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Marcus says she’s not trying to anoint successor — at least not yet

by George Bennett | August 23rd, 2011


Term-limited Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson is unabashedly throwing his weight behind top aide Mary Lou Berger in the 2012 race for Aaronson’s south-county District 5 seat. But Commissioner Karen Marcus says she hasn’t decided whether she’ll support anyone for the north-county District 1 seat she’s represented since 1984.

“I’ll talk to some of my residents and see what they want my role to be,” Marcus said today.

Marcus denied a rumor she’s trying to persuade Riviera Beach Councilwoman Dawn Pardo to run.

“I haven’t even talked to Dawn,” said Marcus. Referring to Boca Raton conservative activist Jack Furnari‘s recent blog post that mentioned the Marcus-Pardo rumor, Marcus said, “That’s people in the south county that think they know what’s going on up here. But they really don’t know.”

Pardo hasn’t returned calls to comment on whether she’s interested in running.

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14 Responses to “Marcus says she’s not trying to anoint successor — at least not yet”

  1. ajz Says:

    Pardo is clearly the front runner. The business community has already jumped on her bandwagon.

  2. NO to Burt Says:

    Marcus and Aaronson should keep their noses out of this race.


    Burt, please run for Tax Collector. I can’t wait to vote against you! It’s not your little corner of the county which re-elected you to office, one too many times. The Tax Collector position is county-wide! And the rest of the county isn’t in love with Burt Arrogance!

  3. Can't Decide Says:

    Pardo would be an excellent choice since it is non-partisan and she seems to have the issues in that area.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I’ll talk to some of my residents and see what they want my role to be,” Marcus said today.

  5. Searcher Says:

    Anyone but the “Old Guard”. Newer blood is needed, especially ones who don’t abuse their power like the “CONVICTED ONES”!

    I wonder if they will have a reunion in 5 to 10 years???

  6. Mike J Says:

    I tend to agree. Pardo would be great choice for the North County seat. I hope she is considering the seat. Last week Congressman West mentioned he’s been working with her on several large economic development deals in Riviera.
    She would be a breath of fresh air.

  7. Dave Says:

    George – You’re a block behind the parade on this one. Do you really think Marcus or Pardo would give The Post the scoop on this? Really?

  8. Richard Says:

    When a potential candidate is silent it can only mean one thing…

  9. Tired of Paying the bill Says:

    Karen Marcus and Burt Aaronson are the only commissioners left who approved this boondoggle of MECCA FARMS that PBC citizens are STILLING PAYING FOR!

    NO to AARONSON and MARCUS, or their acolytes who want to run for office.

    Read this and weep:

    Mecca Farms costs include:

    $5.6 million annually for debt payment Palm Beach County owes in 2012 for buying Mecca Farms, located west of Palm Beach Gardens, north of Northlake Boulevard.

    $287,000 approved Tuesday for one year of mowing, canal cleaning and road maintenance.

    $116,000 a year for the Sheriff’s Office to provide security at the Mecca Farms. In addition to old agricultural fields, it now includes water-supply facilities.

    $60 million that Palm Beach County paid for the land during South Florida’s housing boom. That was $10 million more than the appraised value.

    $40 million Palm Beach County spent for planning, permitting and initial construction, despite the environmental challenge that ultimately moved Scripps to Jupiter

    $51 million for a water pipeline the county built to serve Mecca Farms and surrounding agricultural land was once planned but has yet to materialize.

    Get these people out of office and make sure their ‘friends’ dont get into office.

    Commissioners make over $100,000 a year, get a leased car, $500 a MONTH for gas even if they don’t use that much!

    Time for change in PBC. These people screwed PBC and put us in a huge debt.

  10. rjr Says:

    Get lost Marcus and do us all a favor and move the hell out of PBC with that ugly s murky face of yours. Take some of your loser friends well your at it B.i.t.c.h

  11. Spence Says:

    Would like to support a candidate that can stay out of jail, if that’s possible.

  12. Fredy Says:

    Thanks for your informations George.

  13. Daniel Says:

    keep going george…

  14. Jonathan Says:

    Nice article, Have a nice day George

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