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Rick Scott campaigns to win hearts of Floridians

by Dara Kam | August 8th, 2011

Is Rick Scott the most hated nice guy in Florida?

The Republican governor has been caricatured as Voldemort, Skeletor and worse. A bumper sticker seen recently in Tallahassee read “Rick Scott: The Anti-Christ.”

Only 35 percent of Florida voters approve of how he’s doing his job and slightly less like him as a person, according to poll results released last week. Not even a majority of Republicans said they liked him as a person, although 60 percent of them said they liked his policies.

Yet, those who meet him say that, one-on-one, he’s unfailingly polite and soft-spoken. He cracks jokes and asks about their families and their health.

His staff is convinced that if Floridians got to know their boss better, they would like him, even if they don’t agree with his policies.

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30 Responses to “Rick Scott campaigns to win hearts of Floridians”

  1. FL Dem Ninja Says:

    Ted Bundy was described as a nice guy also.

  2. Obama=President Downgrade Says:

    Demmocrats were once thought of as nice guys until they refused to deal with the debt and expenditures.

    S&P is now looking at STATES and COUNTY GOVERNMENTS….they are NEXT.

    YAHOO…Wisconsin and Florida!

    The Palm Beach Post has nothing on the DOWNGRADE….wonder why?

  3. Slash and burn Says:

    @Obama=, hmmm I seem to remember that the Tea Party and (to some degree) Republicans shot down any ideas that involved raising revenue either by letting tax cuts expire, closing loopholes in the corporate tax system or via actual tax increases even if those measures were married to cuts in programs such as social security.

    Instead they would only agree to cuts which most economists, S&P and other rating agencies have indicated will not reduce the deficit in any meaningful way.

    So until everyone realizes that you won’t be able to balance the budget unless you also increase revenue along with making cuts, we will keep sliding into oblivion.

    But if you feel that a cuts only approach will solve the problem, feel free to publish your numbers here. I’m sure many people would be very interested in hearing them.

    Remember we are looking to make up $1.2 trillion annually if we want to balance the budget. More if we want to chisel away at the debt.

    As for Scott, I hope he also works as hard at conjuring those 700,000 jobs he promised as he is at trying to improve his image.

  4. Denny Wood Says:

    Over 20% of Florida are people with disabilities. They elected Scott. Scott chose to repay them by signing HB 849 against their efforts to veto the bill that raped their Access Law, Chapter 553, Part 2 (Story and bill comments at Newspapers did not cover this rape legislation. The signing of this bill was not like the Governor signing a death warrant. However, undoing the damage at the 2012 Legislature will be hard in a mean spirited legislature that cut much needed funding for home support for severely disabled persons.Scott’s line item vetos did the rest. How Scott repairs his image with the disabled is like climbing the highest mountain in the world. Kicking people with disabilities in the groin is a new Governor trick, that we are just not accustomed to in Florida.

  5. Denny Wood Says:

    New jobs in Florida? Scott needs to take a fresh look at enhancing tourism,the engine that has made Florida have a healthy economy since the beginning of time. The effort should be doubling or tripling tourist traffic. This begins by eliminating road tolls, not adding to them like Scott wants to do. It means stop raping tourists with high bed taxes, where the money is misused to build Florida Marlins Stadiums. This means encouraging more bed and breakfast locations. Better websites promoting Florida attractions by the State. NEW attractions should recieve every break possible to develop. Doubling our tourist visits will create over a million new jobs, in an industry that has always worked in Florida. Tourists are the cleanest industry, and their visits should NOT be marked with memories of high tolls and high bed taxes. Their memories should be positive, and their desire to return next year high. Wake up the Scott Administration. Enhance the industry that made Florida’s economy work. There is really no other hope in sight for at least 10 years in this rotten economy.

  6. Downtown Danny Says:

    Scott is the poster boy for the new Republican way – steal from the poor, disabled & middle class and give to the rich.
    Cut funds for education, the handicapped,hungry children and give tax breaks to the super rich. Cut the pay & benefits of teachers, police, firemen and give tax breaks to corporations and the millionaires that run them. This is their version of the great society – poor getting poorer and rich getting richer – with the help of government.

