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‘Nuts!’ — Allen West channels World War II general in reply to Muslim group

by George Bennett | August 16th, 2011

McAuliffe to Germans at Battle of the Bulge: "Nuts!"

U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, didn’t think much of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ demand that he stop associating with figures the group considers anti-Muslim.

West’s response, on congressional stationery: “NUTS!”

CAIR South Florida Director Nezar Hamze (recipient of West’s “Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt” admonition at a February town hall meeting) seemed puzzled by the response and told a Miami TV station that West should “stop the schoolboy insults.”

The Miami New Times reported today that West’s office “has yet to explain to New Times what the congressman meant.”

West watchers shouldn’t be surprised. The 22-year Army veteran regularly peppers his speeches with military references from ancient Greece to Vietnam. West referred to at least five Union generals by name in recounting a Battle of Gettysburg story to tea partyers Monday night.

And West frequently mentions World War II Army Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, who was immortalized during the Battle of the Bulge for his one-word reply to a surrender demand from the Germans.

McAuliffe’s response: “Nuts!”


64 Responses to “‘Nuts!’ — Allen West channels World War II general in reply to Muslim group”

  1. dark gator Says:

    Yep, Allen West is very definitly NUTS!

  2. Go West! Says:

    Congressman West gave an appropriate response to an organization that deserves nothing more. CAIR is nothing more than a front group and apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood and should be treated as such.

  3. Sam Says:

    What do you expect from the likes of Allen west – he’s nuts; and I don’t think he knows the difference between the army and congress. Not a gentleman by any measure.

  4. Ed Campbell Says:

    I have many good neighbors. Some are Catholic, some are AME, some are Baptist, some are Methodist, some are Muslims, and some are atheists,
    As far as I know all are good Americans, and therefore we may and do disagree on many thing, but never involving personal religious beliefs.
    Mr. West’s response reflects an intolerance for the religious diversity that is implied and expected under our constitution.

    It is an arrogant response that implies both racial and religious prejudice. No way around that.

  5. Ed Campbell Says:

    Oops, I forgot, next door are actually Hindu and kitty corner are Buddhist. Did not mean to leave anyone out.

  6. u prove me right daily Says:

    Bennett-Post, every single day negative articles containing lies about West and Scott, EVERYDAY!!! Just proves you publish a bigoted newletter for the Obama bots. What is the latest in the Edwards’ Indictment? Any news on that? And the New Times? Those bunch of pot smokers are too high to know if their phone even rang with a reply or not!!

  7. True American Says:

    West is a true hero and not afraid to tell the truth. Nothing posted in this rag about the destruction of America by the traitor in the White House.

  8. Jeff K Says:

    West is the man!!
    CAIR is a bunch of terrorists and should be treated as such. They deserve NO civility.

  9. jimmy Says:

    These people are Nuts…There’s no other way to put it. Their minds have been corrupted by the evil Imams who preach the literal translation of the Koran.

  10. ralphyboy Says:

    West is right. Who do these people think they are, telling a Congressman, with whom he can associate. There are many who would prefer he not associate with CAIR and similar groups.

    At least they learned a little AMERICAN history.

  11. howie Says:

    With enemies like CAIR and the PLO…Congressman West does not need any friends..

  12. Tea Baggery Says:

    The Tea bagger is asking for some nuts.
    Smack him on the forehead with some

  13. tallyguy Says:

    How ’bout I smack you on the head with some, Tea Baggery?

  14. Sam 7 Says:

    West, like any one of us commenting or speaking out in publilc still have the right to do gave a response. The fact that we as citizens or political groups may not like that reason does not make his words wrong. Free speech is free speech, and for a person who has dedicate himself to this country like West has – he’s definately earned and paid for the right to his own opinion and words – whether I agree with them or not.

  15. Dusty Says:

    Oh yeah, and Col. West also believes the White House has been infiltrated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood… but wait, Rashad Hussain and Dialia Mogahed are MB members and some of Obama’s ‘trusted advisors’…

  16. South Palm Beach Says:

    I know Mr. West has never, ever, ever, ever said this to anyone–Mr. West once served in the military.

    Of course, Mr. West being the humble man who would clearly let his military service speak for itself without having the need to exploit his military service every single possible moment, has never mentioned the fact he was a military man. Clearly, a man of honor like him wouldn’t need to publicize the fact that he served in the military in order to gain cheap political points so that lemmings can bestow upon him the label of uber-patriot-extreme.

    I think Mr. West’s well known humility about his prior military service must stem from the fact that his service was unblemished, with great honor and without a hint of scandal. That Mr. West would have never been forced into a situation where, say, he was forced into a hasty retirement under threat of court martial for shooting a gun off next to the head of a unarmed Iraqi detainee who turned out to be completely innocent. Mr. West would never have to overcompensate for such a humilitating episode by constantly bragging about his former military status because Mr. West would have never gotten himself into such a shameful situation.


