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Scott to meet with ed boards

by Dara Kam | August 1st, 2011

More than half a year into his administration, Gov. Rick Scott hosted his first coffee-and-doughnuts session with Capitol reporters and, in a reversal of his previous policy, will start making the rounds of the state’s newspaper editorial boards.

Scott, who never ran for public office before last year, refused to meet with the editorial writers during his campaign for governor.

Scott’s new strategy comes after a recent shake-up in his inner office in which Tallahassee political veteran Steve MacNamara replaced Mary Anne Carter, a relative unknown in Florida, as Scott’s chief of staff.

Since MacNamara came on board late last month, Scott appeared at an annual meeting of newspaper executives and had an off-the-record chat with The Miami Herald ed board.

In another signal of détente with the media, Scott hosted a coffee-and-doughnuts session with Capitol reporters this morning, his first since taking office in January.

MacNamara explained the new approach.

“His mother and my mother do the same thing every morning,” MacNamara said. “Go outside and get the newspaper.”

Tea party icon Scott spends a slice of nearly every morning appearing on predominantly conservative radio talk shows, speaking to his base.

But MacNamara said the governor has realized he’s got to spread his message around.

“He’s either going to be defined by newspapers or he’s going to define himself,” MacNamara said.

His first sit-down with an editorial board will be with The Tallahassee Democrat, the governor’s new hometown paper, MacNamara said.

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One Response to “Scott to meet with ed boards”

  1. Big Johnson Says:

    Sounds like Mr. Scott is starting to smell the coffee. Although his now meeting with the media strategy brings a famous quote to mind.”It is better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”.

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