  7. Carol Says:

    The top 10 percent control 93 percent of wealth, while the bottom 90 percent have been saddled with 73 percent of the debt! Social security has a 22 trillion surplus, but our elderly citizens are among the first to take the hit from Republicans. (…to Republican posters, I seriously doubt if you’re in the “protected” 10 percent pulling in $118,200 a year). If Scott wants to improve his image, I suggest he cuddle a puppy. To be a governor, the man is simply not qualified.

  8. register independent Says:

    I was going to write something smart and insightful, but downtown danny said it all. Cut the pay of firemen, cops, and teachers, people who dedicated their lives to helping others, and give tax breaks to the wealthy and the selfish. Shame on all you republicans. Shame on you all. How any moral person, Christian or not, can cut funds to the disabled while simultaneously giving tax breaks to millionaires with second homes amazes me. How do you look at yourselves in the mirror?

  9. Linda K. Wightman Says:

    He could make me like him if he resigned tomorrow, if he can’t today. Other than that he’s a horrible Governor and he does look like skeletor, except skeletor was a more likeable.

  10. DV Says:

    What a bunch of tools commenting on this blog. Rick Scott hasn’t even been in office long enough to do anything, and the Left wing whiners have started already. Notice that they started with that stupid drum beat about Bush … “the worst President … blah blah blah ….” These are the same Leftist morons who claimed that they had a “free speech right” to show up at a public meeting where the Governor was speaking and tried to disrupt the meeting and prevent the Governor from speaking. The sheriff promptly and lawfully removed them so they started screaming bloody murder that their “right”s had been violated. Well, sorry Left-tards, but you don’t have the right to interrupt a public meeting when the Governor has the floor. Secondly, your free speech rights were not violated because free speech does not include the right to be HEARD. You can say anything you want, but the right of free speech does not mean you have a right to be heard. Period. End of discussion. Shut the door on your way out of the Tea Party meetings.

  11. DV Says:

    And another thing: Who the hell cares what the Governor looks like? Your Left-tard President looks like first class doofus with his big dumbo ears, so please tell me how Rick Scott’s bald head is relevant to the business of running this state, and why you don’t make similar criticisms of your Marxist in Chief President, King Barry the 1st.

  12. LostMyJob Says:

    I read something about Rick Scott “finding” 85,500 new jobs.
    I bet those were probably State Jobs where the employees were let go and re-hired by Aramark, Trinity, or the GEO Group.
    Since all 3 offer kick-backs and stock dividends. So, once again the tax Payer gets screwed over, not to mention the people who had a career job working for the State… way to go you greedy bastard!

  13. DV Says:

    And yet another thing: Linda K. Wightman, you haven’t given ONE example in support of your contention that Rick Scott is a “horrible” Governor. Not one! You have to give specifics as to exactly what Gov. Scott has done or not done to support your contention that he’s a horrible Governor. So where are your specific criticisms of Gov. Scott? And please relate them to some problem with which the State of Florida is now contending. IOW: show the relevance of your examples to some specific problem you allege Scott is responsible for.

  14. X. Says:

    Rick Scott is a felon. Any CEO that cannot keep track of his own company defrauding medicaid, is not fit to be Governor.

  15. X. Says:

    And if he could keep track, then he’s a thief. Which means he’s still not fit to be Governor.

  16. david H Says:

    Rick Scott Is a fellon is not fit to Be Governer And just today I seen TV news he is milking the state in a discount insurence program for the poor.He has his family on this! Now you see what a Republican is realy like!PS all for rich none for the poor!

  17. david H Says:

    Governer Scott Should Be the Most Hated Person In the county Not Casey Anthoney And that saying something! Casey got off on the states not proving nothing on her.even though everybody knows she is guilty,We have evendence that he’s guilty! next time Florida voters think before you vote! So we can keep asshole’s like him out of office. Please!

