending is controlled and Warren Buffet does not have a lower tax rate than his assistant (which he also says is crazy), then we will all benefit.

    Waiting for that pithy, thoughtful and intellectually stimulating response.

  34. James Fox Says:

    BTW I am NOT a Cain supporter. I really do not think he can be elected, at least in this round since he does not have the political machine it seems to take to win. (I have never been good at these predictions so I could be wrong)

    Still, I think Cain is a good thing for America. The gentleman may be folksy but he is clearly intelligent and seems as sincere as any one crazy enough to run for office.

    I do not think he or anyone else thinks that his 9-9-9 plan would be adopted, but it is a credible position that should be debated not berated.

    I do not understand why everyone is so polarized. My guess is that it is the facelessness of the internet age where people say things they never would face to face.

    As Robert Heinlein said:
    … a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than a riot.

  35. melody Says:

    Cain’s 9-9-9 gets rid of contributions to Social Security and Medicare is mist likely republicans just end those programs so cronies get more profits from “privatized”!

    Just forgetting my comment about more people would be filing returns means larger government department staff too, so that 9% from poor grandparents won’t accomplish much!

    Still plenty of holes in all these idiot republican candidates and “do nothing” Congress supposed plans which are same old decade past failures!

    Nothing will create jobs in USA with unfair trade, labor, and pollution in other parts of globe! No proof a tiny 9% tax exemption will work against slave labor and dumping manufacturing waste! Oh but that isn’t a problem because we had our chances at becoming rich and it is our fault according to these lying and cheating bought out and sold out politicians!

  36. mike Says:

    I think its a great plan. Nominate Herman Cain for President. Go Herb!

  37. melody Says:






  38. melody Says:



  39. dissent Says:

    No mention of Ron Paul?
    Thats right the same stream media sez he doesnt have a chance. LOL

  40. Rob Says:

    No, Food & medicne should NEVER be taxed! I remember the days when all our utilities like electric, phone(s) & TV had NO taxes. Then, the greedy slime in Wash. & our states decided to generate more revenue by screwing us working- (Now unemployed) lower class folks by taxing the sh*t out of them. Here in FL TV has a 13.50% tax alone. There are so many xtra taxes on utilites alone that it’s a F ing joke on us. And some of you dare to believe it’s a good idea to tax food & medicine?? YOU are sadly mistaken if you give anymore revenue flows to our lying Gov. ALL these slime care about is getting ELECTED & RE-ELECTED, period. They all assume we are all stupid slobs who forget things and vote for whoever tells the best lies & line of BS. We will NOT vote for anyone who wants taxes on food & medicine. Do you really believe the large co’s. will lower their rates for goos & services?? It never will happen. I’m 61 & seen all the crap start with that Kennedy/Johnson bunch. For the lower working middle classers like us it only gets worse every year. We support the poor, foreigners, and make the rich richer. I was laid off 4 yrs. ago & my wife lost her job 3 months ago. She’s had 1 job interview & I’ve had none. We’re both smart college grads who have always pd. our taxes/bills, etc. Now we can’t get a job. No, Cain is out & Romney is in. We hate Obummer & dislike Romney, so you see what horrible choices we have again! Many of our so called elected officials are against the unemployment extention. My wife’s out in Jan. Just how do we live with a zero income? Yeah, Herman will fix our plight. We’ll lose our house & the politicians will continue with bus. as usual. Nothing will change for us thanks to all the brainwashed fools who believe them and are allowed to vote.

  41. Arbar Says:

    Cain is on the right path. The entire point of his plan is for the free loaders, such as JM, to start paying something into the system. The country cannot sustain itself with 50% paying no taxes whatsoever. Moreover, corporate taxes are too high compared to the rest of the world and must be reduced. This is how jobs are created.
    Also, imagine if there were no payroll income tax deductions on your pay check. It would be well worth it even having to pay a national 9% sales tax.

  42. mike Says:

    Cain stole his plan from sim city 4. What a joke our t-con party has become. Its embarassing to all Americans

  43. v Says:

    Cain is a joke. He’s another rich guy that only wants to secure his future income at the expense of the rest of us. 9 – 9 – 9 – my arse

  44. crunk Says:

    Herman Cain is solid. He is a successful businessman who has created something Americans can understand, high quality pizza. Mitt Romney is a retired hedge fund manager of dubious achievements, one of the financial “wizards” like Barney Frank or Franklin Raines who have wrecked our economy.

  45. RENEGADE Says:

    @ BrettB

    You are making some pretty strong claims as to the details of Mr.Cains plan. Things he has not said publicly in any of his recent debates or interviews. Care to elaborate on the source of this information and lend it even a little credibility?

  46. melody Says:

    If you don’t think corporate subsidies are not “freeloaders” taking advantage of their ability to purchase our government by now then it is obviously part of your business plan to elect these republican idiots and get yourself on that gravy train with higher profits! Exactly what do each of these republican liars say today about USA workers having minimum wage protections?

  47. Jupiter Guy Says:

    If you bother to read this instead of buying the hype the rich and corporations won’t have to pay any taxes, and the poor and middle class will be paying everything.

  48. dan Says:

    Obama is a sure winner if Cain is nominated.Romney is the only choice to beat Homey the clown.

  49. Jim Maher Says:

    While I do like Cain, WHY is there no mention of Ron Paul?… way he is less than 4%…..8 out of 10 people I talk to are supporting him????
    This poll is either not accurate or there is a conspiracy against Ron Paul.

