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AG Bondi joins multi-state lawsuit against EPA over clean air standards

by Dara Kam | October 11th, 2011

Attorney General Pam Bondi joined 24 other states in a lawsuit against President Obama’s administration over clean air standards even though the feds, under pressure from Republicans and states, last week weakened the rule.

Bondi and the other states are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to put off implementation of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule utilities complain is too costly. The new consumer protection standards reduce power plant emissions that cross state lines and are set to go into effect on Jan. 1.

The lawsuit alleges the costs to utilities to implement the standards and the threat to the nation’s power supply outweigh the benefits to consumers. The Obama administration estimates the cleaner air standards could save up to $280 billion in health benefits by preventing premature deaths, heart attacks and lost work days within two years of going into effect.

“We cannot allow Floridians, many of whom are already suffering financial hardships, to bear the brunt of costly federal regulations,” Bondi said in a press release attached to an amicus brief filed yesterday. “The brief asks the Environmental Protection Agency slow down the implementation of their burdensome regulations in order to correct technical issues and consider the consequences.”

Bondi is leading the charge against Obama’s administration in a multi-state lawsuit over the federal health care law now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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One Response to “AG Bondi joins multi-state lawsuit against EPA over clean air standards”

  1. American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity Says:

    Key policymakers from 25 states have come to an important, bipartisan conclusion — EPA’s proposed MACT regulations would cause significant harm to their electricity consumers, as well as to the economy of their states and the nation. As we struggle to claw our way out of this deep recession, now is not the time for EPA to implement heavy-handed rules that will cost jobs, increase power costs, and threaten the reliability of our electricity. To aid in the economic recovery, our nation needs to continue relying on affordable, reliable electricity from America’s most abundant domestically-produced fuel: coal.
    -Steve Miller, ACCCE

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