  18. kumar Says:

    gvghftcv htg seb hhy the of india

  19. Brian Says:

    Rick Scott shouldn’t ever have reached office. He can robo call me all he wants and court me in all the other ways he can dream up… but he won’t ever get me to warm up to him!

  20. Virginia Levins Says:

    The Post is so liberal, why even comment on any of the above remarks. Most interviewed on the street of NY don’t have a clue as to what is happening to our country an I suspect most of the people commenting here are in the same boat because they only listen to what others are saying that only read the Post or only view CNN and MSMBC. My advise to them is to get out of the box and stop expecting the government to take care of their every need and stop using children and old people to try and win your case by scare tactics. I am old and believe in the work ethics that has made this country great.

  21. Brit Payne Says:

    Never forget that the people of Florida elected Rick Scott. Throughout the US voters elected these Republicans in a landslide. Everyone should watch the movie “Idiocracy”. The US is the nation of “Dumber and Dumber”. The facts of what the new Republican Party is about is out there if anyone reads. However, US voters listen to Republican pundits like Rush Limbaugh whose program content is 100% opinion rather than examining any facts. Let the buyer beware, look beyond the slick simplistic ads used by the Republican Party. You got what you voted for.

  22. Gary Says:

    I am two years now in Florida. I came here for my work (so I am not on the government dole, taking unemployment, or social services – I am a taxpayer) It seems to me like a police state — I’ve never seen so many police cars. When someone is pulled over, it’s never one cop — more like 5 or 6. My two encounters with policemen in Miami Beach — in which I did nothing wrong — were with two old white cops who were mean and sarcastic and, from what I understand, VERY well paid. I can only imagine how they treat minorities and tourists. The little flashbulbs go off at every intersection, making you feel your every move is being watched. I honestly do not want to drive anymore in this state as it just doesn’t seem worth it. The transit system isn’t very good, but I use it when I can. Tourists must feel VERY unwelcome. Road projects are never finished. I have yet to drive down 71st street where it doesn’t close down to one lane — traffic backed up — and yet you see no workers on the site. There are highway tolls everywhere — so much so you need a window sticker to pay them all. The Governor is a known crook who seems hellbent on making Florida rival Texas for its mean spiritedness in failing to provide education, healthcare, basic housing and services to its citizens. Many Miami neighborhoods honestly look like shanties. Government workers I have encountered at DMV (where it can take three months to get a driver license IF you sign up online), Miami Beach parking office, Miami metro and other departments are rude and mean and slow and obviously hate their jobs. It costs over $500 to get a license plate and you pay a private company to get it. The towing business is an obvious crooked monopoly, at least in Miami Beach. One gets the feeling there is crime and crookedness everywhere and this feeling is reflected in the people who live here who seem unfriendly and frightened and suspicious. I really don’t care how ‘friendly’ a guy this governor is. I’ve met friendly crooks. His actions are just terrible and the general feeling in this state is not a good one. It’s sad because it is a beautiful state filled with a variety of people from so many cultures and so much natural beauty. It should be a welcoming place and a wonderful place to live. I, for one, cannot not even look at this governor on TV. He does not appear to represent the majority of people in this state. My late mother told me you can tell much about a person from their face — that it reflects over the years the person inside. I really cannot look at his face. I hope what he is doing will result in a better life for the people of this state — more and better jobs, better living conditions, better education, better affordable health care. But I don’t see that is the case.

  23. Triumphdave Says:

    I must live in a different Florida than the one most of your (lefest) commentors are talking about. From what I can see GOV Scott is making a real effort at fixing the sates budget. Fixing the budget requires cutting spending plain and simple, so there will always be somebody angery. Florida like WI,IN,& NJ has a conservitive GOV that is making real headway even if it’s not always popular.

  24. SunnyFlDays4Me Says:

    Opinion: Scott is a SCUMBAG

    Facts: 1 – Scott is a crook and would have been convicted as a Felon. He ‘resigned’ right before his company was fined (not thousands, not even millions, but….) BILLION dollars for defrauding medicare. The largest fine in miedicare history! I just read where he flew up to his new thousands of acres ranch, on his private jet, to escape the heat of Florida. He won’t escape the “heat” at public apperances, opinion polls, nor the next election.

