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As GOP presidential hopefuls prep for Tampa debate, Dems stoke Social Security and Medicare fears

by George Bennett | September 12th, 2011

After last week’s Rick Perry-Mitt Romney Social Security dustup, Republican presidential candidates are set to debate again in Tampa tonight. The Democratic National Committee is welcoming them to senior-heavy Florida with a video blasting Perry and Romney and the rest of the GOP field on Social Security and Medicare.

“Now they’re coming to Florida – where millions of seniors rely on Social Security and Medicare to survive,” the narrator says. “The Republican field: a gamble seniors can’t afford.”

Here’s another Social Security and Medicare scare piece that takes longer than 30 seconds to digest: the annual Social Security and Medicare trustees report saying long-term costs for both programs are “not sustainable under currently scheduled financing.”

The report projects Medicare will only be able to provide 90 percent of promised benefits beginning in 2024 and Social Security will only be able to deliver 75 percent of promised benefits beginning in 2036 unless fixes are made for both programs.

7 Responses to “As GOP presidential hopefuls prep for Tampa debate, Dems stoke Social Security and Medicare fears”

  1. Peter Schorsch Says:

    Previewing and live-blogging Monday’s CNN/Tea Party Express GOP presidential debate.

  2. Paul Says:

    I’m glad the Democrats are finally realizing the havoc they are causing our future by their absolute refusal to do anything about the mess that is Social Security and Medicare. Why they would be stoking the fears for the problems they are causing does make me wonder somewhat – but then I look at the person they chose to be the chair of the DNC and realize – they are eating themselves.

  3. Tea Lady Says:

    (from the article): “long-term costs for both programs are not sustainable under currently scheduled financing.”

    Mr. Perry has the correct attitude and approach on Social Security & Medicare. As Governor of the Texas Miracle, Mr. Perry has an excellent grasp of economics. He understands that these government insurance schemes cannot and will not work. (Indeed, the money has been $spend.)

    Let’s cheer on Ms. Bachmann and Mr. Perry as they address our concerns with tax relief for job creators and shrinking government.

    This debate will make our choices much clearer! =)

    See you at the polls! =)

  4. Downtown Danny Says:

    Republicans say one thing and do another – they are certified liars. Republicans destroyed America with their illegal war in Iraq, killing 109,000 innocent women & children and taking the arms, legs and faces from 100,000 others that lived. They ran up our deficit and now blame Obama. Republicans now say they have to destroy social security to save it. Just like in the 1980′s when they said they had to let Wall Street destroy our manufacturing base to save it – you see how that worked out. Republicans say they are the “family values” party. Yet they have 1 married senator (David Vitter) who admits going to a D.C. brothel and paying a prostitute for sex – he still serves. They had another senator(Larry Craig) from Utah who was busted offering to perform oral sex on a black undercover officer in a an airport bathroom – he was allowed to finish his term and keep his fat pension. So much for “family values.”
    Republicans say they believe in “free markets” yet voted and passed a drug bill that makes it illegal for the government to negotiate with drug companies for the best prices on our medications for medicare & medicaid. The result is people in Canada pay 30% of what we pay for drugs. The Bush/Cheney crooks handed out billions in no-bid cost-plus contracts to Haliburtan & other robber-baron companies during the wars they started. So “free markets” are only good for the poor in their view. Now they have Rick Perry claiming he hates government and is fiscally conservative. The biggest employer in his state of Texas? – the Federal Government! Perry brags about the private sector jobs he “created.” Texas leads the nation in minimum wage jobs, in jobs with no health insurance, and in illegal immigrunts working without documentation. Republicans have been saying social security was no good since it was started. They want to privatize it so their wall street thieves can steal more from taxpayers. Republicans want to privatize our schools, so Jeb Bush & his pals can steal more from taxpayers. Republicans want to change medicare & medicaid so they can steal more from taxpayers. When Republicans say smaller government – what they mean is more taxpayer cash going into their supporters private pockets. (Gov Scott is a good example – if you like what he’s doing vote for one of these idiots. A vote for Republicans is a vote for the end of America as a great nation – and a turn towards complete class separation and poverty like we have never seen.

  5. Downtown Danny Says:

    @tea lady – “Texas miracle” – ?? Go to Texas and talk to workers there – it aint no miracle – its a nightmare! Nothing but fast food & walmart jobs at minimum wage with no health insurance – Texas leads the nation in full time jobs with no health insurance – forcing the Federal Government (that Perry hates but wants to lead) to pay for their health care. So the nations taxpayers are now funding what you call a miracle.

  6. Harry Says:

    As the trustees report: “…program costs for both Medicare and Social Security are not sustainable under currently scheduled financing, and will require legislative modifications if disruptive consequences for beneficiaries and taxpayers are to be avoided.”)

    Yet, let either party even suggest solutions that might prevent the coming disruptions,…and the other party attacks! What Insanity!

    By the way, would the Post consider limiting responses to 500 words? Please.

  7. Kevin Says:

    Long-term costs for both programs are not sustainable under currently scheduled financing.”
    This is true and it’s fixable. The actual cost of living has increased considerably since SSI withholding was last adjusted and there have been several COLA’s for SSI beneficiaries. Personally I would be willing to kick in a higher percentage to ensure the program will be solvent when I need it. A good start would be to tax one’s entire income not just the first $106K. Eliminate benefits for minor children of seniors (that’s just ridiculous). And closely scrutinize young people receiving SSI disability for conditions like ADHD and other bogus unverifiable maladies. What do republicans think of the Medicare part D verbiage that prevents the federal government from negotiating for lower prices on prescription drugs? That does not sound like a free market principal to me. If republicans take control and actually get what they want passed there will be a backlash against them that will last for many years.

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