  17. rukiddingme? Says:

    CAIR is a special interest group that defends terrorist organizations. It is radical Muslims that wish to kill Americans. West need not even acknowledge them in my opinion. As for New Times…anyone who even has a hint of traditional non homosexual values is considered an enemy by their editors. New Times is a useless publication that has to be given away for free because no one would spend actual money buying their liberal propaganda.

  18. Vulcan Says:

    He speaks the truth. He speaks his mind. He gives his opinion. Isn’t that American ? Or does it not apply unless you are a liberal, socialist, or gangbanger?

  19. Sam Says:

    “rukidding me” – you need to wake up from your islamophobic fantasy world. CAIR is radical Muslims wanting to kill Americans? Oh really?? Do you think the FBI would allow CAIR to continue operating and allow CAIR directors to give interviews, visit elected officials and law enforcement agencies? This is your poor excuse to display bigotry against all Muslim people, same with this whole “Shariah” myth. Bigots are not allowed to say “Stop all Muslims”, so the bigots came up with “Stop Shariah” instead. Please…

  20. rukiddingme? Says:

    @Sam, I can see where you thought I was accusing CAIR of being radical Muslims wanting to kill Americans. That was just hastily written that resulted in poor grammar. I meant that it is radical Muslims who are intent on killing Americans…Not that CAIR is radical Muslims, although they defend the Islamic religion, whose stated belief is that we are all infidels. Either way, I admit that I have no sympathy or compassion for Muslims. They go against everything that America stands for and make no attempt to conform with our way of life, instead they want to change America. I will never agree with that.

  21. alan catlett Says:

    I am surprised at the lack of knowledge the American people have of history.
    After Colonel Joseph Harper told the German runner of the General McAuliffe’s “Nuts” response, the Colonel had to interpret to the German. “It means go to hell”!
    It looks like Colonel West needs an interpreter for not only CAIR, but Americans as well.

  22. Enrolled Agent Says:

    Wow, hate, racism, religion intolerance.

    Did I come into a article with posts from 1961.

    @rukiddingme? R U Seriously thinking someone should condone your thought process? I’d be looking yourself in the mirror tonight! I’d not condone your thoughts whatsoever and see you as less of a human being for even casing such ill informed view points designed to incite hate. You should be ashamed of such poor behavior on your part!

  23. Fourth Reich Says:

    Think it’s hypocrytical that West is using a term to respond to the people he seems to model himself after…

    Next he will be teaching his former tea baggers to gooses step!


  24. Enrolled Agent Says:

    Mr. West has a right to voice any free opinion of his own on his own time.

    While in service of District 22′s Congressional District. Mr. West is required to adhere to a code of ethical conduct.

    Something Mr. West fell way short on here in this written response. Mr. West’s response is not reflective of educated professionals and displays Mr. West willingness to violate others right’s base on religion views.

    This issue and Mr. West clarifying his response is a matter of ethical conduct that is expected of all local district representatives. Mr. West does not want to clarify his response, a Congressional Ethic’s Complaint can be filed against Mr. West. District 22 residents have a right to force a clarification, a clarification which every member living in District 22 has a right hear if they don’t agree with Mr. Wests conduct on taxpayers dime.

  25. rukiddingme? Says:

    @enrolled agent, I know that you won’t be looking yourself in the mirror tonight because you can’t get your head out of your a*s!

    Who was it that flew the planes into the twin towers on 9/11/ Muslims!

    Who is it that beheaded Daniel Pearl and others? Muslims!

    You should be ashamed of your myopic denial and ignorance.

  26. Enrolled Agent Says:


    Sir, I grew up in South Palm Beach County. I have friends in the ground that were killed due to incitement of hate and violence as you’ve displayed. Friends dead because of colonial’s acting outside of military law’s. Dead kid’s home grown in Palm Beach and Broward county, because of conduct that warranted a court martial. Friends dead with children now growning up without a father. Don’t preach to me about lost in these wars sir. I’m having to be a fill-in father for a dead life long friend, due to ill-conceived behavior like you’ve displayed here, and like Mr. Wests response.

    Honor yourself all you want. No one else will. You’re a cancer to society, sir.

    Sir, your petty incitement of intolerance is very un-American and unbecoming of any human being.

    Classing people as you do will come back to haunt you in many ways.

    I sure didn’t have to resort to petty name calling either.

    Another show of your class of human being. Lower then the pond.

