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Q poll gives Nelson reason to smile, and sweat

by John Kennedy | August 5th, 2011

Running for a third term next fall, Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson can take some solace in this week’s Quinnipiac University poll that shows none of his potential Republican rivals so far emerging as a clear frontrunner.

A whopping 53 percent of registered Republicans told Quinnipiac they were undecided between former Rep. Adam Hasner of Delray Beach, former short-time U.S. Senate appointee George LeMieux, ex-steakhouse boss Craig Miller, and tea party courter Mike McAlister, who topped the field with support from 15 percent of voters.

Forty-six percent of respondents also told Quinnipiac they would support Nelson over any Republican, with the rival drawing 35 percent.

But before the Democratic incumbent gets too comfortable, he might look at his own disapproval rating among voters. Nelson plunged to 42 percent when Congress and President Obama forged their debt ceiling deal last week — the Florida senator’s lowest mark since his scraped 42 percent in August 2004.

But then, Nelson was still two years away from re-election. And that year, he faced off against politically damaged Republican Katherine Harris, in a non-presidential election year.

Post-debt deal, a plurality of those polled were willing to say Nelson deserved to be re-elected. But the 44-38 percent margin may be a little too close, especially since a frontrunning alternative is certain to emerge in coming months out of the pack of Republicans nipping at Nelson’s heels.


7 Responses to “Q poll gives Nelson reason to smile, and sweat”

  1. Edward C Says:

    But before the Democratic incumbent gets too comfortable, he might look at his own disapproval rating among voters.

  2. Searcher Says:

    He will be just fine. He’s NOT a extremist, and that is what will emerge from the TEA-PUBLICAN PRIMARY. And people are TIRED of extremists.

  3. luckydog Says:

    He is not an extremeist, he is a slug with no backbone and no moral compass. He is a wimp and wishy washy freeloader on the taxpayers dime.

  4. HL Says:

    WELL Bill, You boys and girls are not doing very good, I think Congress, Senate, Supreme Court and Presiednt should take a 33% cut in pay, pay your Social Security, No Retirement, and buy your own health insurance like all other americans. This is least you.

  5. No to Nelson Says:

    Very simply, Nelson is a do nothing.

    He will not get my vote.

  6. BTW Says:

    To HL:

    You do realize that the agreement reached by Obama and Boehner excludes FEDERAL EMPLOYEES from ANY CUTS! They made sure they are safe and the public is damned.

    They exempted themselves from ObamaCare and they continue their lack of morals by excluding themselves from cuts.

    They get automatic pay raises, COLAs, while we, the people, are going to get cuts.

  7. Ironic Says:

    Nancy Pelosi is calling for transparency in for the Super Committee discusssions; but do you remember her closed door sessions on healthcare and her comment that ‘we’ll know what’s in ObamaCare after we pass it’

    No transparency for democrats, but demands from democrats that republicans be transparent.

    Wish I could vote this millionairess out of office.

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