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Another blowout fundraising quarter for Allen West; his $1.9 million haul dwarfs Democratic rivals

by George Bennett | October 12th, 2011

Allen West: money magnet

U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, raised an astounding $1.9 million during the third quarter of 2011, his campaign announced this morning.

West’s announcement comes a day after Democrats Lois Frankel and Patrick Murphy announced third-quarter fundraising totals of $415,000 and $313,000, respectively, in their quests for West’s Palm Beach-Broward congressional seat.

West, whose 2010 campaign was one of America’s richest with $6.4 million raised, has collected $4.1 million so far for his 2012 reelection bid.

West’s campaign said the $1.9 million raised between July 1 and Sept. 30 came from more than 42,100 individual contributors — an average contribution of about $47.

Actual Federal Election Commission reports, which show precise fundraising and expenditure totals and cash-on-hand figures, are due Saturday.

36 Responses to “Another blowout fundraising quarter for Allen West; his $1.9 million haul dwarfs Democratic rivals”

  1. Voter Says:

    The guy is going to get my vote.

  2. Jeff Says:

    THe Dems would raise more money if we had one candidate. They’re killing each other and won;t have enough money to compete in the general. Murphy should get out, he’s not going to win, he’s just got the support of a bunch of the Wexler folks propping him up. Without them, he would never be taken seriously. It’s a joke.

  3. Debra K Says:

    Let them get a candidate that is not picked by LOSER Wexler…maybe they would have a chance.

  4. Outsider Says:

    If I were in Rep. West’s district, he’d have my vote. If this race is close, he’ll get my contribution.

  5. Thomas Says:

    What amazes me is how much more money ot takes republicans to win. West gets his money from businesses and the wealthy. Do you stop an wonder why? He will do anything to protect their tax breaks. Republicans quit representing people long ago, which is why they need all this cash to have a chance. Sooner or later people will see the obvious, and pupits like West will fade away.

  6. Thomas Says:

    Wow, I should really use spell check!

  7. Jason Says:

    Is there really any doubt. I follow Lois Frankel on FB just to get another opinion and all she does is bad mouth West and blame blame blame…I haven’t seen one positive post yet. Sounds like the typical lefty position. It’s a shame really as if she were to stop with all the finger pointing and negativity I might be more inclined to give her a chance.

  8. LOUIS Says:

    THIS is great news !!Frankel, you were way over your head if you thought this guy was a pushover.

  9. npgator Says:

    Frankel is a loser and some of you liberals just don’t get the fact that West is much more popular than any DEM. I think you have been drinking too much of the PBPost’s liberal kool aid with double shot of denial.

  10. Obama's America Says:

    Obama Top Fundraiser on Wall Street

    What amazes me is how much more money Obama received from wall street donations than McCain.

  11. Go Rick Says:

    We can only hope that after the beat down West is going to put on “Mr.” Frankel in the next election she will crawl back under her rock and go away forever.

  12. The Truth Says:

    West is actually prettier than Frankel too!!!!

  13. Moon Says:

    wecome Allen West!

  14. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    Just like all other GOP and DEM politicians, the really BIG campaign bucks for West will come from the SuperPACs and the non-profit “527 organizations”, that have no restrictions on corporate amounts contributed…..anonymously of course.

    West and the entire congress….nothing more than a mob that’s already been bought by the highest bidders….and that don’t include the rest of us who can afford only a single vote.

  15. Heh Says:

    West Dwarfs Frankel Indeed!

  16. Bill W, Says:

    WOW. I wonder how much of it came from the OpenSky people as graft for her giving them $5 million of taxpayer cash for a radio system that doesn’t come close to meeting expectations. I’m definitely not a Tea Partier, but West at least supports police safety.

  17. seriously Says:

    why are all of you t-baggers going to vote for this hateful person who is aligned with the fat cats? Do you really think that he cares about you?

  18. Doug Says:

    According to open West raised 47% of this money out of state.
    Right wing nuts from outside our district impacting our local elections.

  19. Better Luck Next Time Says:

    @Seriously & Dougie, do you think Lois cares about me? Do you think she gets money from out of state? West may not be perfect, but at least he has the guts to voice his opinion, not some liberal talking point. As others so aptly pointed out, Lois has not had one positive word so far about what she’s going to do for us. West will bring out all her lies and corruption. It’s going to be a field day!!

