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Talking Social Security in Miami, Romney invokes Reagan and FDR

by George Bennett | September 21st, 2011

MIAMI — There were several mentions of Ronald Reagan this morning when Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney held a town hall-style meeting with about 80 people at a hotel ballroom.

Gipper references are common in GOP primary settings. Not so common are approving mentions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the New Deal architect who plays a heavy in Republican frontrunner Rick Perry‘s book Fed Up.

Romney managed both while taking a swipe at Perry’s Social Security stance.

“Ronald Reagan… was a believer in Social Security,” Romney said. “I believe in Social Security. There are tens of millions of Americans who rely upon Social Security to meet their needs. I want to protect it. I want to save it. I want to make sure that it’s there for coming generations. I think it’s a good thing. I don’t think everything that comes out of Democrats is good. But this came out of FDR, I think it’s pretty darn good. And I’m going to make sure, like Ronald Reagan, we keep it.”

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One Response to “Talking Social Security in Miami, Romney invokes Reagan and FDR”

  1. Searcher Says:

    Romney is starting to sound a little too MODERATE to make it through the Primaries. But a reasonable person won’t make it past TEA-LADY and the others. The PEROT effect didn’t last very long, either!

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