    Facts: 2 – Scott spent over 50,000,00 dollars of his “own money” (read above and figure out where it came from) to buy the Governors Office. It paid for a constant barrage of lies, slander, and vicious around-the-clock negative advertisement.

    Fact: 3 – Scott “won” (he really bought it) by only receiving ONLY 27% of Regestered voters. How could that happen? Negative adds, and a nation-wide ‘Anti-Obama’ kept voters home.

    Fact: 4 – Scumbag Scott and his Republican Legislator Prostitutes (you know, the ones who hang out in the big white building in Talahassee and sell their souls to their corporate Johns) passes several laws to make it harder for students, minorites, military memebers, women (i.e. Democrats) to vote in future elections. Several lawsuits have been filed since he took office. So many, they have had to hire more attorneys on our dime.

  25. SunnyFlDays4Me Says:

    Fact: 5 – Scumbag Scot and his friends (read prostitutes) say they are “for education” yet cut 850 MILLION dollars from it. Why? A few months after increasing funding and authorizations for Private Charter Schools…….we read where The Wife of Legislator #1 is opening a “new charter school” with Legislator #2!!! And Fl political rules and laws are so out of date (and scummy)50 years behind – its reported in a ‘business-as-normal way!

    Fact 6 – Teachers, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, and other State and Local government employees have not had raises in FOUR YEARS. Yet, rapes them by TAKING back 3% of their pay starting now. He tried to crush their Unions but backed off (figuring you shouldn’t screw them all at once, better wit a year for more). And, NO I am not a teacher, etc… I do know a 10 year degreed Teacher who takes home less than 40K. “yeah but they only work…” another Urban (now Republican) MYTH. Teachers do NOT get paid during the summer. They are hourly employees who go into a leave-without-pay status. Most have to take second jobs or teach during the summer to get by. When do they grade papers or prepare lesson plans? At home on their own time without pay. The teachers I know spend weeknights and weekends on it.

    Readers, I could spend hours and hours proving more factual information, but if you don’t get it now its because you are stubborn and don’t want to. The 73% of Floridians who stayed home have learned it the hard way. Scumbag Scott will go down forever in history as the worse Governor we have ever had or will have. He is booed at his public appearances – people even buy tickets for some of them just to be able to show their disgust with him and his Fl Republican Legislature prostitutes.

    In case you are wondering, I used to be a Republican and I am now an Independant. I am 56 years old, have a BS degree in HR, and retired Military Officer (after going in as a Private). Heres how I vote: I study the issues that are important to me and my thoughts for working people and the country. I look at stated policies, platforms, and past performance and votes. Then I research the candidates and vote for the Best one, the lesser- of-two-evils one, or more importantly I do not vote for a candidate or office if I am uninformed. If I did – I would ‘cancel out’ the vote of maybe someone who was informed.

    If you don’t get off your butt and vote (after researching the issues and candidates), then don’t be suprised when you get a 27% “winner” who turns out to be scum.

  26. Wanamaker Says:

    Where are the effing cuts to the 1.2 TRILLION dollar per MILITARY BUDGET? Is it better to take money away from seniors who payed money into SS and Medicaid their entire lives?

    These lying traitors have decided to keep the wars of aggression going for Israel at ANY COST now.

  27. Matt Says:

    I am sick of the lies and hateful propaganda being put out by the mainstream media against Republicans. Our country’s media is overly progressive. The only right leaning media outlet on the air is Fox News. Yet, the fascists on the left relentlessly attack Fox everyday. We need a fair press in this country so the public can receive honest news reporting, instead of the latest talking points from George Soros’s BS political organizations, like the Center for American Progress and Media Matters. All of the posts from this article quote the same baseless manipulations proferred by the left wing smear machine. Our country is in danger of losing its freedom because of this blatant one-sided political support. Individuals should be free to pursue their own happiness in our country. If a person is not willing to work hard and take chances, then he or she does not deserve to succeed. The hard working and successful people of our country should not have to give half of their labor to the incompetant and ignorant leeches. No socialist country has ever succeeded. Government rips off the public on every tax dollar they receive. We need less government and more individual initiative. If you don’t like it, move to Europe, South America, Asia/China, or Africa. There are already too many progressive/socialist countries in this world. The US can not afford to make the same ridiculous mistakes.