  20. dan Says:

    I like how “seriously” refers to Mr. West as hateful right after writing an offensive, odious description of a certain group of voters. Ain’t no time to hate. If you have an argument, make it. Stop stooping to such a low level.

  21. James Says:

    Wow that’s a whole lot of money to be raising from a foreclosure ridden state. Somebody is lining his pockets with dough, asking for what in return?

  22. sweet sue Says:

    As much as knowing how much they have put together, I would love to know where it all came from………West’s certainly did NOT from Florida…….

  23. Test Pattern Says:

    Long live the oligarchs! While the tea party halfwits praise this man as he sticks the knife slowly in their backs, as does the rest of the bought and sold corporatist politicos. You are just a tool to meet their profiteering ends.

  24. Same Old, Same Old Says:

    And well he should; no surprise.

    Next we need to donate, donate, and donate even more to Herman Cain.

    Both are conservative winners – advocating fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government; and supported by we Taxed Enough Already people.

    Please remember:

    The socialists have a war chest of billions recently stolen from us working Americans by Zero and his wrecking crew via their bogus huge stimulus schemes — mostly given to labor unions and other fellow travelers who kicked back a fat percentage to them as political contributions. That’s their style and the way they work.

    You can see it here on this small local blog with the inane comments by paid puppet trolls who vacantly chastise according to their scripts since their handlers have no real arguments, try to change the subject, and name call. I hope you have noticed how very obvious this is?

    They have unabashedly carried this form of corruption to a limit we have not seen before.

    IT MUST STOP! — and is dependent upon thee and me.

    Please help in any way you can.

  25. Carrie Says:

    TPublican’s quit representing people long ago, and what amazes me is how much more money it takes TPublican’s to win an election. Allen West, the disgraced ex-army officer who was drummed out of the service ahead of a court-martial gets his money from shady businesses and wealthy TTurds who refuse to pay their fair share.

    Do you ever stop an wonder why?

    Because this TTurd will do anything to protect the hands that feeds this mongrel “e.i.” tax breaks for the most wealthiest .

  26. Carrie Says:

    Same Old, Same Old Rants s:

    And well he should; no surprise.

    Next we need to donate, donate, and donate even more to Herman Cain.
    Both are conservative winners – advocating fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government; and supported by we Taxed Enough Already people.
    Please remember:
    IT MUST STOP! — and is dependent upon thee and me.
    Please help in any way you can.

    Yes, I can help this old fart by not being hoodwinked by another fcking TPublican by voting “OBAMA 2012″

  27. Same Old, Same Old Says:

    I rest my case with the above comment.

  28. joseyj Says:

    West is a puppet of Wall Street and wealthy donors.
    PLUS – he fearmongers about Israel 24/7.

  29. Michael-David Says:

    FYI…….Colonel West has also receiced the “Defender of Israel Award”……..GO WEST 2012……

  30. DavidW Says:

    Surprise, surprise! Just happens two of the wealthiest men in the world have homes in West’s district. The Koch brothers and their family funded and started both the tea party movement and the john birch society. And West doesn’t even live in the district he represents. Go figure?

  31. GT Says:

    Large corporations, lawyers, unions, and wall street contribute the most to Democrats. Yet they claim some as their enemy?

  32. Know Says:

    People should read the article. West had over 42,000 contributors. That’s a $47 average per contribution. That isn’t rich fatcat money. You people that claim he’s funded by Wall St. Must be mindless zombies.

  33. THINK ABOUT IT Says:


  34. Reality Says:

    I would NEVER vote for someone like West who voted to end medicare with the Paul Ryan plan. Replacing guaranteed care with a coupon to buy health care, then calling the new program “medicare” doesn’t change the fact that he voted to end medicare.

    Vote out these job killing Republicans.

  35. Jake Says:

    Are people here really trying to convince me that the Republican Party isn’t bought by wall street and corporations? WOW

    Is that why their idea of a jobs bill is forcing the American people choose between clean air/water and a job?

    We are the wealthiest nation in world, we can do both. We don’t need to be more like China.

  36. ALERT Says:


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