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Voters like Scott a little more, approve drug-testing of welfare recipients

by Dara Kam | September 21st, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott’s popularity among voters grew a little over the past month, a new poll by Quinnipiac University found.

The poll released Wednesday found half of voters disapproved to his performance as governor, compared to 37 percent who approved. That’s about a two percent increase from a month ago, and an uptick from May when the first-term governor had his worst showing with 29 percent approval.

Voters still believe by a 48-41 percent margin that Scott’s budget was unfair to them, another improvement from August, when voters thought by a 51-43 percent margin his spending plan was unfair.

Voters were split by 37-37 percent when asked if they like Scott as a person, compared to a 45-34 dislike in the August 5 poll.

Scott’s improvement comes after the governor launched a PR campaign to better explain his policies to voters, pollster Peter Brown said.

“Gov. Rick Scott has been trying to put on a charm offensive – both in changing how he deals with the news media and spending more time meeting ordinary Floridians from around the state. It appears to be working, at least a little,” Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling institute, said in a press release. “During his first six months in office Gov. Scott alienated the news media and did not make the effort to explain his program to the general public, as he has been doing recently.”

The Q poll also found a large majority of voters — 71 percent — also approve of a new law requiring welfare recipients to pass drug tests to receive benefits. That law is currently being challenged in court.

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21 Responses to “Voters like Scott a little more, approve drug-testing of welfare recipients”

  1. steve Says:

    Actually with the margin of error factored in, there is little change
    on most of the numbers. And when asked about Gov Scott’s policies that
    number has stayed the same within the margin or error with only 35%
    liking and 53% don’t like. His disapproval actually went up beyond the
    margin of error among democrats and more worrisome independents. It’s
    his rise in disapproval among independents which should cause concern
    as to how this may sway the vote during the presidential election.

  2. Supporter Says:

    I do like Rick Scott. Ready to support him dealing with the special taxing districts (whose members we DON’T get to elect, but they still get to tax us!) PBC has over 50!

    Beware of special taxing districts. Just look at the bite they take on your tax bill!

  3. rdc Says:

    the only reason 71% of voters approve of the welfare drug-testing bill is because 90% of the state’s population has no idea what’s in the bill or how it works or how much money it will actually cost the state.

  4. dark gator Says:

    The fake-Governor needs to be drug tested!

  5. nemo Says:

    Don’t dare test those non welfare recipients who legally receive drugs; especially the upper echelon of happy pill receivers. Mother’s Little Helpers

  6. Dee Says:

    His charm isn’t working for me. As a matter of fact less people are working under his 700,000 jobs he promised.

  7. Dirk Says:

    This voter likes him a little more too!

    …a little more than hemorhoids

  8. Tea Lady Says:

    Far from unexpected! =)

    Governor Scott has kept his promises to Us The People. We gave him an election mandate of Lower Taxes, Free Markets, and Fiscal Responsibility. And he is acting wisely on that mandate.

    So, it’s no surprise that his popularity is increasing.

    He is bringing the Texas Miracle here to Florida! =)

  9. Chef Says:

    Yes Tea Lady, the Texas miracle is here! It’s called a lack of educated voters, just like you!

    You seem to enjoy shining his head and I’m sure you’d enjoy some of Allen West’s salty chocolate balls too!


  10. Carol Says:

    Tea Lady – In Texas, the Governor is nothing more than a figurehead, so I pray for a miracle as well. I hope you enjoy your homeowners insurance increase, the lack of teachers, police and firefighters in your neighborhood.

  11. It's all about the Benjamin! Says:

    “IF” there is an uptick in his approval rating it’s because of what the citizens of Florida are NOT being told. Teachers and County Workers- Go to and read the letter from Mike Burke, CFO from the School District. This applies to all County Workers “Statewide”! Not just Teachers! There is 2.86% of your salary being taken out of your pockets without you even knowing. Yes- You already knew about the 3% you are now contributing to the Pension Fund, but you didn’t know about the additional 2.86% that is being taken from you.
    This is just one item of how Scott is stealing from the everyday common worker without them even knowing.
    The people in Florida need to wake up and realize that Scott is defrauding this State just like he was the Medicare System before he took office.
    The people of Florida must wake up and do your home work! This Guv is a Fraud!

  12. Downtown Danny Says:

    Scott is another example of our corporate & millionaire dictatorship in America. This is not a nation of freedom. It is a nation of corporate dictatorship. They use ad campaigns to convince idiot residents that the wrong things they do are right. Millionaires run campaigns to gain political standing like Burger King trying to sell food.
    Scott promised less government, but has given us more – more testing for the poor, more taxing for state workers, more taking of public resources for private profit, higher insurance rates for homeowners, less service from government, and more corruption at every level.
    The Tea maggots have brought this upon us – the end of the great society and the beginning of the great corrupters like Scott who will divide the nation between rich & poor even more.

  13. meb Says:

    Of course “the people” like Scott’s idea to drug test welfare recipients.That’s why he did it.But notice the stats-fewer % of drug users among welfare recipients than in the general population.Therefore, it is not logical to continue testing, as the error rate is too low;a waste of taxpayer money, which could be spent feeding more children. BTW, MOST welfare recipients are CHILDREN, who are probably NOT using drugs.

  14. The correct idea Says:

    In favor of drug testing for welfare recipients or others receiving fed/state taxpayer money.

    They durg test others, so let’s test those who seek funds from the taxpayer.

    If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you should do community service as such trash pick up, serving in The Lord’s Place, help with Habitat for Humanity, etc. Do something to show YOUR appreciation for getting assistance from the taxpayer.

  15. Tea Baggery Says:

    The money that goes toward testing welfare patients is from the Federal government and supposed to be allotted to welfare not piss test clinics.
    2% positive is a waste of money and an affront to anyone already on hard times.
    Scott is a a horrible human being and a terrible Christian.
    Would Jesus have drug tested the poor before feeding them?

  16. Tea All The Way Says:

    Go Rick! Cut government to the bone! Get rid of unions and lobbyists! Get rid of PBSO take home cars and other wasteful spending!

  17. Don't drink the tea! Says:

    You tea partiers really need to think and research those issues you are screaming to change. Lying or just plain being incompetent about an issue is not only morally wrong, but will only weaken any further argument you have in the future. Do your research, i.e. PBSO and all other agencies having their units driven home is fine with me for 2 reasons: I like having a marked unit parked on my street at night and it’s less wear and tear on the units if they are not driven “hot” (left running between shifts). Relax… and Peace!

  18. RobWPB Says:

    Ha ha!!… His approval ratings are way better than Obama…

  19. HubBub Says:

    The only reason there is a low rate of urine test failures is because… akhem… the drug users are applying… duh!

  20. HubBub Says:

    WHOOOOPS!!! correction: They ARENT applying

  21. ted Says:

    Kepp cutting Gov. thats what you were elected to do. I haven’t felt any of the cuts in my personal life have anybody else. Government waste, keep cutting it!

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