  28. SunnyFlDays4Me Says:

    Uhhh…Matt? Did you miss the subject of this comment blog? Did you have a comment on Scott?

  29. Matt Says:

    The US military budget is less than 700 billion. China has been aggressively increasing their military spending for the last decade by over 10% per year. Plus, they get more bang for their bucks because they pay less for labor and manufactured products. Our country has to defend the world from hostile nations. Iran wants to destroy Israel, not to mention the US ( just like most other Muslim nations). Russia wants their old Soviet power back. Also, China is seeking to become the most powerful country in the world by destroying US. They buy our debt so that our politicians will support sending US jobs to China. This all started after the Brandt global conference in the late 1970s. Socialists and progressives demanded that wealthy nations give up some of their jobs and wealth to poorer nations. This disgusting policy was supported by prominent Democrats, like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. How does it feel to support a party that supports sending middle class jobs overseas, while lying about it publicly? Democrats use their Union support to protect them from the truth. The only wealth redistribution they seek regards taking wealth from all Americans to give it to failing socialist regimes overseas that are poor and corrupt. Some repubs are just as bad, e.g. both Bushes and all Rhinos. The only group protecting America from oblivion is the Tea Party and real conservatives. Conservatives support individual freedom. Progressives support government power and eventually one world government. In order to achieve a one world government, progressives have to weaken our country at the demands of our enemies. I’m not sure if Scott is a Rhino progressive or a true Repub, but judging from the media’s response to him I would say the later. The media attacks any American who seeks to support our country against internationalists. If you dislike giant international corporations, billionaires who are above the law, government that is unaccountable to anyone, and a media that represents the interests of only all of the above, then support the Tea Party and other conservative groups that wish to stand against the cancers that threaten our country.

  30. Matt Says:

    In case you haven’t noticed the media is doing the same thing all across the nation to every Repub who takes a stand against progressive ideology. I do not care about Scott himself. I hope he is a good conservative, but his story is incidental. The overall picture is what tells the truth. There are politicians in this country that do not support our people. One former Congresswoman flew over to Iran and Libya to bash our country using dollars from a prominent socialist foundation. What is going on with the public? Flash mobs are attacking innocent bystanders because they are white. Mobs are destroying our principal alley the United Kingdom. Stand up PEACEFULLY and demand better from the media and politicians. These people are supposed to support us. Instead, they have driven us into debt up to our eyeballs and given US jobs to our enemies while also handing them foreign AID!!!!!! (China receives hundreds of millions in US foreign aid while they take our jobs and buy up our debt–what are we getting out of this equation?) Then, they get their media allies to attack their enemies and whip the public into a violent frenzy, like in the UK or most left wing rallies in the US. Sarah Palin was mercilessly crucified for being a conservative by the media. What did she do wrong? She resigned her governorship because every left wing organization in the country brought a lawsuit against her, costing the state millions of dollars. Scott is kind of a generic guy, but he seems to be guilty of only being a Republican before a major election. We can not afford to bankrupt our country by catering to crazy Union officials, shady foreign interests, corrupt corporations, and ideological billionaires. This is America. We have single handedly brought about the modern world that the rest of the world feeds off of everyday. Do we get paid by other countries who use the internet? Do we get paid by Europe for stationing troops in Germany for their protection? Do we get paid by corrupt Iraqis for liberating their BS country? No. We have been hoodwinked by a mainstream political base that stretches across both parties whose goal is to dismember our country slowly to avoid public repercussions. The world needs an example to follow. We have to demand our interests from these scumbags. This election could end up deciding our country’s fate. Yet, no one is talking about the real issues that face everyday Americans. I expect more from this country and our people. We can take back the leadership mantle in this world. We are living in a Jimmy Carter-esque malaise. I hope we can find some Reagan-esque leadership to push us forward

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