  27. Dale Says:

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations is a proven in Court, terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, founded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothingmore than the implementation of Sharia Law in America. CAIR does not in any way shape or form represent American-Muslims. CAIR uses the Islamic religion to push their fascist beliefs onto the American fabric. CAIR only represents the militant, violent, Supremacists of the Muslim Brotherhood and was created to support the efforts of HAMAS.

    Allen West is so very right about CAIR.

  28. Chuck Lehmann Says:

    I wish I had a lower I.Q. to carry on a meaningful debate with the loony liberals who have posted their nonsense on this blog. They’re about as relevent as a teat on a bull.

    Chuck Lehmann

  29. Sam Says:

    rukiddingme – so you say something about Islam’s stated beliefs – have you studied Islam? Have you read the Koran? That there is an entire chapter in the Koran called “Mary”? That Jesus is mentioned in the Koran many times? Were you aware of this?

  30. unbelievable Says:

    it’s pretty easy to tell who the t-baggers are. All full of hatred and ignorance.

    Chuck.. congratulations.. you do have a low IQ. Intelligent people aren’t so easily manipulated by the bad guys.

  31. Eddie Says:

    Hey West; You want a one word answer ?

    Here’s one:


  32. Better Luck Next Time Says:

    What kind of explanation does New Times want? The response seems pretty clear to me.

  33. Very Tired Says:

    Who are they to say what people and/or organizations Mr. West should talk to? He represents all people so he should be expected to talk to ALL people. Not just the people you approve of. That is what makes a democracy.

  34. Chris Says:

    I love it! Allen West should be our President instead of that panty waste we have now. Keep up the good work Col. West!!!

  35. One Nation Under God Says:

    “If you throw a frog into hot water it will jump out at once. But if you slowly warm it up in a
    pot of cold water, it doesn’t jump out and boils to death. We can see the decay right in front
    of our own eyes. We are slowly being boiled to death…”

  36. Ron Says:

    Thank you, Dale.

    So good it bears repeating.

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations is a proven in Court, terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, founded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothingmore than the implementation of Sharia Law in America. CAIR does not in any way shape or form represent American-Muslims. CAIR uses the Islamic religion to push their fascist beliefs onto the American fabric. CAIR only represents the militant, violent, Supremacists of the Muslim Brotherhood and was created to support the efforts of HAMAS.

    Allen West is so very right about CAIR.

  37. Banditzerothree Says:

    I would have given anything to be at CAIR when Hamzid read West’s response to his silly letter. For a group so interested in their own history, they proved so delightfully that they know nothing about ours. Which is to our benefit.

    Hamzid must have had the same confused, dopey look on his face as did the Nazi General who demanded our surrender in the Arden Forest. And, read McAuliff’s one word reply: Vas ich das “NUTS” ?

    Go West!!!!!

  38. John 8:32 Says:

    Jesus love me yes I know
    Cause the Bible tells me so

  39. Kerry Says:

    It’s inevitable we’ll be playing cowboys and muslims sooner or later.

  40. Banditzerothree Says:

    I am deeply sorry if I have offended any Nazis, especially, former Nazi Generals.

    I should not have compared you to CAIR.


  41. Banditzerothree Says:

    Sam…is that you? Are you still handling the parking tickets of the clients of the REAL lawyers at your firm?

    Say, when the Islamists turn Islam on us, will you waive one down so he won’t have to look for you to saw off your head?

  42. Kerry Says:

    Oh and Colonel I’ll be sending you a campaign donation, thank you for your service.

  43. Sam Says:

    Banditzero – (zero – brains?): You’re back? visited norway; to pay homage to Anders Behring Breivik, i take it?? No doubt – i’m sure he also gave you a class – how to kill as many Muslims and leftist Islam-”enablers” as possible? oh yeah, i forgot; you’re also supposed to be the protectors of freedom and peace; and harmony (who’s harmony is the question).

  44. James D Says:

    So West gets a request not to associate with racist bigots, and he treats it as a demand for surrender. Teabagger mentality, on display.

  45. Trey Says:

    Rather than respond to HIS CONSTITUENTS in adult manner, he turns into an 8 year old. What a fool. Pretty obvous this dolt is showing he will NOT represent ALL the people of his district EQUALLY. Hypocrisy thy name is Tea Party.

  46. Trey Says:

    Sorry to point out to you WND heros, but CAIR is an AMERICAN organization. And if an AMERICAN congressmen treats his AMERICAN constituents in such a manner, he needs to go. As far as you anti-Islam heros…in three tours in Iraq, did not ever see Pam Geller or Frank Gaffney there, but did see hundreds of thousands of Muslims fighting ON OUR SIDE. So again, hypocrisy thy name is Tea Party.