  50. drmaddogs Says:

    The one in poverty, will pay 9%, the Rich will find a dodge. As Cain said, if you don’t have a job, if your not rich, it’s your own fault…

  51. Mark Fallon Says:

    I am truly amazed at some of the simplistic analyses presented in these posts. I will generously chalk it up to folks having not read the full components of Mr. Cain’s plans. His plan is not as simplistic as many posters say. I do thank James Fox, Brett B, Bill Neubauer for a decent analysis of Mr. Cain’s plan.

    And to those who say that Mr. Cain cannot be elected President, just remember that we elected an attorney and community organizer with neither executive nor business experience. Mr. Cain has that experience, plus street smarts. He can win.

  52. Same Old, Same Old Says:

    Herman Cain is not your average, run-of-the-mill candidate seeking the GOP nomination in 2012. A businessman, columnist, radio talk show host, minister and singer, he’s best known as the former president and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza who succeeded in turning the flailing company into one of the top pizza franchises in the country.

    Cain is the only candidate never to have held public office in a field of governors, senators and congresspersons. With no foreign policy experience and very little political experience, he is relying on a business background and trademarked oratory style to catapult him into the Republican nomination.

    Born in Memphis, Tenn., Cain grew up in Atlanta at the height of the civil rights movement. His rise to self-made millionaire encapsulates the “American Dream” and the story of his success is what he hopes will strike a chord with voters.

    Cain grew up in a working poor family. His father worked three jobs; his mother was a domestic worker. Cain credits his parents with his success.

    He earned a bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College in mathematics and a master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.

    Cain worked at the U.S. Department of the Navy as a mathematician to help put himself through college.

    After graduation, Cain worked at the Coca-Cola Company, followed by a job at the Pillsbury Company. Quickly climbing the corporate ladder, Cain served as vice president of systems and services.

    Mid-career, Cain moved to Burger King and was eventually promoted to regional vice president. He transformed an underperforming region into one of the most profitable in the nation.

    It was that success that led him to become, famously, the president and then, later, CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He is credited with salvaging the pizza chain while turning a huge profit in a short period of time.

    Cain went on to serve as the president and later CEO of the National Restaurant Association. During his tenure, he was able to turn it into one of the most influential political action committees in Washington, D.C.

    In 1993, he stepped onto the national political stage, challenging then-President Clinton during a live television town hall meeting. The subject was Clinton’s national health care plan and its impact on small businesses.

    When it came to the employer mandate, Cain asked, “If I’m forced to do this, what will I tell those people whose jobs I would have to eliminate?”

    When Clinton said that he would be able to remain competitive and not lay off workers, Cain responded, “Mr. President, with all due respect, your calculation on what the impact would do, quite honestly, is incorrect.”

    It was a very public rebuke of Clinton’s plan that was ultimately unsuccessful.

    Cain caught the political bug, going on to serve as economic advisor to the Dole/Kemp campaign in 1996.

    Cain launched two unsuccessful bids for public office. In 2000, he ran for president of the United States. He said his candidacy was one of ideas. In 2004, he ran for the U.S. Senate in the state of Georgia and was defeated in the Republican primary by Johnny Isakson.

    In 2006, Cain was diagnosed with stage IV liver and colon cancer. Cain often refers to his illness and subsequent treatment when discussing the need for fiscal reform of health care, saying, “We don’t have a health care crisis in America, we have a health care cost crisis in America, and ‘Obamacare’ would have killed me. I’d be dead.”

    He has been cancer-free since January 2007.

    A strong proponent for conservative fiscal reform; Cain has put forth the “9-9-9 plan,” his answer to the economic woes facing Americans. In fact, it has become somewhat of a slogan. The plan calls for a nine percent business tax, a nine percent individual tax, and a nine percent national sales tax that he says will create $430 billion in revenue and 6 million jobs.

    Cain has been married to his wife, Gloria, for 43 years and the couple has two children and three grandchildren.

  53. melody Says:

    Well maybe candidate Cain needs to sit down and check the math because reports are out his tax plan of ‘nines’ has been calculated to collect 18% less revenue than now being collected! So what does he plan to cut is next question besides how much will it cost all business to add technology and accounting changes to accommodate a federal sales tax into day to day operations?

    What are all these candidates for is what we need to hear, not how they all have crazy ideas to shift around (mostly onto those with less) the financial burdens of our nation! How do they intend to create jobs in USA when our nation now has added more trade agreements with more nations filled with poor laborers and very little wealth to import USA products? Do these candidates think it is right or fair to tax the poor in our own nation and use those USA tax funds to militarily protect other nations around the globe? Those other nations are competitive labor markets so why are our USA politicians backing business opportunities in those nations around the globe when history has shown it leads to off shore of USA manufacturing and other good paying jobs?

  54. Anonymous Says:

    I just love how everyone says “you’re going to have more money leftover because your income taxes will go down”. This is NOT true. We own a small business and some years have fairly large tax bills due. 2 years ago we owed over $10,000. Guess how much we paid? Zero. We worked out a strategy with our accountant to reduce our income (by making extra investments in our retirement) until it was sufficient to eliminate the tax. Try doing that under 9-9-9. You can’t; you are stuck with 9% on thet TOTAL of everything you make (do people not realize there will be no AGI? It’s 9% on a much larger amount!) For people like me, that’s called a HUGE TAX INCREASE. Not to mention 9% on top of a 6% state sales tax. You can’t just reduce your spending and control that in all cases, not when you have 3 kids and have to buy X amount of food, clothes, etc. This is a middle class deal breaker.

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