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Nancy Argenziano to run as Democrat against incumbent Southerland

by Dara Kam | August 1st, 2011

Nancy Argenziano, a former chairwoman of the Public Service Commission and lifelong Republican, is running against incumbent freshman U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland – as a Democrat. Southerland, a Panama City Republican, ousted Congressional veteran Allen Boyd, a Democrat, from his North Florida District 2 seat in November.

Argenziano, who earned a reputation as a maverick during her tenure in both the state House and Senate, will formally enter the race for the North Florida Congressional seat within two weeks, Argenziano said.

Argenziano sent a letter to supporters declaring her intention to run as a Democrat, saying she needs at least $200,000 to be taken seriously as a candidate and to get the Democratic National Congressional Committee to throw some money her way.

Argenziano has been an outspoken critic of GOP leaders as a legislator and as a utility regulator, appointed by Gov. Charlie Crist, and unleashed her sharp tongue in her message to supporters, explaining why she is switching parties. Crist also abandoned the GOP in a failing bid as an independent against now-U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio.

“Current Republican leaders have neither patience with nor allowance for honest elected officials, and they demand that members of the various legislatures – who, after all, have sworn to uphold the Constitution – instead just follow the hijacked party line and shut up,” Argenziano wrote. “While I am of the opinion that Americans are not ready to vote in a third party, greater parity of the two parties in state legislatures would allow for far better public policy. When one party – or one intransigent, ideological arm of a party – controls governmental and political policy, as in Florida, it breeds a dangerous hubris and promotes the worst kind of extremism and acceptance of those whose public service is merely a well paid hobby.”

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12 Responses to “Nancy Argenziano to run as Democrat against incumbent Southerland”

  1. Tim Says:

    The Democrats are coming back!

  2. Repubtallygirl Says:

    Another RINO showing her true colors.

  3. NoneyaBiz Says:

    Yes… Nancy Argenziano is AWESOME!!! We need many more members of Congress and the State Legislature like Nancy. She fights for what she knows is right for her constitutions. She is tough as nails. She is one of only two Republicans I have voted for in the past 20 or more years (the other was Jeff Atwater for CFO). This is the best news I’ve heard in a very long time. Welcome to the sane side of the aisle Nancy!

  4. Ellen Rentz Says:

    Nancy is not a RINO! The Tpubs are trying to hijack the Republican Party. Nancy is a tremendous consumer advocate and no one can call a spade a spade like Nancy can. The closed primaries have to go. People have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice when the polls are open.Then we can fix this broken two party system.

  5. Markantony Says:

    Who takes this crazy woman seriously

  6. Panhandle Says:

    Good. Nancy where do I send the check?

  7. sandra fahrenthold Says:

    GO girl !! Happy to stand behind you. All politicians need some shaking up and you are the person to do this.

  8. sandra fahrenthold Says:

    Wish yopu all kinds of luck. You are the person to shake up DC. They need a wake up call !

  9. Repubtallygirl Says:

    @EllenRentz Her voting record proves she is a RINO. Cannot deny the facts. Congressman Southerland has done an incredible job thus far and unlike Nancy, he stands by his principles and convictions. What else does she have to do? Nothing more than a leech on govt.

  10. Jim Catron Says:

    Where may I send my check? And how do I sign up to support Nancy.

    She will shake up both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans made a big mistakes not recognizing this jewel in the rough!

  11. Ward Says:

    she has never even lived in district 2 which is in the panhandle, you will be wasting you money. she is no hilary clinton and her candidacy is a joke.

  12. Michael Eff Says:

    Ms Argenziano offers Floridians an actual chance to elect an officeholder who will represent them with courage, conviction, and genuine integrity. The bigshot GOP officials and their money-laden lobbyists are already plotting to sabotage her campaign. I’ll do what I can to help her get elected and demonstrate true statesman ship in Washington.

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