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Allen West’s smallest town hall ever

by George Bennett | September 28th, 2011

BOYNTON BEACH -- U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, draws a small crowd for tonight's town hall meeting.

BOYNTON BEACH — It’s sort of a throwback to the pre-tea party days when congressional town hall meetings were subdued affairs that attracted mainly the C-SPAN demographic.

U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, normally draws crowds of several hundred for his monthly town hall meetings. But tonight’s abbreviated pre-Rosh Hashanah meeting, which wasn’t announced until Monday, has brought about 70 people to St. Mark’s Catholic School.

Because of the Jewish holiday, which begins at sundown, the start time tonight was an earlier-than-usual 6 p.m. and the meeting is slated to end at 7 p.m.

12 Responses to “Allen West’s smallest town hall ever”



  2. Mickkie Says:

    70 peeps? I dont think so. The ‘crowd’ didn’t show coz they are all celebrating Rosh Hashanah– coz we all know the Jews are HUGE fans of West. How about its more like Wests days are numbered!

  3. Go West Says:

    Jews arent’ the only people voting. Please do a count when Deutch has a townhall and supplies food to entice people to come.

  4. Sam Says:

    Goodbye mr west, and good riddance.

  5. Alan Bergstein Says:

    Strange that there was no mention of the content of West’s speech nor of the
    question and answer period that indicated West’s broad knowledge of issues. No mention, as well, of the “missing” planned Move-on and Code Pink demonstration. Dream on Liberals, West is here to stay!



  7. Searcher Says:

    And so the slow death of the TEA-TARDS begins. Hate and anger take a lot of energy. With the TEA-SLUGS being basically the OLDSTERS, they were due to run out of energy at some point….

  8. TheOldGuy Says:

    George Bennett and The Post are losing their grip. Surly there must have been something West said you could have twisted in to a fake controversy. The size of the crowd? Oh my — you ARE almost gone.

    Last time I looked, Obama’s Party followers are abandoning his Titanic approach to navigating the economy. Now that IS news but the band plays on.

  9. Whatamoron Says:

    @TheOldGuy-You’ve LOST your grip. The economic mess was created by GW Bush, the wasteful spending of the Republican party, tax cuts for the wealthy and the war in the middle east. Obama has his hands tied by hatemongers, bigots and the political puppets of the wealthy who block every initiative he proposes to help get this country back on its feet. The Tea Party’s main campaign promise is to ensure “Obama is a one term president”. WHAT ABOUT A PLAN TO CREATE JOBS AND STIMULATE THE ECONOMY??? West is a Tea-Party puppet whose idealogy is passe and people are starting to wake up. He’s not a politician or a leader, he’s a mysogynistic, rabid man whose 15 minutes of fame is drawing to an end. How many issues has he ACTUALLY voted on during his elected term? If memory serves me correctly, he has been ABSENT more often than he has been PRESENT to vote on legislation that impacts the residents in his district. Farewell, West-have a nice life. Go get your own show on Fox and join the lunatic fringe.

  10. The Truth Says:

    Reply to comment #9 – your username is perfect for you. Obama was the king of ‘absent’ and ‘present’ so that’s an argument you’ve already lost. Liberidiots really are dilusional and actually believe their own lies.

  11. Ted Parsons Says:

    Those aren’t really town hall’s anyway. Just a one sided opportunity for west to spout off the tea party talking points and ignore or gloss over the truth or any tough questions. God forbid if you speak out of turn, the storm troupers will haul your ass out. Go (away) west!

  12. Sam Says:

    He used to take questions from the audience. After a few months he stopped that and I heard he even screens the questions submitted in writing only. So much for the tough-guy image,

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