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UPDATE: Florida on short list for Chicago Merc relo? Gov. Scott gung-ho

by Dara Kam | October 4th, 2011

UPDATE: Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group spokesman Michael Shore would not respond to specific questions about Gov. Rick Scott’s pitch to bring the CME to the Sunshine State. Scott told reporters today the CME has narrowed down its search to Florida and Texas. Duffy’s threatening to flee Illinois because lawmakers there hiked corporate income taxes earlier this year.

“We are considering proposals from several states,” Shore said.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s been wooing the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since shortly after he took office. And he’s more eager than ever to get the 2,000 jobs a relocation of the CME would bring.

Scott said this morning Florida and Texas are considered the top two contenders if CME Chairman Terry Duffy follows through on his threat to move the exchange out of the state after Illinois lawmakers raised the corporate tax rate from 4.8 percent to 7 percent.

“Everybody call the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, get them to move those 2,000 jobs to Florida,” Scott told reporters during a Q-and-A session after this morning’s Cabinet meeting.

Scott believes he’s competing with his rival-in-chief – Texas Gov. Rick Perry – for the CME relo. But other news reports indicate that Duffy is also in talks with Illinois officials eager to keep the exchange at home.

Scott is “on the hunt” for new jobs, he said Tuesday, adding he’s optimistic about Florida’s chances of nailing the CME jobs. He appeared to have unleashed his inner salesman on Duffy in a recent conversation.

When asked what he told Duffy, here’s what Scott said:

“My pitch is, first off we have no personal income tax and we’re in the process of phasing out our business tax. I can tell you that if you have any issues with state regulation, I’ll at least respond. I can’t guarantee you the answer you want, but I can get you an answer. If you have problems, I’ll see if I can solve the problem. If I can’t, I can’t make any guarantees. But let me tell you. I will show up to try to solve problems. That’s all I’ve ever done in business. That’s all I’ve ever done with my life. And that’s pretty important to business people because their experience with a lot of government is they just can’t get an answer. A no is OK. But give me a darn answer.”

Scott said he’s spoken directly with Duffy and pledged to do all he could to lure the CME to the state. Two thousand new jobs would be a significant boost for Scott, who’s promised to create 700,000 jobs in seven years in Florida. About 80,000 new jobs have been added in Florida since the first-term governor took office in January.

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9 Responses to “UPDATE: Florida on short list for Chicago Merc relo? Gov. Scott gung-ho”

  1. melody Says:

    These are not new jobs! These are jobs stolen or bribed away from other states! These jobs are nothing more than more special interests buying favors from our “money talks” government in form of tax cuts for campaign support. Tax cuts that force cuts in social services and education because of reduced revenues. Either these companies bring employees from out of state or there are laid off employees needing unemployment or other government assistance in previous state where these jobs were located! How is this job shuffling among states, in addition to the reduced quality of life from cuts to tax revenue, nothing more than a slow internal spiral down that degrades just like unfair foreign trade and off shore of USA manufacturing?

  2. wake up call Says:

    Melody needs to wake up and face reality. Jobs from other states are new jobs for Florida. They bring more workers who pay taxes and help our tax base.

    Social services need to be cut and cut and cut some more.

  3. The Big Guy Can't Do it Says:

    Scott’s hands are tied because even the Big Guy, Obama can’t get jobs for the people.

  4. Rod Says:


    Where did you go to school? Did you graduate? What was your GPA? Did you attend college? Did you graduate? What was GPA? What kind of position do you hold? You are absolutely uninformed.

    Someone has ‘stolen’ your brain.

  5. Liberty Freedom Says:

    “reduced quality of life from cuts to tax revenue”?? Hun? MY LIFE WOULD BE A HELL OF A LOT BETTER IF GOVERNMENT GOT OFF MY BACK AND LET ME TAKE MORE OF MY MONEY HOME WITH ME! Your melody is malarky…. lib la la land…

  6. Same Old, Same Old Says:


  7. Realist Says:

    Don’t worry your imbecile head Melody, Scott is being played. CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) won’t move. They need leverage to create their own taxing district and they will get it. Oh, this is not the 50′s. We can not isolate ourselves from the world’s ecenomy….

  8. Realist Says:

    we need to learn to spell…

  9. Jean Roethlin Says:

    I just made an article about the same theme ;)

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