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Personnel problems in Bondi’s office deepen in wake of foreclosure fraud firings

by Dara Kam | August 11th, 2011

Andrew Spark, one of Attorney General Pam Bondi’s assistants in her Tampa office, abruptly resigned Thursday – a day after releasing a 16-page memo harshly criticizing his boss’s administration.

Spark, an assistant state attorney general in the Tampa office of economic crimes, said his memo was motivated by the forced resignations of former state foreclosure investigators June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards.

Spark’s concerns include former Economic Crimes Division Director Mary Leontakianakos taking a job in June with the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson – a firm that paid $2 million in March to settle a state investigation into its foreclosure practices. Leontakianakos resigned her director’s job in December with an effective date of Jan. 3.

Spark also mentions the resignation of former Deputy Attorney General Joe Jacquot, who went to work for Lender Processing Services – another company under investigation by the state – and concerns he has about his investigations of two companies that serve foreclosure summonses to home owners.

“The people of the State of Florida are entitled to fair and honest government, independent of personal connections and powerful interests,” wrote Spark, who has worked for the attorney general for about seven years.

After Spark’s resignation, Bondi said he was the subject of an ongoing investigation for using the services of a business he was investigating.

“It is exceptionally troubling for the people of Florida that Spark’s memo disclosed information pertaining to active investigations into foreclosure-related businesses that could compromise those cases,” Bondi said.

Read The Palm Beach Post writer Kimberly Miller’s story here.

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9 Responses to “Personnel problems in Bondi’s office deepen in wake of foreclosure fraud firings”

  1. Bondi is corrupt Says:

    That corrupt idiot needs to resign.

  2. JohnB Says:

    Is anyone REALLY surprised?

  3. Stacy Says:

    She is doing a terrible job. I’ll take Howdy back NOW.

  4. Searcher Says:

    The PLOT continues to THICKEN!!

    Something smells rotten in Tallahassee…

  5. Downtown Danny Says:

    The little local paper – Palm Beach Sun said it right in their powerful gossip column last month – Bondi is corrupt. Their article detailed how she had those 2 fired and why she did it.
    This woman is not fit for office, but either is Rick Scott. I long for the days of Lawton Chiles & Bob Graham.

  6. Holy Cow Says:

    Bondi said, “He disclosed information pertaining to active investigations into foreclosure related businesses that could compromise those cases.”

    Thats strange because she stated it was a “Moral Hazard” to hold banks responsible for crimes. So is she or isn’t she investigating?

  7. SunnyFlDays4Me Says:

    BAMBI BONDI is SCUM, but why would anyone be suprised? Have you forgotten that this was the person who sued to keep a pet dog from being returned to one of the Katrina survivors.

    I have seen enough interaction between BAMBI BONDI and SCUMBAG SCOTT, in hearing and cabinet meetings, to be absolutely sure that inaddition to screwing us Scumbag Scott is also “spreading the greed” with her.

    Did you hear the one about the attorney who gets to heaven……oh, sorry that’s not going to ever happen.

  8. theloneconsumer Says:

    In other stories around the state, Peter Antonacci represented the companies that were being fined. And he had a personal relationship with Bondi’s general counsel, Carlos Muniz. Carlos was released as Gallagher’s GC when Alex Sink became the next CFO.
    Peter Antonacci has a bad habit of getting his way with Florida’s AG’s. As Charlie Crist became Atty General, Crist made Clayton Roberts (yes, 2000 vote count with Kath. Harris). Since Clayton and Peter were ol’ Atty General employees, ALL of Peter Antonacci’s clients had their investigations and complaints dismissed that Butterworth originated.
    Does Bellsouth, Pearlman and Cash America ring a bell?
    Peter was on the judicial nominating council, and miraculously Clayton Roberts was nominated for the Taj Mahal Appeals court judgeship as Charlie Crist as Governor appointed him.

    Maybe this us the tip of the iceberg. Maybe you reporters need to go back to archives…
    Cash America’s lobbyist-Blosser gave Crist an airplane ride he didnt disclose, and the ethics and Florida elections commission both had complaints to investigate against Crist. GUESS WHO was on the Ethics commission panel review? Oh yes, Peter!

  9. theloneconsumer Says:

    For the record,Peter Antonacci is the atty that disclosed GOP Party Greer’s illegal contract to skim money in a separate accoutn from GOP campaign donors.
    Apparently,since Peter Antonacci disclosedthe illegal contract without Greer’s permission to authorities, Greer will probably get off!
    something about fiduciary relationship and disclosure…

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