  47. Trey Says:

    Sorry, to you folks calling him Colonel, that is Lt Colonel, he NEVER did reach the rank of O-6, and in fact resigned instead of facing a court martial for staging a mock execution of an innocent man. Oh yeah, some kind of hero. Here is a fact for you TP dolts, when he LEFT Iraq, he was NOT missed. That speaks volumes.

  48. Donald Trump Says:

    Yep,West is‘Nuts’

  49. Truth be known Says:

    Our Great country is based on freedoms.Any one can peacefully practice freedom of any religion & speech they want ,our Constitution says so.The problem I have is when a group tries to Force there views on us untruthfully, while having me believe that Peace and the well being of Americans is the ultimate goal.
    1st Amendment

  50. Dusty Says:

    FYI: When addressed, 2nd Lieutenant & 1st Lieutenant are both called Lieutenants. A Captain is a Captian. Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel are both addressed as Colonels. Just as each of the four Generals are referred to as General.

  51. Banditzerothree Says:

    Sam….that was funny.

  52. Trey Says:

    Sorry Dusty, from O-5 to O-6 is more than just that. O-6 is the Big Boys league………only the very best make it. Allen did NOT. And in WRITTEN communication, the full term is always used. So enough, the man is NOT a Colonel……….and as he resigned under questionable circumstances, NEVER WILL BE. Get over it.

  53. Trey Says:

    Banditzerothree, too compare Americans with Nazis because they follow a different faith pretty much confirms you have NO IDEA on the foundations of this land. Now, back to your bunker, you know, have to keep yourself protected for those evil Islamists. Seriously, never seen so many grown men in NEED of a boogeyman.

  54. West for Prez Says:

    “U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, didn’t think much of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ demand that he stop associating with figures the group considers anti-Muslim”.

    who the he**- DEMANDS a choose
    anything. You say pretty please,
    with camel toe on top

  55. El Guapo Says:

    I don’t like Allen West and what he stands for. That being said, he’s free to associate with whomever he wants. The fact that CAIR and Miami New Times didn’t get his reference shows their ignorance of American history. On this one occassion, I’m actually with West.

  56. Dusty Says:

    What makes an organization and AMERICAN organization? Because it has members in the group that live in America? Is that what makes CAIR an American Orginazation? Calling Col. West’s retirement as under questionable terms sounds like PC. The same PC that would’ve rendered his troops to possible beheadings.

  57. Sam Says:

    Dusty- dude what are you talking about? The only beheadings are in your fantasies – the guy tortured an Iraqi and got NOTHING – nada, zip, just garbage intelligence which led to nothing. West a hothead. And absolutely, CAIR is a 100% american organization – simply because it is incorporated in the USA. To say otherwise means your a racist

  58. Dusty Says:

    Dang Sam, you were quick on the draw with the race card…you’re right, you win, I’m a racist. Speaking of racists, would you consider the KKK an American organization? I mean, if the case for CAIR being legit is because it’s here in the US, why would a Congressman not also give the same respect that you recommend he give CAIR to them?

  59. Sam Says:

    Dusty – the KKK is classified as an illegal hate group by the FBI, and their leaders have been prosecuted and punished by the authorities. CAIR has chapters in every country, gives media interviews, runs offices, takes phone calls completely out in the open. If you have information about a crime that has been committed by CAIR, bring it to the authorities and let justice run it’s course. Otherwise, stop trying to discredit a legitimate American organization.

  60. Dusty Says:

    Gee Sam, you got me again…hmmmm, what about the Black Panthers? Does that group meet your legitimacy requirements for an American Oragnization?

    Col West’s actions prevented any other attacks on his men (and women for our PC readers)while he was there. So yeah, death or capture and eventual beheadings as a possibility.

  61. Sam Says:

    hmm, sorry to burst your bubble dusty. The facts of history, the U.S. Army, and the code disagree with you. Mr west’s actions brought about nothing – except his own discharge, for violation of articles 128 and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. and BTW not sure where you get this ‘col.’ business.

  62. Banditzerothree Says:

    I think it’s wonderful that Sam and Dusty have each other. Those rainy winter days by the fire, summers lounging by their pool.

    Problem is, we are right and they are wrong. There ARE bogey men out there, Liht colonels and Lt Commanders are routinely referred to as Colonel and Commander, as if this is a real issue to begin with, and Dusty and Sam will always be the pathetic and effete elites whose lives and livelihoods are defended by MEN like West.

    Oh…SAm and Dusty, take a moment to understand this as you wipe the lotion (and whatever else) from your hands: Caffey was the bad guy…Jessup was the good guy.


  63. Banditzerothree Says:

    Dusty, I misread your post, re the Dusty and I are on the same side here.

    In the above post, please replace the name “Dusty” with the phrase ” Sam’s right hand”

    Hey Sam…beat it will ya.


  64. Arnette Says:

    Nice article george..

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