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Lt. Gov. Carroll to head South Africa trade mission

by Dara Kam | August 11th, 2011

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll will lead a “Team Florida” trade mission to South Africa in the fall, part of a global effort by Gov. Rick Scott’s administration to lure companies to the Sunshine State.

Carroll, a former state representative from Jacksonville, and the public-private Enterprise Florida economic development agency are hoping to expand the state’s exports during the nine-day junket that kicks off on Nov. 4.

The items the state sells to South Africa include airplane parts, machines, earth-movers, “coin,” and water, according to an Enterprise Florida press release announcing the trade mission.

Scott has traveled to Panama and Canada on similar missions and is headed to Brazil in the fall.

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4 Responses to “Lt. Gov. Carroll to head South Africa trade mission”

  1. Manny Oldman Says:

    What is this going to do for us? Nothing! This regime is so hypocritical it would be laughable if it didn’t affect us all so much. Quit pissing what money we have away you idiots!

    Oh, and you son doesn’t need to be tripped up, he does it well on his own…

    Go Dolphins!

  2. Sam New Says:

    Manny Oldman, it’s too sad that you appear to be a bitter person. Our country is too great for its citizens to wish ill of another. All others need to pray for people like you to get a heart.

  3. SunnyFlDays4Me Says:

    Lt Gov Carroll has sold her soul to the devil. She was a 3-for-one (military, black, woman) to scrape together the 27% Scumbag Scott managed to brain-wash with his 70 Million Dollar Liars Campaign. The payoff is 4 years on the public dole while her party cuts everything decent about Florida.

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